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Advice Nedeed ? System Troubleshooting

By cade.david ·
I am using windows xp and my system is infected with some sort of virus actually I really don?t know whether it is a virus or what . I am running avast antivirus and also have avg antivirus and avg anti spyware. I used both of them in safe mode and they only detect cookies which I deleted, but they just reappear every time I open internet explorer. I am having random pop ups, some contain viruses that my antivirus stops and I don?t think my antivirus is effective for all sort of virus. I am not sure what needs to be done so if I could get some help I would really appreciate it.

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Re : Advice Nedeed ? System Troubleshooting

by cade.david In reply to Advice Nedeed ? System Tr ...

I had also gone through such problems, and with lot of difficulties I manage to find a site where at least my problem was solved.. I would recommend you to download the free program called Spyware sweeper from It will Detect and disinfect viruses, spyware, Trojans and worms at the point of infection to keep your PC safe. Your PC can be completely cleaned and disinfected in just a couple of mouse clicks - it's that easy.

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virus file names

by andrstokes In reply to Advice Nedeed ? System Tr ...

If you can find out what the filename the virus is attached to, you can run a search on your hard drive and manualy delete the files. ie: If the virus is called "setup.exe," then search your hard drive for any files called "setup.exe." To eliminate other files that have the same name, but aren't related to the virus, set the search parameters to the approximate date you started having prroblems. Be sure to search hidden files also. Good Luck...

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HijackThis !

by Menzo In reply to Advice Nedeed ? System Tr ...

An other great tools for that kind of Stuff is: HijackThis

Be carefull with this tools cause it can cause much more damage than you already have !

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by dma69593 In reply to Advice Nedeed ? System Tr ...

First of all, forget about the cookies, they're mostly harmless. Secondly, pop-ups randomly appear when I'm on the net as well but I totally ignore them. You can block pop-ups but some still get through. I quite often get ones that look like Windows message boxes that say things like 'you are the 999,999,999 visitor, click here' , and other boxes that tell me I have a virus, etc etc... if you are getting these, ignore them. Don't even click on them, like the Ok button or even the cross. These are sometimes viruses themselves. I know its probaly annoying but you have to learn to ignore them.
Trust your antivirus software. I use AVG and find it quite good. AVG will detect and stop most viruses as yours seems to be doing.
After you have had a virus removed by your AV, it is a good idea to do a system scan also don't forget to regularly update your AV software.

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Try Webroot Spy Sweeper

by KhongPhuTu In reply to ok

I like to keep my servers Marines-clean.

I tested out many spyware protection software, none of them is 100%, but I stayed with Webroot Spy Sweeper.

I also use two separate Firewall software to protect my servers.

As for the popup that said that your system is infected and click on its URL to scan and clean your system, it's a spyware and it's extremely annoying one to me. Spy Sweeper from Webroot will remove this. You can set Spy Sweeper to automatically block and if it exist (before) clean it immediately.

As for the browser, either use Firefox, or upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 which has many new features to better protect you while surfing. One of which I like is when you set popup blocker to on, you are informed on the brower about it. Then you can allow that popup to run "this time only". The other feature is Phishing filter. A third feature is that the browser has a bar which changes color to pink red if you got to any site that were reported as having spyware, phishing, or viruses. A safe site will have a green bar. Check MS website for more descriptions about the new features of IE 7.

In any case, set your servers/systems to autoupdate and autoscan every off-hours or several times a day (least-used time period(s)). Notice I did not say night since it's conceivable your server'(s') peak hours may be at night time.

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Latest version - a Disaster!

by barrygil In reply to Try Webroot Spy Sweeper

I too have been a Spy sweeper advocate, but I just removed their latest version from my systems. It constantly took over the cpu (> 50%) and also caused some of my other software to stop functioning.

I'm beginning to wonder aobut Webroot's QA product testing. Right now, I'm using Adaware - it works well and because it's not resident there is no CPU degradation.

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Don't overlook the services

by peterb75 In reply to Advice Nedeed ? System Tr ...

One thing that I found out the hard way a virus that replicated itself into the services. For the life of me I couldn't find it. It was the "w32/" virus. Always check there using services.msc in the run command or using hijack this.

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Don't use two AV programs

by marcpen In reply to Advice Nedeed ? System Tr ...

You shouldn't use two anti-virus programs at the same time. They may each treat the other as hostile and they will fight.
My own experience is with AVG so I would suggest removing Avast and sticking with AVG, which is a very good program (although I have heard reports of the full suite with firewall being a bit of a resource hog).
Also, stop using Internet Explorer. Using Firefox instead will avoid the popups and will stop a lot of the rubbish getting through.
Download and run Spybot - Search And Destroy. It is one of the best anti malware programs there is. For best results you should update the program and then reboot into safe mode before running it.

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by $dunk$ In reply to Advice Nedeed ? System Tr ...

Most likely there is a service being started up at bootup time. I've used a program called Autoruns in the past with good success. It finds more services than msconfig for some reason. Anyways, after starting the app, you simply go through the list of services and look their names up on the internet to find what each of the services do. You might want to print out the initial settings in case you screw up and have to reboot in safe-mode to recover. If you don't think you need a service, then disable it. If you aren't sure, then disable it. This has worked for me on several family member computers.

Here's a link that talks about Autoruns. You'll have to find where to download it on your own. The download is free.

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