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Affect Hockey lockout will have on Canadian Birthrate

By jdclyde ·
The topic has come up often about the Hockey lockout. While Hockey was just starting to take off in the US, it seems almost a religion in Canada.

How are Candadians dealing with the lockout? Does it affect you? Have you just found other sports (or activities) to keep you busy? In two years it will be interesting to see if because there is less time spent watching Hockey, if there was more time spent making babies?

Will there still be a lot of Hockey fans left when the lockout is over or have you had enough with the whole thing?

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What bar?

by house In reply to THat was a short trip

What bar did you hit... I might have a good chuckle.

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Geez dude

by Oz_Media In reply to What bar?

'92? Do you have any idea how many shows I have booked? I MAY have an old webpage with the itinerary on it somewhere, I'll dig.

I can't even picture it or anything, I just know we did the tundra tour through there.

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But "Moonscape" sounds so enchanting

by jdclyde In reply to Don't come to Sudbury

I love this pic.

Nothing says "home" like a smokestack behind your home?

Love the "big nickel" too. (what is the valuse in US? Three giant pennys?)

Strange, the home pages seem to have left off the 1" layer of crud. How odd.

I come from what started out as an old logging town, turned industrieal, turned tourist town.

guess we all have our cross to carry.

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YOu should see Cominco!

by Oz_Media In reply to But "Moonscape" sounds so ...

Cominco mines in Trail BC, the ENTIRE town works at Cominco. Well when I lived there I sold trucks, but there was a huge truck business there, as EVERYONE worked at Cominco!

Cominco is the largest lead-Zinc smelter in the world. They used to have a giant smoke stack bang smack in the middle of the town. Now operations have been moved farther uphill to the mine.

Port Alberni on Vancouver island would smell for 15 miles in any direction, people driving through town would wind up windows and plug their noses. You KNEW when you were nearing Port Alberni.

Now they have rebuilt much of their mill and it is no longer an issue,you don't even notice it, wheras at one time that's how you knew where you were. Now they are propsing an Aluminum smelter in Port Alberni, gues sthey miss the stink and pollution.

One really cool tour I took there many years back was of one of the last stam powered sawmills. Wild stuff really, watching a steam powered saw cut large logs. Pretty ingenious ancestors we had, and all we did was create computers to ease the workload.

Yeah we sure know how to stink up our environment and pollute our fresh air!

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everyone has their own smells

by jdclyde In reply to YOu should see Cominco!

Our favorate odor is from the local sugar beet plant. When the are full swing in production, the "cooling fields" are enough to make you gag.

My bud "worked" security there one summer. It ruined his car big time. Everytime you got in it, it smelled like someone had taken a dump in his glove box or something. I drove when we went out after that.

Traveled with a band back in the 80's but it was mostly in Michigan. (lots of Detroit) Still was cool being 17 and getting served in the bars when the drinking age is 21 here. (what? free beer? sure I will help!) Don't remember all of it, but I am sure I had a good time.

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by house In reply to everyone has their own sm ...

Aside from our pasty sulfur, there is a Domtar pulp and paper mill about 100 klicks west of us in a town called Espanola. It smells like egg farts to a tourist that is passing through.

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Too true

by Oz_Media In reply to everyone has their own sm ...

Salt water and lumber. The saly water in the area around my place is actually very low in salt, but the coast just smells of ocean.

But lumber and sawdust, you can smell lumber everywhere over here, not just cut or logged but actual trees. Especially after a rainfall, the forests here just literally COME TO LIFE.

When I lived in New West, I lived a block from Labatts Brewery, mmmmmmmm beeeeeer!

Richmond smells of Chinese food and Vancouver, well that's an area dependant smell.

I love living on the island now, it breaks my heart to think of movig back to the mainland but if big money prevails, I will move.

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by Oz_Media In reply to I guess their are plenty ...

Well Vancouver used to be RIDDLED with GOOD peeler bars. The 'club' that owned the A circuit entertainment office, has shut down most of their 'peeler bars now' for those trendy sidewalk pubs where wannabe yuppies buy fruit flavored Martinis.

BUT, we still have the classic Number 5 Orange, it's an A circuit peeler bar, directly across from the Cop Shop and just 1 minute walk from Beautiful Vancouver's Skid Row and needle exchabge center.

If anyone is missing the Canucks, they hang out at the Number5 along with many of the BC Lions, when they aren't at the seedy Dell or The Turf in the suburbs.

The Music scene in Vancouver has gone to the dogs too. VERY few decent bars with live music these days, DJ's and Trance has taken over, which isn't so bad for a friend who is a trance DJ I book VERY easily these days.

But if you wanna play darts in an English Pub, we have MANY. If you want nudie bars, we STILL have many but not like we used to with 2 or 3 on one block of the main strip. You used to be in one pub, a friend would walk in and tell you someone else was in another pub so you'd just stagger next door or across the street and go say hi, until your group eventualy was too big and spilled out onto the street. It was great!

It's funny though, you know INSTANTLY what ciruit a bar hires from when you see the first dancer come out.

One will have drop dead gorgeous women, stunning and proportioned.

The next will have eithe BIG nosed women with small boobs, REALLY bad **** jobs, dancers covered in bruises from bad stages, etc.

So drop by Vancouver in your travels, they have showers on stage, little plexiglass bathtubs, swings, duos, WE EVEN HAVE A BAR WHERE THE WAITRESSES TAKE TO THE STAGE AND STRIP BETWEEN DANCERS!!! Good for tips I'm sure!

Years back they came down on one pub for it's name though, "Pu**y and Pints", which is now "Mugs'N'Jugs" (B-circuit, flat or fat)

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I echo the same feelings as house

by TomSal In reply to Love the title

I absolutely enjoy going to NHL games, of all pro sports I have to say I have the most fun at NHL games. But that all said its not like my life stops because my favorite sport is in disagreements with the league.

For one them playing or not playing doesn't take away or solve any of the stress or problems in my work/personal life right now. Secondly, I have plenty of other things going on to keep me busy -- like school, health problems and the like.

But anyways, I don't care what they do I just will be mighty pissed off if in '06 there are no games.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Affect Hockey lockout wil ...

The Western Hockey league has taken over. Games are sell outs or near sell outs. Amateur players are all over the sports pages. They are finaly getting a break and bringing some attention to their sport.
PRomo for minor hockey teams is WAY up, marketing dollars and sponsors are many.

So while the players are practically locked out of pro hockey right now, others are seeing some well deserved exposure.

I hate hockey on TV, bores the **** out of me. I play hockey, obviously just drop in and stuff nowdays, I go to amateur hockey games when in Vancouver, they are at the PNE, so I don't have to pay for them (but I do support the teams through merchandise purchases, raffles etc.).

As for NHL, too expensive. WHo wants to pay a hundred bucks to see a hockey game in GM place?

I'd rather pay $20.00 and see the Lions instead. The games have great energy from the stands, there is always a lot going on, promotions, prizes, giveaways and a lot of fan participation.

Hockey in Vancouver is just a waste these days, I miss the days where the Canucks played the Coliseum, tickets were less (due to venue ownership), the crowds were a little smaller making it more intimate.

Now it's just a commercial nightmare.

We have a hockey team who is owned by th evenue owners. They are charged by their owners to play in their own venue and that is how they explain high icket prices, venue costs, where it is actually a HUGE cash grab.

It's just like a company that leases itself it's own equipment. If you use an external leasing agent, it only takes minimal paperwork to take on the leasing yourself and you double or triple the revenue. If the lease is delinquent, you reclaim your OWN equipment so it's a win, win.

In short,Pro Hockey in Vancouver is a complete scam.

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