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Affect Hockey lockout will have on Canadian Birthrate

By jdclyde ·
The topic has come up often about the Hockey lockout. While Hockey was just starting to take off in the US, it seems almost a religion in Canada.

How are Candadians dealing with the lockout? Does it affect you? Have you just found other sports (or activities) to keep you busy? In two years it will be interesting to see if because there is less time spent watching Hockey, if there was more time spent making babies?

Will there still be a lot of Hockey fans left when the lockout is over or have you had enough with the whole thing?

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I agree with you about Tennis

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Basketball smasketball... ...

except when Anna Kornikova or one of the Williams Sisters (particurly Serena), or some other hotty is playing :-)

Other boring sports in my opinion (besides Hockey):
Curling - what's the point?
Badminton - like tennis but even more boring
Soccer - just a bunch of pointless running around, like hockey on the grass.
NASCAR - What's so exciting about cars going around a big oval over and over again?
Golf - May be fun to play, but why watch?
Bowling - see Golf

Most Exciting Sports:
Football (College, in particular)
Basketball (also, College in particular)

In between (sort of dull, with some excitement):

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Extreme tanning

by jdclyde In reply to I agree with you about Te ...

That is my favorate spectator sport. Watching the babes get all oiled up (hang on, need to go to the bathroom for about 10 minutes).

Next favorite is "hide the tan line"!

Woo Woo!

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Too Funny

by MCS-1 In reply to Affect Hockey lockout wil ...

Well, this made me laugh out loud ...

It's good to know that living in Canada I consider sex second to hockey ... guess I've had it wrong all these years.
I do see your point, but it still made me laugh to know I'd take a sweaty, toothless goober over a hot babe :)
Seriously -- I do see your point, and you may be right. I know many toothless goobers who are addicted to hockey (and their husband's are too) and would need some way to fill the void. The Fall of 2005 should be an interesting time to watch and see what did happen during the lockout.

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Here to spread the love

by jdclyde In reply to Too Funny

Glad to have added something to your day.

About 18 years from now Canadians will have doubled their populations. ah?

My favorite line I ever heard a comedian say was "for every hour you are at the gym working out, I am at the bar hitting on your girlfriend."

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