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Age difference

By Bob in Calgary ·
Wide open question Just interested in opinions

What is an "acceptable" age difference for a relationship? Assuming all parties are over 25.

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Perfect woman, imperfect man

by JamesRL In reply to the perfect woman

The fact that the perfect woman doesn't exist, doesn't mean that we imperfect men won't always look for them - I think its something in the long term genetic makeup.


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that's so sad

by ITgirli In reply to Perfect woman, imperfect ...

I gave up looking for the perfect man. now all I want is an intelligent man who won't treat me bad, will have some level of respect for me, doesn't mind that I have a kid and do not want another one, has a job, and likes to get between the sheets. Haven't found one yet.

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How do you know...

by Surflover In reply to that's so sad

You're NOT the perfect woman? that description sounded pretty good to me ;-)

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by ITgirli In reply to How do you know...

but if I was perfect, I'm sure I would have found out about it by now.

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by jdclyde In reply to that's so sad

That man is not that hard to find.

When the spark isn't there though, that isn't the same thing. There are lots of men that would even go a step further to treat you and your kid GOOD (if not great).

While I believe your not the shallow type that bases things on looks, I also believe that there are plenty of opportunities for YOU if you just look in the right place.

It is MUCH easier for an attractive young thing to find someone than a bunch of old geeks. It is all there for you to choose from.

Mind you, if you meet young guys rather than the older onces, it will be only the sheets that they are interested in. The rest of us realize even in a blazing hot relationship, you still spend more time OUT of the sheets than in so that should be good too.

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Perfect Woman defined

by ozi Eagle In reply to Perfect woman, imperfect ...

A gorgeous figure on a deaf , dumb and blind woman, whose Dad owns a pub.

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And don't forget

by DMambo In reply to Perfect Woman defined

The flat spot on top of the head to place you beer on during those special times.

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Ditto on don't exist

by M_a_r_k In reply to the perfect woman

I used to think I'd find the perfect woman if I waited long enough. I never found her. I dumped (and got dumped by) some nice chicks along the way. I got married later than most folks because I waited so long. I guess I was still hoping the wife would be the perfect woman after I married her. She wasn't, of course. Not her fault. I expected the impossible. Then I got divorced. Now I'm single again. I finally learned that perfection don't exist.

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A common mistake that people make

by DMambo In reply to Ditto on don't exist

is to expect that they can make their mate change to suit their desires. No matter how much you think you can get your betrothed to meet your requirements, it's very unlikely to happen. The key, IMHO, is to make the decision to change yourself or to otherwise adapt to the traits that you find less than perfect. Unfortunately, that's a mature decision that many in their early 20's, the prime gettin' hitched years, either don't recognize or will not make.

(Mark, please understand that this is a general observation on my part. I do not mean to imply that this was a root problem in your marriage.)

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You can adapt

by jdclyde In reply to A common mistake that peo ...

or you can find someone that likes you they way you are and you like them the way they are. Flaws intact and understood.

The BIGGER problem is the people that are on their "best foot" at the beginning of the relationship. These people are the root of all evil! You meet someone and everything clicks! Then you find out you fell in love with a lie that they don't keep up.

Women met a man and hope he will change.
Men met a woman hoping she WON'T change.
Both are disapointed.

so it doesn't matter how great the sex is, because while I love pizza, after a while it is just pizza. There has got to be more.

A friend and companion would be nice.

I have learned what NOT to do in a relationship as I understand that I wasn't the perfect mate either. Looking hard at myself instead of just blaming my adulterous future ex-wife will make ME a better person the next time around. Had I been better at being a mate, maybe she wouldn't have gone and found someone else. No blame, just look what was broke and learn from it.

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