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Age difference

By Bob in Calgary ·
Wide open question Just interested in opinions

What is an "acceptable" age difference for a relationship? Assuming all parties are over 25.

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M_A_R_K is...

by Surflover In reply to I've lowered my expectati ...

at least his post farther up says he is... I'm single, but sort of attached, so I don't count :-)

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Thanks, surf...

by M_a_r_k In reply to M_A_R_K is...

...for trying to fix me up! :)

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any time

by Surflover In reply to Thanks, surf...

I'm sure you'd reciprocate :-)...

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by Ldyosng In reply to Thanks, surf...
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The perfect woman

by jdclyde In reply to the perfect woman

is the one that can over look the many flaws in men, and see the good.

Some people enjoy getting the most out of life, others enjoy GIVING the most of their lives. How to find the middle ground.

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I stopped looking...

by jck In reply to the perfect woman

for the perfect woman...

Now, I look for the right woman.

As for there being no perfect woman...hmmm...nope...not gonna do it...

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Age doesn't matter

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Age difference

Can you have a conversation, that's both of you talking in turn, some people get confused on that point.
A big age gap, of course you have to deal with the fact at some point physical attraction will disappear for one party, being able to talk to each other becomes very important at that point.

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not true

by ITgirli In reply to Age doesn't matter

Not necessarily true. I become attracted to a man physically, long after I have become attracted mentally. If I like him for who he is, then I accept him physically. I base nothing on appearance and therefore, will not lose interest physically as long as there is the mental connection.

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by Surflover In reply to not true

after those last two comments, and the "jiggle" post... I'm beginning to think you might just BE the perfect woman ;-)... to bad I've already got one (or two ;-))

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by ITgirli In reply to Hmmm

too bad indeed. ha ha. But I'm against the idea of marriage. I think if two people want to commit themselves to eachother, they don't need the state to approve. I'm more into the reception part. celebrate the love between two people with a bunch of friends having fun and getting drunk.

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