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Ageism? Good Idea?

By dotxen ·
Do we really want to have old geeks in our industry? Isn't it time we came clean with the truth and said it like it is? Older people (over 40s) working in the IT industry is like a wrinkly driving a sports car...pathetic! Buy a Volvo for Christsakes!

The oldies struggle to keep up with change. It's a natural consequence of aging. They prattle on about how important understanding DOS is, when no-one gives a toss about DOS anymore and 90% of current IT folk don't even know what it is!

If you were interviewing candidate for a job in network technical support, would you employ a 55 year old? Truthfully please!

It is for the young.......isn't it?

What do you think?

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What goes around comes around

by sandst In reply to Ageism? Good Idea?

Be careful of what you wish for. What truth? YOUR version of the truth? Someday you will be that 40 something IT person. Yes, there may be some older IT professionals that fight change, but, age is no indication of that.
Presentation of change is also key to success. Also, you can perform some tasks faster in a command prompt window than you can through windows explorer.

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Ageism? Bad Idea!

by daveandkim In reply to Ageism? Good Idea?

I resemble that...
I'm 40+ and have been in IT since 1994, and will graduate with a networking degree next year. Unlike some of my counterparts my way of thinking is different, I'm open minded, and enjoy exploring innovation, and being able to use creative thinking, and imagination in the sloution process. Yeah DOS IS old, but if you need to crack a displaced workers password, you'll be glad you know it,how do you think these guys are writing virus variations, in C++? I DON'T THINK SO...

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Who do you think built this?

by hblanthorn In reply to Ageism? Good Idea?

As an aged Consultant, (and I believe I should have been put out to pasture years ago, according to this writer), I find my expertise is now more sought after than ever. Yes, one must stay current, however - the mature 'legacy' environments that exist in most large financial and other well established environments demand real depth of knowledge. This isn't available in many younger 'geeks'. A glaring instance of the need for an older 'geek' is this: Move a datacenter.
Or - "Migrate a 3270 App. to a web based app."
Or - "Mitigate risk in a migration - H/W and S/W"

May the lord forgive them, for they know not what they say!

This 61 year old geek just spent a goodly amount of time this day explaining how an OLAP 'cube' works, how it is populated, etc. And.. I am an old Network Guy, currently functioning as a Strategic Architect.

And, speaking of "strategic vs Tactical" solutioning - (I do like inventing good sounding words) - would the 'young geeks' be willing to put their careers on the line as some of us 'old geeks' do on a daily basis?

Age and stealth will always win over youth and exuberance. And, we dont get in as much trouble, since our idea of recreational time is a nap.

Hal Blanthorn

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What the **** are you thinking

by Dumblogic In reply to Ageism? Good Idea?

I was taught to respect my elders, cause you can learn something from them. You might be suprise what they can teach. I was taught on a dos base system and a cpm system. I can tell you this dos have save my rear many of times. If I didn't know dos I would have been able to fix a computer that wouldn't boot.
Beside there are still some legacy computers out there still doing a good job in the work force. Disrespecting the older people cause of age that down right disgraceful, would you fire your dad cause he was to old for you think about it, I learn alot from my dad later on in life. The mature generation have a lot to offer even in the computer field.

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Bet you'd love it...

by kate In reply to Ageism? Good Idea?

...if you didn't have to compete against experience.

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by Ice Czar In reply to Ageism? Good Idea?

>>>They prattle on about how important understanding DOS is, when no-one gives a toss about DOS anymore and 90% of current IT folk don't even know what it is!<<<

the commandline seperates the men from the boys

even today

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Dos, what's that?

by OldMainframer In reply to Ageism? Good Idea?

I'm a MAINFRAMER from way back. I've had VERY little experience in programming for desktop systems, servers, etc.

Due to my EXPERIENCE, I believe that my biggest asset is my ability and willingness to learn. There are parts of mainframe that I've never done, but could learn and be productive very quickly (e.g. IMS/DB2). I also believe that I could learn new technology very quickly. And I'm an old f*** (53).

There's not a whole lot of difference between various coding languages (perhaps except "C"). It's all a matter of syntax. Other than syntax, it's just reading files, processing data and making decisions based on that data. Not too tough.

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Age Helps

by gc In reply to Ageism? Good Idea?

I'm 58. The IT Manager of our company. Small, 3 servers and 20 some workstations and laptops. Yes, I work in DOS sometimes.

We also sell MFP's and I'm the one who goes out and networks them. Many customers feel comfortable with the fact that I'm an "older" person working on their networks. Age and experience counts for something when an outsider is working within their setup.

And, yes, I'm still learning. The day we stop learning is the day we stagnate and die.

Many younger than I have more education and training, but how many of them get asked for personally when there is a problem to be solved?

I may not be smarter but I do get the job done, either within my own network or for the customer who has a problem. I'm not bragging - just stating a fact.

Don't limit or judge someone because of their age, age is just a number. What counts is what's inside and what one can do.

I'm off the soapbox now.

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What a crock!

by sparker In reply to Ageism? Good Idea?

As someone who started in computers when Bill Gates was in High School, I can tell you that we 'geezers' are essential to any IT group of any size. My maturity, work ethic, ability to reason and troubleshoot problems have gotten me further than a gaggle of tech-school jockies with certifications but no experience or common sense. Respect your elders, you'll be one someday!

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Ummm...Already Am Mate

by dotxen In reply to What a crock!

Hi and thank you for that.

I am 55 years old and I have been in the IT industry here in the UK for 15 years.

I wrote the topic because I wanted to provoke debate over an issue that rarely gets any air-time. It has been a very busy week. I have received some fairly abusive mail. No matter. I am happy to have made folk think. I just hope that those who do hire and fire have read this and realise that people like me have so much to offer.

Thank you for your time and interest. I do appreciate the response, even if you were being annoyed with me. Well, I deserved it.


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