AGP video card, need maker name

By zlitocook ·
I have a video card with no clear maker name. It is a working pull from a computer that the person upgraded to a 256 card. I can not ask the person about it for a year or more. She is deployed in Iraq for a while.
The card has all kinds of s/n, p/n ECT; but I get nothing on searches, it maybe a proprietary card, from Dell.
CN-OUC996-69861-59K-0990 S/N 280538002273 P/N 102a6280101 made in china. Other markings rev a01 113-a62801-106, 0529 aspf01, VCI. It has both DVI and regular monitor out, and an s-video out. I can install the card and tell the bios that it has an AGP card but it will not recognize the card.
This is a white box with a Foxcon main board 3.1 GHz processor, 2 gigs of memory, XP, SP2 and all updates, it has an on board video card.

I am adding a little as to why I am doing this. After being in the computer field for awhile I have noticed that there is a big gap between the folks who just have computers and the people who need them. I am fixing older computers and giving them away for free. I give them to people who would never be able to get a computer other any other way. I have software and hardware given to me all the time, most of it is too old to use. But I can use allot of it.

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The AGP Card may just be unsuitable for the M'Board

by OH Smeg In reply to Ok I am not new to comput ...

Have you looked at the M'Board manual to see what it actually supports?

If you have a ridge in the AGP slot toward the back of the case you have a 4 X AGP Slot. If it is at the other end of the AGP Socket you have an 8 X AGP Socket.

Normally the 8 X Sockets work with anything but if it's a 4X you need to carefully chose what Video Card you fit.

As for AGP Aperture Settings this is in BIOS in the size of RAM set aside for Video Rendering.


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check voltage too

by jdclyde In reply to The AGP Card may just be ...

I remember reading that the power consumption is different, and you can toast your MB AND video card if you don't match this up.

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by zlitocook In reply to check voltage too

This card was from a Dell and made for Dell only. I tried all of the drivers from them but none worked. I put a Gforce 128mb card in it for $28 bucks from Amazon and it now works great. I will save the card for another day.

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Driver details and download source

by thorzstone In reply to Thanks

This is Dell's description of the card. It came from a Dell Dimension 4500.
The card is: 64MB GeForce4 MX 420 w/TV Out and it can be used in other systems and the Dell proprietary driver can be downloaded directly from Dell under the drivers for the above named model. I applaud your charitable work!

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