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all Holidays have been removed.!.

By dawgit ·
I've heard of the 'Grinch' who stole Christmas, but now it seems MicroSoft took the rest too. According to the German News Magizine 'Computer-Week' people are more than a little upset when they could not find any Holidays in MicroSofts Outlook for this year. (nope, no 'Easter Bunny') It seems that the holidays were programed in up through 2005 in Outlook2002; 2003; and OutlookXP. (I don't know if this omission is only in the German editions) It's causing so casternation here however, as many closings are closings are tied to set Holidays (that arn't there) Re: [ ]

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I just tried it.

by faradhi In reply to all Holidays have been re ...

The US holidays were added when I:

CLicked Tools-->Options, then clicked the Calendar Options button, then Add Holidays... Button.

This was in Outlook 2003 with Exchange Server 2003.

Maybe it is just German Holidays. Weird.

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could be just German

by dawgit In reply to I just tried it.

another rebelion (hissy-fit) from Microsoft against Europe.

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Well something is going to die.,

by WingedMonkey In reply to could be just German

I have always enjoyed eating the ears off the chocolate bunny first, then the rest of the head, while making pretend screaming noises. I find the crunch of the hollow bunny to be more satisfying then the solid bunny.
My youngest kid is the only one who seems to understand and participate in the ritual. The other three just avoid us until we are finished.

((Sorry, I meant for this to be a reply to the original post))

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by dawgit In reply to Well something is going t ...
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It's great with me!

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Well something is going t ...

If anyone asks just tell them you are my cousin. I'm noted for doing such things.!

I was always an ears first person...just never thought about adding the screams. Nice touch!

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by JeffDeWitt In reply to I just tried it.

I just tried it too. It looks like by default the holidays are not included, however when you do like faradhi suggested Outlook gives you a list of countries and you can install whichever countries holidays you want (or all of them if you want!).

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kool, Thanks,

by dawgit In reply to Holidays

I'll pass that around over here.

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$bill_gates == $antichrist ; //???

by pennatomcat In reply to all Holidays have been re ...

Are u suggesting that Bill Gates is the antichrist?

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No, not that much

by dawgit In reply to $bill_gates == $antichris ...

I wouldn't give Mr. Gates &/or his company that much credit. It does seem however, that MicroSoft does a level of power egual to that of at least 1 Gov. That being the U.S. I say that due the fact that Redmond Wa. was the first place the Chinese PM Hu visited, not Washington DC. That speaks alot in terms of power for both entities.

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'Nuff said!

by pennatomcat In reply to No, not that much

That speaks volumes!

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