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All home improvement contractors must die

By robo_dev ·
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//begin rant 1.0//

Why is it that when you pay somebody to do work, they never do it right the first time? Is it a lack of education, poor genetics, lack of pre-natal care? Did their mother smoke (crack?) during the pregnancy?

Why does it fall on me, the homeowner, to educate the contractor about building codes, best practices, and common sense?

For example, right now I am getting the raised wood deck replaced on my house. I did LOTS of due dillgence, checked references, etc.

And yet....

I'm having to explain to them:

- why a 'temporary beam' to pass inspection is a bad idea
- why soil contact with wood is bad
- why 3/8" bolts are not code-compliant for guard-rail attachment
- why it's a bad idea to tap their ungrounded extension cord into the 30AMP service-disconnect for my AC unit.
- why joist hangers exist, and the startling news that there are even different size joist hangers for different sized therefore using a 8" hanger on a 10" joist is not correct.

Or why it's a bad idea to let one of the worker's 8 year old son roam unsupervised under the deck (on temporary supports) for three hours last Friday. (have that on CCTV footage)

Today I found they installed the posts in the ground, using only the (code minimum) 12" of concrete in the hole, the rest filled up with soil. Technically it 'meets code' but keep in mind the Southern US is second only to Hawaii for termites.

After a somewhat heated argument with the owner of the deck company, I have made the vow...never again hire anybody to do anything. I used to do it all myself, and I guess I need to get back to that again.

//end rant//

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Good idea to have the electrics inspected, at least once...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Well, of course he nailed ...

And best if its a real nazi inspecting it... that's a place where you want all errors found.
One bad error, which is hard to detect, is where the grounding for the house doesn't work... meaning that the current bleeds to ground... any which way it can find. It can electrocute a person or start fires, all because of a break in one wire. If you get a shock off the casing of an appliance, that can be one cause. Also can make lights flicker.

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And a bad Ground

by cmiller5400 In reply to Well, of course he nailed ...

And a bad ground can cause your electric bill to go sky high...

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We discovered a bad ground

by NickNielsen In reply to Well, of course he nailed ...

in the house I grew up in.

My mother had the bathroom remodeled. When they went to install the GFCI outlets, they would trip as soon as power was applied and would not reset. The electrician went out to the ground, grabbed the connection to make sure it was tight and pulled the bottom six inches of an 18-inch long copper rod out of the ground. (No, it wasn't corroded!) He replaced it with an 8-foot rod.

Our stove and dryer were gas, and the furnace blower was 120, so it had never been a problem.

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Kitchen remodel in progress.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to All home improvement cont ...

The counter creeps have done pi$$ed me off. Installed a blatantly not square piece of counter, then, effectively asked, "Why don't you let us jury-rig that for you?" Ummm. NO. For what I paid for these, take that poorly cut piece of crap back, and cut me one that's CORRECT.

Not just that, either. When they installed the peninsula piece, they knocked the backside piece away from the cabinets and tried to tell me the cabinet installer didn't fasten it. Ummm... hello. I can see the nails... Grrrr....

When this project is complete, I'm posting a 'raving' review of that company and it's installers.

It's going to be gorgeous when it's finished.

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My carpenter

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Kitchen remodel in progre ...

just fixed a radiator hose in my truck. No charge. I gave a six pack. Now, that's service. :^0

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Its worth the pain

by AV . In reply to Kitchen remodel in progre ...

And it is a pain. We gutted our entire kitchen about 10 years ago and it was an entire month of BS like that. Between the different contractors and the permit process, it was just grueling.

Who wants a counter thats not cut right? Thats not acceptable. When they put my counter in, it wasn't cut right the first time either and I made them take it back and fix it. They did fix it, but damn! Why didn't they do it right the first time? Oh well.

In the end, I fell in love with my new kitchen. It became my new favorite room in the house and I spent LOTS of time cooking and buying new pots, pans, etc. (yes, that comes next!) to go with the new kitchen. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it after its done.



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I'm already in love with it.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Its worth the pain

And I bought new pots and pans for G's moms house when I thought we were moving there because hers were crap. I brought them home. I'll send my old ones there.

Today, I'm off to the grocer for bakeable things like fish, and steamer bags to use in the microwave. I'm really tired of eating out. I've got water and electric to it now, so... And oh! I just the new 10" deep sink!

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You're ahead of the game if you have new pots and pans already

by AV . In reply to I'm already in love with ...

A nice deep sink is a pleasure. I was amazed at how much money a kitchen faucet costs. Mine has a pull-out sprayer, but when the plumber originally installed it he put it in backwards. Duh. Nothing like not checking your work.

Eating out all of the time is just an inconvenience and expensive. I'm not much of a microwave cook, so I ate a lot of rotisserie chickens and pizza that month. Thank god for takeout from the supermarket.


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Ooooh! :0

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to You're ahead of the game ...

I should get new dishes and ship the old ones to FL. She didn't have diddly in the way of dishes, either.

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How about this kitchen?

by AV . In reply to I'm already in love with ...
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