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All Rise and greet the Queen Mae, Happy Birthday To You Maecuff

By Michael Jay ·
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another year comes around, hope they just keep getting better.

Happy Birthday to you.

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Curry, England, and immigrants

by jck In reply to I had some like that once

Er. I wouldn't be going to England *just* for the curry. I have a dozen friends there, 2 of which live in London, then there's Pendeen, Basingstoke, West Bromwich, Newcastle, Peterborough, Cantebury, etc etc.

But, I have heard that the curry in places around where I live is horrid. The one restaurant just opened about a year ago, and I've not heard about their curry from ex-pats and what not yet. But, I did have their fish and chips and it's a delight.

As for immigrants, we have a lot of first generationers from India and what not. The walk-in clinic I go to when I can't get in to see my physician is run by a couple who both were born in India and came here to become doctors. Super nice folks. There is also an Indian temple about 30 miles from here. But for some reason, no Indian restaurants here.

But, I want to have curry for the first time there. I know England has a large population of people from India and thereabouts and would offer me a better variety than what I can get here. And therefore, probably better quality.

Plus, my mates all over swear they each have the best curry spot in all of the UK. So, I have to try them all and see. lol :^0

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You wanna see a temple?

by JamesRL In reply to I had some like that once

The amazing thing is that this was built by hand with imported masons from India. The Prime Minister, Premier(like Governor) and Mayor were all there. I drive by it every night and some night must take my camera and tripod, cause the white stone against a black sky is pretty cool.

My city of 450,000 has by census data has almost as many people from South east asia (Indian subcontinent), with 153,000 "white" and 147,000 South Asian (2009 stats from wiki). Yet you'd think there would be more Indian restaurants. I've come to the conclusion that this group tends not to eat out at Indian places, perhaps because they can cook it better at home. There are a number of good places, but not as many as you would expect given the size. The Caribbean community, on the other hamd, is well served by Caribbean restaurants, and there are some excellent ones.

Toronto has a whole restaurant industry, so if you want to go for the excellent places, they are in Toronto.

I'm sure there are lots of great curry places in London, but I'm sure you can find some closer to home - no need to deprive yourself. In Florida you might have to look a little hardder than Toronto though.

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Yeah, no doubt

by jck In reply to I had some like that once

Florida is full of cuban and puerto rican food.

There's a nice little Mexican place I eat that we go to about once a week, but I am tightening the belt and not eating out as much now.

Just hoping I can go back across to England, Ireland, and Scotland again, as well as visit Germany and Holland and Italy on the next trip.

We'll just have to see how bill paying goes for the next 9 months or so. Hopefully no more medical bills lol :^0

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Happy Birthday!

by Shellbot In reply to All Rise and greet the Qu ...

Enjoy your evening!

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Don't hurt me cause I'm late to the topic

by JamesRL In reply to All Rise and greet the Qu ...

Happy Birthday, enjoy it.

Lord knows when you get older you need something to look forward to....ducks..


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You're safe

by maecuff In reply to Don't hurt me cause I'm l ...

And I AM getting older. But nothing says that I have to be more mature.

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"I'm growing older, but not up."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to You're safe
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One of...

by cmiller5400 In reply to "I'm growing older, but n ...

One of my favorite songs :)

At least it's optional

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Happy birthday, Maecuff!!

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to All Rise and greet the Qu ...

Hope it's a great one, followed by many more!


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Happy birthdae, May

by neilb@uk In reply to All Rise and greet the Qu ...

according to our official NHS site's notes "If you have had your gall bladder removed (cholecystectomy) you can continue to eat a normal healthy diet."


"You can continue to drink alcohol once your gall bladder has been removed."

So go for it! Have a great birthdae!

Neil :)

It goes on to sae "However, if you begin to experience diarrhoea over a prolonged period of time, alcohol may be the cause."

So watch out on Wednesdae!!

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