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AlQaeda votes for Kerry!

By Oz_Media ·
Well not really but a local news report said that if you monitor the chatrooms supporting these terrorist activities (and if you speak muslim) ALQaeda have also been using and monitoring these rooms.

They are said to want Kerry elected because it would be easier to attack the US public support for him and create doubt in Kerry.

I don't think this will actually influecne the election at all because I am sure any Muslims living in the USA are not tarrorists or radicals against Bush (at least not in the same way).

I wonder why they actually used a half hour to report such garbage though? Were we actually supposed to think that AlQaeda was 'for' Bush's second term?

Then agin, I just posted it too!

Oh well, too hot to get any work done yet.

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You do?

by Oz_Media In reply to Have you seen the lack of ...

"Hum - I try and answer as many Technical Q/A's as I can ... besides the political ones"

Hate to rain on your parade Jay, especially as you are actually becoming part of this community and obviously making an effort.

You peer listing doesn't really show this though:

Discussion Center Activity -- Jay has posted comments to the Discussion Center

Technical Q&A Activity -- Jay has not participated in Technical Q&A.

Now I assume when you say you have participated in Technicla Q&A when possible (which is just fine) you weren't referring to Technical Q&A but the questions that trickle into Discussion forums. From what I see you have posted to perhaps three or four technical discussions, mainly from people looking for opinions, not so much help.

Before you go off on me, I don't think you are NOT participating, just that it is not in Technical Q&A and while you do offer your comments to SOME IT related discussions, you do not participate in Technical Q&A as you had suggested.

Technical Q&A link below, it gets REALLY busy, be sure to tag your replies for notification or they just get lost in the shuffle.

Have fun, it's a zoo and you will find you answer the same questions over and over again, only to find that less than 50% of the people actually close a question or say thank for the help, most just post to get an answer then disappear. It's a crappy job but someone has to do it though!

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by ITgirli In reply to You do?

Oz is god! (just thought I'd throw you a frickin' bone there)

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Good for you Oz

by ProtiusX In reply to yeah!

Look at that - a girl threw you a bone. Just teasin'! I actually enjoy bantoring with you. One thing for sure is posting with you is never dull. You attempt to form a concise argument and you rarely attack someone without provocation. You know I was just kidding about the whole anexation of Canada right? I love Canada and Canadians. Especially (I know you don't want to here this) that one vet who served in the far east. He's like a Canadian Rambo.

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Cheers mate

by Oz_Media In reply to Good for you Oz

Actually I'm not surprised to hea it from you at all and I have noted as much before, even when we tangle.

as for the first part, I don't want to get in trouble so I'll just smile to myself and agree.

Thanks ITGIRLI, you rock too!

well the other Canadian, I duno about it. Not too much adds up with that guy, too many conflictig issues. Plus his inability to realize when he's met his match (physically anyway).

I don't think I'll even bother with him.

1) I have nothing to gain and everything to lose, such as personal freedom. Beating up old crippled men doesn't loko too good on a record with prior assault charges (not that I pick a lot of fights but you adult record kinda sticks aound ya know).

2) I certainly don't have anything to prove, I am not insecure about my abilities.

3) What possible gratification would i get from it? Whether o not I think he's an a**hole, it stil ldoesn't make me feel good to hurt old men on vacation, poor form.

4) It certainly would stick with me on TR, OZ beats up old men, yeah that'd look nice wouldn't it?

5) I have been ASKED by others not to

6) I have been also consulted another per who felt it would just be stooping to a level I could never rise from.

7) He isn't worth a split second of MY time, yet alone havig a friend wait at an airport when we already hav plans.

He has me email address ad hasn't replied when I asked for his flight and arrival info, telling me he is also not interested in running into me

9)He direction to my house, if he want to have a riend drive nearly 500KMS to knock my door he is more than welcome to and I will take caer of it at that point.

10) He's blatantly gone from reality, you talk about Eurpoe he talks about Africa, you talk about Bush he talks about women etc. He never understand or replies to topics just flams and rants and raves for attention. i think it is a scary form of mental instability that one day will see him hurt quite bad, fortunately for him, I am a little more forgiving than most out here who wouldn't be so kind as to give him the benefit of the doubt. I don't think he's really met to many people in my line of work and really hs no clue about what tye of people I deal with, I'm the nice guy, believe me.

But thank for your kind comments on Canada and Canadians, there are MANY peers who I would love to hae a cold one with one day and yuo are on eof them. Personally I think it would be a real laugh.

Okay itgirlie you can come drinking too. ]:)

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