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Alright, well what about Fort Hood?

By Oz_Media ·
I figured I'd let it sit a bit and see if anyone else mentioned it, because if I do it is Anti-American slander, but perhaps nobody is aware or interested?

Fort Hood, arguably the largest military base on Earth, has been subject to a mass killing of 11 with 31 more injured, one gunman dead and 2 others suspect.

This is a horrific incident and not unique to the US or US military tensions. I don't think it's an example of the US military, a detriment to their training or mental capacity, it is just a few of many tens of thousands of trained personnel, who simply seemed to snap.

My heart goes out to the families who were already wary of their sons and daughters fighting a war and being in grave danger, only to find out that their own brothers on their own soil had ended their lives. Nothing could seem more tragic or senseless to their parents, who will never accept of be appeased by any explanations or answers they receive.

My reason for posting is twofold, one is to offer my deepest sympathies to anyone on the base, the parents and relatives of the soldiers who fight for their nation; though such small words would never have any bearing on this tragedy.

Secondly punishment: Now as one gunman is dead, his punishments need not be discussed. apparently there are two others who were also involved though, and are in custody.

Questions: IF and that's a VERY big if, these two men are also found guilty of murder, shooting fellow US soldiers on their own base, how will/should it be handled?

Considering that this is Texas:

If they are guilty of murder, of a fellow soldier or any civilian too I suppose, will/should they be incarcerated by the army? Will/should they spend life imprisoned?

Will they be sentenced to death, as any other person found guilty of mass shooting would be?

or do you think that because they are soldiers, and because they are subject to additional stresses most citizens are not, will/should they be excused to a certain degree, have reduced sentences, spend life in jail, be put into psychiatric care etc?

At this point it is pure speculation, they are not pr oven guilty of a crime and should not be treated as such.

however this is a 'what if' situation.

What if they are guilty?
What WILL happen, what SHOULD happen?

Once again, I am very sorry to hear of this incident, in the US or anywhere else for that matter.

I make no implications of inadequacy on the part of the US military, I blame no training or soldiers, just the men who decided to execute their brothers in arms.

However will a patriotic, military overtone overlook or excuse the real, criminal actions of this man(these men)?

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Ir's not really a hot button with me either

by Oz_Media In reply to By the way, personally sp ...

But something that should to be considered in thie case.

Will he get off easier because he's in the military?

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by Tig2 In reply to Ir's not really a hot but ...

But may get a different sentence due to his paralysis as a result of the rapid response by a civilian on base who was directing traffic.

My sense is that justice will be as swift as it can be. The identity of the shooter, along with his intent, is not in question.

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Action and result

by Oz_Media In reply to No

But not the reasons for his actions, which are used to determine causation and the resulting penalty for his actions.

Causation is where prosecution and defense battle, not so much the actions or results of the actions.

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The Fort Hood tragedy is so horrific

by AV . In reply to Alright, well what about ...

My heart goes out to all of the victims of this senseless tragedy as well.

Hasan, the gunman, did not want to be deployed to Iraq, according to this article.

This matter will likely be dealt with by the military, but I can't help but think about the motive. Is it a military doctor that snapped or a premeditated terrorist attack?


Neither outcome is good.

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My focus is a bit different

by Oz_Media In reply to The Fort Hood tragedy is ...

I don't want to subject myself to media bias, as nobody has any answers yet, it is all pure speculation.

However, I was more interested in how it would be handled. Will it be seen as someone losing control and acting out in insanity? Or will it be tried as any other murder in Texas?

Because he is in the military, will they cover it up to hide the possibility of one of their own being driven off the edge?

However if the speculation of his origin and terrorist motives ARE proven true, I'm sure it will be a military and media field day, while Bush say's "see what I mean?"

Will we actually know whether it is terrorism or not or will they just peg him as one even if they find out otherwise. Simply to appease the public of their ruling?

From what I understand, a Court Marshall is not a public hearing and therefore such actual details do no have to be publicly disclosed and are easily covered up if need be. Is that correct?

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Oz - if there's ANYONE who does not trust government. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to My focus is a bit differe ...'s me. That's why I advocate LESS government (in general) over more. But they'll be no cover-up, per se, regardless of the gunman's motives. This is simply too big to try to cover-up.

I will say this, however. Pick a political side - any side - and they will try to use it to advance their own political agenda.

Even YOU speculated on what GWB will say - it was because this or that happens. Bush is not the president any more. Get over it. I'd bet a dollar to dirt that he'll have nothing to say except words of sympathy for the families.

You just HAD to bring Bush into this, didn't you? However, it reflects more on you than it does on him.

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It doesn't reflect anything

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz - if there's ANYONE wh ...

Except the media will seek him out as he was teh one who started the war that this man is supposed to be in fear of facing.

I agree Bush will probaly offer condolences, even I don't think he's that big of a ****. Obama will do the same and say how the military willl see to it that he's brought to justice yada yada.

BUT, if this turns out to be terrorism, or even if they find out he's Muslim, it just goes to fuel tha hatred for muslims further, the distrust of Muslims in American society and thus makes Bush's warnings of their motives are brought to light again, of course falsely. These guys aren't lining up in droves to take out the US, this is clearly an isolated incident, unless heaven forbid it occurs every day now.

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How could you cover this up?

by AV . In reply to My focus is a bit differe ...

The military will handle this legally, but the issue of whether Hasan lost control or it was a collaborated act of terrorism will be front and center.

There is no way you can hide this tragedy. Still, I don't see any Texas-style justice being doled out.

We don't know enough yet, but we will.


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They can play it either way

by Oz_Media In reply to How could you cover this ...

If he's NOT a terrorist, they can peg him as one to excuse a choice of actions or further fuel the need for soldiers in Iraq.

If he IS a terrorist, they could peg it as an isolated incident to cover up the embasrassment of having him within their ranks.

In other words, they don't HAVE to air what they really find out, they may they may not but either way how do we know what really goes on if tried behidn closed doors.

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He's not a terrorist.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to They can play it either w ...

He is an officer who has been in for several years. As to cover-ups, the victims' families and the rest of the military want to know what happened. The Pentagon will want to know what happened in order to prevent it from happening again. The best way to do that will be to disseminate the findings to commanders at the lowest possible levels.

Sadly, there's nothing isolated about this; only the number of victims makes it unique. Soldiers have shot and killed each other in and out of war zones before. Sometimes post-traumatic stress disorder is involved; sometimes it isn't.

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