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Alright, well what about Fort Hood?

By Oz_Media ·
I figured I'd let it sit a bit and see if anyone else mentioned it, because if I do it is Anti-American slander, but perhaps nobody is aware or interested?

Fort Hood, arguably the largest military base on Earth, has been subject to a mass killing of 11 with 31 more injured, one gunman dead and 2 others suspect.

This is a horrific incident and not unique to the US or US military tensions. I don't think it's an example of the US military, a detriment to their training or mental capacity, it is just a few of many tens of thousands of trained personnel, who simply seemed to snap.

My heart goes out to the families who were already wary of their sons and daughters fighting a war and being in grave danger, only to find out that their own brothers on their own soil had ended their lives. Nothing could seem more tragic or senseless to their parents, who will never accept of be appeased by any explanations or answers they receive.

My reason for posting is twofold, one is to offer my deepest sympathies to anyone on the base, the parents and relatives of the soldiers who fight for their nation; though such small words would never have any bearing on this tragedy.

Secondly punishment: Now as one gunman is dead, his punishments need not be discussed. apparently there are two others who were also involved though, and are in custody.

Questions: IF and that's a VERY big if, these two men are also found guilty of murder, shooting fellow US soldiers on their own base, how will/should it be handled?

Considering that this is Texas:

If they are guilty of murder, of a fellow soldier or any civilian too I suppose, will/should they be incarcerated by the army? Will/should they spend life imprisoned?

Will they be sentenced to death, as any other person found guilty of mass shooting would be?

or do you think that because they are soldiers, and because they are subject to additional stresses most citizens are not, will/should they be excused to a certain degree, have reduced sentences, spend life in jail, be put into psychiatric care etc?

At this point it is pure speculation, they are not pr oven guilty of a crime and should not be treated as such.

however this is a 'what if' situation.

What if they are guilty?
What WILL happen, what SHOULD happen?

Once again, I am very sorry to hear of this incident, in the US or anywhere else for that matter.

I make no implications of inadequacy on the part of the US military, I blame no training or soldiers, just the men who decided to execute their brothers in arms.

However will a patriotic, military overtone overlook or excuse the real, criminal actions of this man(these men)?

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Agreed, and yet

by Tig2 In reply to He's not a terrorist.

As of the news this morning, there is an indication that the shooter had made contact with, or attempted to make contact with people known to be linked to Al Quida. I have no idea if that has been confirmed or not.

Still, my take on this from the beginning is simple. What the man did is an act of terrorism (in my opinion). Now get on with determining whatever else needs to be known.

Oddly, I can't even say that I care if PTSD was an element or not. There are a lot of people living with stress beyond most people's ability to imagine. They aren't shooting up rooms full of people. There are a lot of people faced with situations that appear to be wholly unresolvable. They manage without bloodshed. This was the cowardly act of someone not fit to wear the uniform or rank given him. To quote someone dear to me, "Shoot him where he stands, leave him for the crows. There are people out there more deserving of our time and attention."

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Terrorism goes to motive

by JamesRL In reply to Agreed, and yet

Whether or not it was terrorism doesn't change the outcome for the victims.

Terrorism is an attempt to influence behaviour through fear. Whether that was his intent, or whether the impending deployment caused him to snap, the number of dead and wounded remain the same.

It really shouldn't impact sentancing either, not when we look at something on this scale.

It isn't unlike the same discussion around Timothy McVeigh many years back. The fact that Hasan was wearing a uniform to me doesn't change much, perhaps only the venue of the trial, not the outcome. Like any organization of people, the military is bound to get a share of good people, and bad ones. We'd all like to hope the selection process would weed them out and that military discipline would keep the bad ones who sneak through in line, but no system created by man is perfect.


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by santeewelding In reply to Alright, well what about ...

As Max says, this is purely federal. Texas judiciary has nothing to do with it.

I, for one, am anxious to hear how the "other two" are determined to have been "involved".

One, I can half-understand. Three: that is another whole new ball game.

As to your death-penalty thing, I, too, like Max, have exigent thoughts about it.

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by santeewelding In reply to Oz

If death is not a "hot-button" issue, you have no soul, Max.

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Wow - that's an interesting comment

by maxwell edison In reply to Addendum

I'm not quite sure how to take it. And I'm not quite sure if you intended to insult or not. I can only assume you did.

Let me put it this way. If I were in a position to EVER vote against the death penalty, I would do so. But I'm not the type to protest against it, so to speak. They're pulling the trigger, not me.

If you want to characterize and judge me for failing to actively protest against and prevent every moral injustice in the world (moral - as I see it), then please apply the same measure to yourself.

Addendum: Screw you, might apply here.

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The way we all have it set up

by santeewelding In reply to Wow - that's an interesti ...

You are pulling the trigger. Unless, you opt out of what I know to be us.

Insult: fluck you. That last is an insult. Do, please, discriminate when I address you directly. Do not waste my attention with herrings.

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You've proven time and time again. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to The way we all have it se ...

..... that you look for reasons to lob insults and judgments at me. You've done it again - and I'm sure you're happy with yourself. But your opinion of me does not define me.

Have a nice day.

Addendum: I will never again read or reply to any of your messages.

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by santeewelding In reply to You've proven time and ti ...

In the words of a relativist, is a dubious thing.

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Hey, soulless Max

by DMambo In reply to Wow - that's an interesti ...

I've been reading your posts for a long time, and generally disagree with you and I basically think Ayn Rand had her head up her arse. BUT, I think your arguments are well presented and unusually consistent compared to others'. AND you usually attack the arguments, not the arguers. SO, I do believe you have a soul

Not that you need any peer support, but there it is.

The King of Capitalized Conjunctions.

(Kind of an inappropriate thread to get off on this tangent, ain't it?)

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I've always enjoyed your contributions

by maxwell edison In reply to Hey, soulless Max

This one is no exception.

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