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Am I Crazy, or is it the rest of the world?

By CIO at Alphabetas ·
Remember all the hype in the 80s and 90s about NOT using a
single point of failure like a mainframe or one server to do
everything? Remember all the studies that showed user
productivity was down when a server that did everything was
down? Now, many service providers are pushing business
owners into using SBS as a single server solution. Why do I

The reason is, I am leaving a company that currently has 5
servers running either 2003 or 2000, and one that is an SBS

They are being told by an outsource company to switch to SBS
premier server for everything, as that is the support model the
outsorcers can handle.

Current setup: Printserver on one low end machine, Accounting
program (8 bit DOS believe it or not- no they wont change) on a
new 1U Dell
Cadserver on a fairly robust box for user shares and CAD license
checkout (This unit WONT go to SBS as AUTOCAD won't work on
SBS server has the intranet (in development) and a proprietary
Bid program that uses SQL, and we plan to use the sharepoint
and other servioces on it.

Another unit is the Master Antivirus server (Symantec 10) and
the anti spyware server (Counterspy) and finally a box as the AD
Domain Controller (the others are backup DC's per usual). These
are all really glorified desktops but run well with no issues to
date. Our backup solution is ntbackup to removable FW drives
that are capable of restoring documents in 17 seconds (and
have). All backups work and are verifiable. We can restore an
entire server in under an hour.

OK, so, since I came on and rebuilt the domain (hacked) I
installed a Symantec Gateway/IDS device and a remote control
solution from ENKOO for remote access to desktops through a
secure encrypted appliance. All licenses are current and all
desktops are managed by the AV and CS programs.

Not _ONE_ virus or spyware piece has made it in, there are
*never* any issues (no slow user authentication, no printing
issues, very rapid speedy network traffic and extremely few
issues in general), even stupid user tricks are phenomenally low
here. The fact is they dont need my services any longer and I
have trained a very bright subordinate to handle nearly anything
that comes up.
But- he is afraid of the servers and active directory, and has
passed that fear onto the rest of the executives, that if
something does go wrong they will be without support.

So enter these new guys who want to:
Rebuild the entire domain
Consolidate all server functions onto one SBS server
Take over maintenance and desktop support

They make me very nervous. The President wants Outlook
calendaring and other features made available. My
recommendation is to have our mail hosting company provide
that, or, use the SBS server to MX to the POP server, and use the
internal calendaring of the SBS servers Exchange program.

Tell me your feelings about this please.

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