Am I too old to get into IT?

By macaso ·
Hi, my name is Juan, I'm 32 years old, I have no college (degree) education, but I've been into computers since 1998, but somehow I haven't looked at the posibility of getting into the IT field. I'm my friends tech support specialist, I have even proven myself at work as a good troubleshooter on both hardware and software, yet I work at the Warehouse/Logistics level. Am I too old to get into the IT field? What do you think I need to do this? Have you known people without a college education get into the IT field, even though they got some sort of education afterwards? I appreciate any sugestions, thanks.

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No you are not too old..

I have been with dealing with electronics since 1974. Computers i have been dealing since Dos came out all those years ago. mmm memories.
I am now into Windows and Linux of all flavors.
Go for it i say..

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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Never to old

by nickholloway In reply to Am I too old to get into ...


I was a little older then you when I made the change. 37! I came from one engineering stream to another so had a lot of transferable and proven skills and I looked upon the first few years in IT as self investment. Read that as I took the hit and came in at the bottom but have very quickly shown that life experiance dealing with people and my personnel ability have more then out shone the youngsters with IT degrees and Certs galore and my career is moving on almost at a quicker pace then I am ready for!

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Your are already in IT

by j2will In reply to Am I too old to get into ...

The fact that you have proven yourself at work helping others with their computer problems affirms you are already in the IT industry . . . just not paid as a professional yet. The only thing left to do is choose which area of IT interests you the most, get the proper credentials such as training, degree, or documented experience in that area and start applying for positions in your area of interest. Don't expect huge salaries until you get some valid experience.

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not to old

by adeyemiadeoye13 In reply to Am I too old to get into ...

not to old at all

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