Am I too old to get into IT?

By macaso ·
Hi, my name is Juan, I'm 32 years old, I have no college (degree) education, but I've been into computers since 1998, but somehow I haven't looked at the posibility of getting into the IT field. I'm my friends tech support specialist, I have even proven myself at work as a good troubleshooter on both hardware and software, yet I work at the Warehouse/Logistics level. Am I too old to get into the IT field? What do you think I need to do this? Have you known people without a college education get into the IT field, even though they got some sort of education afterwards? I appreciate any sugestions, thanks.

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Well I used to work in a warehouse

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Am I too old to get into ...

Data entry, stocktaking, despatch paperwork etc.
My employer moved me into IT, when a position became available. That was 87 though.
Much rarer now.
Best bet is probably your own business.

You could get some qualifications and then get yourself in based on your non IT based domain knowledge, it's going to be a struggle though and possibly a massive pay cut as you'll start at the bottom.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Am I too old to get into ...

trust me your never too old.I started the same way as you.Before i got my qualification i was working in the industry,go for it juan

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to old

by osbert50 In reply to Am I too old to get into ...

I'm 57 and want to learn as much as possible about computers;software and so on.I don't need to make a living from it;I'm retired.Your young and should have no problem with doing your dream;keep at it. jerry

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No you aren't

by Dontknowwhatimdoing In reply to Am I too old to get into ...

If you really want to get into the field, then you aren't too old. The question is, are you willing and able to start at the bottom and work your way up.
Good Luck!

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32 is still young, just do it

by cbliles In reply to Am I too old to get into ...

Look Juan,
When I was taking classes for my MCSE there was a guy in his early forties in there. That was about five years ago. Now he is the sytems admin at a community college making in the 60's. Try to look on the positive side. Believe it or not you are probably smarter now than in your twenties. The frontal lobes of the human brain don't fully develop until around age 30. True, your memory may not be as good, but I seriously doubt that at your age.You just gotta do it man. My advice, don't enroll in any courses. It is a lot cheaper, and I think more effective, to get self study aids. Transcender has excellent stuff. I got my CCNA using Transcender and Sybax training software. If you don't have the cash for it, look on some bit torrent sites. You might get lucky. One more thing, its one thing to get a certification--MCSE or whatever--and another to apply those tests to the real world. So get yourself three used computers with enough juice to run the software. With three computer networked through a cheap router, you can simulate just about any situation. Install some VM software and let your imagination fly. But seriously, man get off the I'm too old thing. Lots of people older than you are going back to college. Well, hope I helped. Good luck Juan.

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to old

by osbert50 In reply to 32 is still young, just d ...

Being 57 years old;retired;wanting to learn;does'nt mean I'm going to ascend to a top-rate tech.I along with Juan have doubts;but must put it in perspective.Reading articles;asking questions;inspires me to reach higher.I am taking a free online course through HP;there are a few.There is also MS Technet;another good site.My goal to understand computer hardware;software to a level that I can troubleshoot my own system and friends.Good Luck Juan.. jerry

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by macaso In reply to Am I too old to get into ...

I really appreciate all your responses to my question, there?s nothing like getting advice from people already in the IT field, I?ll follow the suggestions, and this year I?ll start to move forward into a career in IT. Thanks again.

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Aptitude and Education can be two different things!

by Anna.Willey In reply to Am I too old to get into ...

A lot of companies are looking for people with on the job skills, and most people at one time or another have experienced the well educated retarded IT technician. You are never too old to learn or try something new. Go for it! I did, and changed my life. I used to be a school teacher, and took it upon myself to learn more about the IT field. I am now an application support specialist, with one formal certification.

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Never 2 Old

by Jacky Howe In reply to Am I too old to get into ...

I am a jack of all trades and master of none. Left school at 14. Turned my hand to anything that would put food on the table. Had a lot of jobs over the years from selling suits to operating heavy machinery. Introduced to computers in 1989 at the age of 34. Started as a hobby but the hobby rules my life now and i have never been happier. Sometimes i even make some money. Oh and another thing YOU are never 2 Old 2 learn.

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Of course not!!!

by mypcbroke In reply to Am I too old to get into ...

I have run heavy equiptment and worked as a mechanic all my life...I made the move to IT at the tender age of 50. It was the best thing I ever did. My first computer came with Windows ME and I was off and running.Gives you a time frame of how long I have worked with them. Go for it!

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