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AMD vs Intel

By shaddaiscript ·
I really want to know the diffrence between these two rpoducts.

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My threepenneth ...

by jardinier In reply to AMD vs Intel

Out of the various computers I have used during the past three years, the fastest and most trouble-free is an AMD 550 with 64 MB RAM. It runs the boots of my Pentium 400 with 256 MB RAM, and likewise outperforms my Celeron 633 with 128 MB RAM.

The AMD running Windows ME has NEVER given me any trouble.

Like I said -- this is my threepenneth. I won't pretend to know anything about the technical issues, I just know what has been my personal experience.

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AMD's aok

by nikitac In reply to My threepenneth ...

I'm using the AMD 64 & yes it runs hot but I have the 2 fans & high watts on them. Everything is running smoothly, very quick & I love it. We'll see. I also have an AMD running on one computer that I've had since 2000 & I never have any trouble with it (win me. ).

I'd take an AMD anyday over the hp computer I bought in 2002. Now that is a piece of junk. Celeron is a big no-no in my experience.

I have 5 computers running Intel & as a rule I buy Intel. The new AMD 64 & its price got me tho & knowing my other AMD runs fine --- I bought. LOL

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You've used a "Dirty Word"

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to AMD's aok

Among the Intel fraternity "Celeron" was never considered as anything but a budget priced second rate home computer CPU. Intel only released these horrible things so that they could say that they did have a cheap CPU that was similarly priced to the AMD of the day.

They where only ever thought of as home CPU's and even then not for any serious users.

The fact that companies like HP bought then by the truck load has meant that they are still available but in all honesty they are never mentioned at any Intel Conference ever and if someone in the crowd asks about them the standard reply is "We don't like to talk about those!"

However at the AMD functions the "Celeron" is constantly talked about by the presenters as if it was a comparable CPU instead of the second rate piece of junk that it actually is. However on the bright side you can turf the "Celeron" and replace it with a real Intel as they both have the same sockets, no doubt if you where to do this you would go for a faster CPU as well. But being a HP product it may still not work all that well as the limiting factor is still the M'Board which in all likely hood was never meant to perform but was another budget priced item aimed directly at the low end of the market.

Now if you want to see something really slow and nasty have a look at an all in one M'Board with a Celeron running it.The salesman will insist that the only difference is the L2 Cache and you can get faster performance cheaper by buying more RAM for this monstrosity but in fact because the CPU is performing the function of a GPU it is far worse than anything else on the market and only suitable for word processing or things like that as it just lack the ability to work at any sought of decent speed.


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Intel hasn't sold out, AMD has... Paladium

by mrafrohead In reply to AMD vs Intel

Basically, that sums it up right there...

AMD makes a better quality product. Intel does not.

Intel does not as of yet support Palladium, AMD 64bit processors are the beginning of it.

So, if you don't know what Palladium is, Google it and prepare to get scared. And I mean really scared, it's some bad bad stuff.

AMD supports it, they're unfortunately putting on their nighties and getting in bed with Micro$hit. Intel as of yet is holding off...

And this hurts bad, considering I'm ONLY an AMD user... But the next chip I buy sure as **** won't be from AMD.


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