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America bashing ...

By jardinier ·
What is this? Is it a new religion, or perhaps a new political movement?
Now before I become involved in these TR political discussions I had never heard the term used anywhere. I am certainly not anti-America, the country, or anti-American, the individual. In fact I have mentioned in some earlier discussion that I have liked the Americans whom I have met, and I also stated that when I was Living in Kings Cross, at the time of the Vietnam War, I was very impressed by the refinement and courtesy of the US soldiers who came to this part of Sydney for their R & R. Some girls living in the same rooming house as myself went out with some of these men, and likewise commented on their gentlemanly behaviour.

Now I may not like the current US Administration, and I most certainly have good reasons (too many to list here) to dislike the current Australian government. But this does not mean that I dislike America and Americans in general, any more than I would be inclined to dislike Australia or Australians in general.

Australia is a great place to live, as anyone who has visited here will agree.

So if you read any general anti-American sentiments in any of my postings, then you are imposing that interpretation yourself (yourselves).

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Fair enough

by Oz_Media In reply to Boring?

And thank you for at least having an opinion. You seem to stand out from the crowd quite often, perhapse because you form your own opinions and judgements based on a collective of information that you absorb, my hats off to you.

I make a lot of generalizations becaus ei find that one statement applies to Many if not Most Americans. You'll see a tonne of people jumping on the me too bandwagon here just to avoid being different or being singled out. To these people I say baaaaaaaaaaaa!

To you, I say, thanks for your opinion.

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Me against the world..

by TomSal In reply to Fair enough

That's all it really is "Me against the world". Note that "me" is meaning YOU as well as me (as if YOU are saying it in other words).

The world isn't going to change for you (or me), I don't give a rat's arse what nation you call home. Life is life. Its what you make of it and then you die.

Some people have easy (or at least easier) lives compared to other - where they have the luxury of being sheltered from some horrible realities.

Others have it miserably difficult. Either way its what you make of it (it being your circumstances), just because you live a certain country doesn't mean you have to be bound by the "normal" rules/policies of the majority in that country.

In the end its just YOU (me) against the world.

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Sheltered lives

by Oz_Media In reply to Me against the world..

I find in North America, more than other countries I've been to, it is more of a sheltered life.
This may or may not be the reason for Americans feeling constantly PERSONALLY threatened and why they have become so defensive, like I say, may or may not, just an opinion you pro-American ranters.

ANYONE, can make millions in Canada or the US, that same positive attitude is not seen as a reality in Europe, for example. Instead, the hard reality of life is something you grow up with, when you see the devastation and hardship that so many years of world war has created, it is hard to see the world as your oyster. People also don't seem to get as upset when the government denies them the little privaledges that North American's have become so accustomed to. I don't remember tha last time I heard a brit complaining that his rights to free speech had been violated, it's more like "Shut the F-K up or you'll go to jail for whining".

I agree when you say it's me against the world, probably why I don't understand the American infatuation with politics. Who gives a crap if the government wants to screen people, install cam,eras or whatever they get their jollies from, I've got a life to live and don't have the time to be concerned about what the government is doing, who likes or dislikes my country, what other people in other countries are doing etc.

Many people will see this as being naive, whereas in fact I think it is being quite astute. My daily life and the effects of my life upon others in it is much more important than what my government thinks of Iraq's oil.

Let the politicians be politicians, I've got a life to get on with.

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:) That was cool!

by TomSal In reply to Sheltered lives

Right on Oz, as strange as it may seem (get it -- I'm American? lol) I thoroughly enjoyed your post and for the most part fully understand what you are saying. And what you say makes sense, you probably are right -- compared to the rest of the world North Americans live sheltered, or at least "more" sheltered lives on average when compared to the rest of world population.

Personally, I disagree more than I agree with my government -- they waste too much money or stupid sh*t and programs like our welfare blood boils over how pathetically EASY it is to exploit. We have millions of bums who leech off my tax dollars. And then the people who honestly have hardship and want to do better can't get the help they need, and if they do get it it strangely seems to take longer than those that exploit the system.

As far as right to privacy, I do care a little...meaning I will go apesh*t to protect my right to privacy in my own home. But outside, put your camera's - Don't care. Do whatever you want, just don't mess with my financial data, don't screw with my loved ones and know that in my house -- that's MY little country and I am the President there.

PS. Another that peeves me is that this country is weak as all heck on thugs and criminals. Trust me I've lived here for nearly 30 years -- we are collectively wussies on crime.

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weakness on crime

by john_wills In reply to :) That was cool!

An aside: there is a lot of crime not just because of the over-blamed Second Amendment but because the police are corrupt, which is because the prosecutors are corrupt, which is because you can't sue them. In Canada no servant of the Queen may allege that the Queen ordered him to commit any tort. In the U.S. (cf. California Government Code Sec. 821.6, Imbler vs Pachtman, etc.), it is impossible to sue a government officer for malicous prosecution.

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Remember the old saying

by JimHM In reply to Sheltered lives

They came for my co-worker and I didn't complain Then they came for my neighbor and I didn't complain - then they came for my friend and I didn't complain - then they came for me - and there was no one left to complain!(If I recall it was about the Jewish round-up by the Nazi during WWII)

Government unchallenged by the people... We didn't know they were killing people - wasn't it a retraining camp!

In short - you have to watch your government officals - question there moves - vote them out of office if they don't do what is right. Just letting them do what they want - isn't in individuals freedoms best interest. Government will grow unchecked because some Ahole will think they know whats best for everyone, or that we are only doing this to make you safe, or its in your best interest..

That's why USA has 3 branches of government to put checks and balances on each of the other branchs - And its why Americans scream loadly at any government action to cutting away our individual freedoms. Two many of our citizens have fought and died for those - and that is why many Americans will fight to the death today to perserve our way of life.

Many foriegners that I have met - have trouble believing the freedom of travel in America. They want to know were the boarder guards are and check points... "How can you drive for 3 days and not be checked?"

With freedom comes responsibilities - with responsibilities comes risks - and with risks comes the possiblity of death or injury.. We Americans Accept the Freedoms the Responsibilites and Risk - to our way of life.

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Agree 100%

by mrbill- In reply to Remember the old saying

You said it bro! Now stand back and watch the flames.

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I agree..but what I meant is..

by TomSal In reply to Agree 100%

I'm all for what you said -- watch government and be aware of what's going on lest you be taken advantage of.

Freedom is worth dying for.

I am just of the opinion that some things (like the security cameras at street crossings, in malls, etc.) can be taken at face value without going into paranoid mode.

There are sayings for everything...but my favorite is simply "Walk softly and carry a big stick..."

That's MY philosophy of life. Be cautious, ask questions of your officials, research what's going on if you are concerned..but you don't have to go into violent protest mode on every single little thing that goes on. (What's that other saying "choose your battles").

So I agree with your base sentiments, but I guess I have a bit more laid back approach.

I think its great to love your country and its worthwhile to be tenacious to fight for your freedoms. I just think today people stomp at every little thing, people sue at every stinking chance they get, people make moutains out of mole hills with such regularity that its literally boring to hear about anymore.

And I think its a shame some Americans just got that paranoid and that petty.

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You are correct

by JimHM In reply to I agree..but what I meant ...

No one in America wants to take responsibility for what they do ... Its someone elses fault because it happened.. I spilled coffee in my lap - McDonalds is at fault because it was to hot and I burned my 80 year old p&**y ... Get a life..

You are so correct - the paranoia started and it just feeds on itself - most of it comes from the movies that show how things are used the wrong way...

But agree - with you .. Take Responsibility for your own actions..

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An honest, humble and objective American ...

by jardinier In reply to Boring?

I have stated in other postings that I have liked all the Americans whom I have met, and that I have no beef with America or Americans in general.

You come across as one American who can be patriotic and objective at the same time.

Of COURSE most Americans -- just like most of the citizens in any other country -- are decent and reasonable people. And of COURSE America has contributed, and continues to contribute greatly to scientific and technological advances. And let's not forget where jazz music originated.

And congratulations on using your Christian faith to keep you in this balanced, non-judgemental frame of mind.

And if you consider your posting as "rambling," then please ramble some more. You are one American I WOULD like to hear more from.

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