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America bashing ...

By jardinier ·
What is this? Is it a new religion, or perhaps a new political movement?
Now before I become involved in these TR political discussions I had never heard the term used anywhere. I am certainly not anti-America, the country, or anti-American, the individual. In fact I have mentioned in some earlier discussion that I have liked the Americans whom I have met, and I also stated that when I was Living in Kings Cross, at the time of the Vietnam War, I was very impressed by the refinement and courtesy of the US soldiers who came to this part of Sydney for their R & R. Some girls living in the same rooming house as myself went out with some of these men, and likewise commented on their gentlemanly behaviour.

Now I may not like the current US Administration, and I most certainly have good reasons (too many to list here) to dislike the current Australian government. But this does not mean that I dislike America and Americans in general, any more than I would be inclined to dislike Australia or Australians in general.

Australia is a great place to live, as anyone who has visited here will agree.

So if you read any general anti-American sentiments in any of my postings, then you are imposing that interpretation yourself (yourselves).

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nicely said Tom

by Oz_Media In reply to Not that I am a fan of Fr ...

Hey, I'm not a BIG fan of France either. Nice place to visit (I used to live three hours away, when the hovercraft was the best way).

I actually get more pissed off by the lazy French Canadians who keep coming out West in search of work each summer. The majority of them end up as squeegee kids. Our Okanagan Valley is famous dfor it's peaches, grapes etc. They used to come west to pick fruit for the summer. Two years ago, there was a major problem with the crops and the pickers were limited. These guys all found there way to Vancouver, some the Island and now complain about being on welfare and there's no work for pickers etc. I say GO THE **** HOME!!!!

As for the REAL French people, they're harmless so I don't see a problem with them. Passive is OK, retarded bothers me.

Have a good one TomSal, thanks for your honesty without the links to government websites, it's refreshing to see someone who can actually form an opinion.


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You are correct -

by JimHM In reply to Not that I am a fan of Fr ...

You are correct - that was back middle to late when 1770's when we were kicking a little British and Cornwalace arse! When the French finally arrived after they helped, but what was it - 1 or was it 2 years after they promised to aid

It's not that we don't like the French - the people are more arrogant than we are. I mean you can't call it a personal computer, CPU, memory, monitor (what was it 200 computer terms that they outlawed!) because it's not a French word..

When are they going to change Mickey Mouse's name - Come on .. we maybe pretty prideful and arrogant as a nation ... but the French take that one hands down..

When I was there I could speak the language somewhat (I don't go somewhere without knowing the langauge enough to get by) - but had problems, do you think they would help (like the spanish or mexicans do with my spanish..) No way - they would look at you like you just ate a live duck.. Nose so far up in the air - that if it rained they would drown..

It's not that we hate them so much - we just had enough and stopped spending our money with them. What was that about their wine industry - going south for the winter - sales off by 65% - keep it up America..

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by Oz_Media In reply to You are correct -

OI would agree to almost everything you said except:
"the people are more arrogant than we are."

C'mon,you've GOT to be kidding. If I was to ask the opinion of someone in ANY other country in the world what they thought of American's they would have many slanderous comments but all would say that Americans are THE most arrogant people on God's green earth. Just read these POSTS to confirm that. I don't think there is a sole alive who thinks americans aren't loud, obnoxious and arrogant. It's what your reputation is buit upon.

If you like, I'll send some emails around a few European contacts and show you what they all think of America.

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I wouldn't go that far -

by JimHM In reply to Close

I wouldn't go that far - but I am a littel Basis. But I will say we have some real aholes that travel - I as an American get pissed about them... Go to a country and expect them to speak english and you not even try to speak their langauge... Then in the same breath these aholes - ***** about "These foriegners coming to American and not speaking English." - Ah Dah...

They are what I call "No Class Rich" - or - just no Class...

Na! we don't hate the French - we just don't like their attitute after the Iraq war - so we show it with our money.

Pretty - arrogant of us Americans aint it. Gee not spend our dollars where they don't like us. More Americans have gone to England, Mexico, Canada - and the Islands -than ever.

Just a Little boycout protest by those arrogant Americans..hitting them in their pocket books..

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Who needs frilly panties anyway

by Oz_Media In reply to I wouldn't go that far -
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The wine

by Oz_Media In reply to You are correct -

I noticed your fabtastic attempt at hurting thier wine industry. You all went out and bought a bottle so you could pour it away in protest.

I'm sure they'd like to know when the next protest is scheduled, they could ship extra wine to the US to keep up with the mass demand.

Way to make a point !

Canyou protest one of my less successful band's CD's next??

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That took a mental gaint to do that one

by JimHM In reply to The wine

Got to agree with you Oz Man on that one - it took a real mental gaint to came up with that protest.. now wasn't it. Purchase a $50.00 bottle of wine - and pour it down the drain in protest?

Hey they still sold the bottle! Hello -

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LMAO-- that was hilarious!

by TomSal In reply to That took a mental gaint ...

I agree Oz and Jim, that made me laugh (out loud) for real when I heard it on the news.

That day the French had the free right to laugh at us and go "Stupid Americans"

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Again you lack of knowledge shows

by JimHM In reply to Still spewing crap??

We the people elected Bush - Al Gore lost - the US president is not elected by popular vote - it is by the electorial college... and the majority of the states voted for Bush ... not the total number of people that voted ...

Dah - Again - Sir Oz - you lack of knowledge on the American systems shine through brightly..

Thanks -

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How can you sleep

by Oz_Media In reply to Again you lack of knowled ...

It must be a pain to try and get your massive brain onto a single pillow. Your spew once again has taught me so much, I just don't know how to thank someone who somply keeps giving the way you do!

I've seen more than one thread from American citizens who hate the fact the Bush is president and claim that he wasn't elected, the botched election F-d u pthe vote. Only half of the states voted for him, out of those, only half of the people voted for him. Somehow he has become your president and declared War while pumping his fist in the air and hammering the dido from which he rules. Sounds like a flashback, vee don't haf to take it like diz!! Vee vill fight til the end!! Hail Hilter!!, Hail Hitler !!
Was Bush ever a skinhead??

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