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American People wake up!

By peachcobbler ·
American People wake up! How can anyone still back this obviously delusional man who?s parading around as the ?President Of The United States? His very first mistake was to withdraw troops from Afghanistan before Usama Bin Laden was captured or killed, in order to invade Iraq. What American believes that Saddam Hussein presented more of a threat to America than does Usama Bin Laden? Saddam Hussein has been in the same place as The United States left him from the last declared war on Iraq. I still haven?t been able to find not one Iraqi name on the list of Terrorist that attacked us on 9/11, has anyone else found one?

There couldn?t have been a worse action by anyone else that could equate the actions of GWB manufacturing evidence to persuade this government and the American people to back him on the war with Iraq. He has shown no remorse about doing that, nor has he apologized to the other people who, for instance, Secretary Of State, Colin Powell for sending him to the UN with manufactured evidence to prove his point on WMD! America isn?t going to blame GWB for those actions the blame will go down in History as egregious actions on behalf of Secretary Of State, Colin Powell, a man who truly has served his country well, far better and longer than GWB.

History has proven that GWB has been and most likely will always be an egregious person without remorse of anything that he does. He allows other people to take blame for things that is rightfully his blame. He has never finished anything that he has started without intervention from higher ups to save his but. That was proven when he was enlisted in the National Guards. Now that he is suppose to be the Higher up, he has no one to blame but himself, therefore now he passes it bilaterally in order to save face. What President would make a statement or excuse by stating that Illegal Immigrants take jobs that Americans won?t take.

The truth of the matter is Americans can?t have the jobs that Illegal Immigrants take because if the people who employ illegal immigrants hired Americans for those jobs they would still be breaking the law, only much worse. They would be paying Americans less than minimum wages, which is illegal in America. They would also have to provide sanitary working conditions for American workers who would be able to file complaints about the illegal conditions and treatments by these employers! That is why this government wants things to remain the same. How many if any, illegal have filed complaints about the deplorable working conditions and housing they must live and work in?

Everyday I'm growing more and more disappointed with the American people. America has been a nation of people who have been able to see through Bull Fertilizer regardless of who the applicator is. Then why hasn't America said enough to this Bush administration as to their spreading of "Bull Fertilizer"? This is the most egregious Administration ever to be in office, and I can't understand why the American people are being so tolerant of this egregious behavior.

It has gone far beyond party affiliations; this has started to make Bush's own party sick. Bush is not Presidential material; he doesn't possess the qualities a leader of such an amazing country should have. Most of the world hates America because of this Administration, who has managed to undo most if not all of the good deeds that America has been able to accomplish in the last 12 years. I'm not going to mention the most egregious things that he has done, just the most recent.

Domestic spying has its place in a society where there is threat of annihilation of that society by outside forces. But first lets clean up the inside forces that are against us, before we go and spy on the very people who he believes elected him! Why hasn't anyone raised the question about the spies who have been caught spying in the higher ranks of our Government including his office? We've heard about them being caught but why haven't we heard about what has been done about it and to these traitors who were caught red handed? Some of who have been in very close proximity to George W. Bush in the White House!

What about the Vice President and his involvement in scandals that hasn't been addressed that sheds bad light on our Country and the administration in place now. GWB and all his cronies need to be held accountable for the egregious things they have done and are still doing. How can anyone expect other citizens to abide by the law when the heads of this country doesn't? Some Presidents have been brought up on Impeachment charges for far lesser offensives than what is at hand today, and I haven't heard one suggestion about Impeachment of this President! I respect the office of the President, not the man that is office now. I wouldn?t trust this man if his tongue was a notary stamp! Everyone, regardless of who they are, should be remorseful for the wrongs that they do. That includes, American Presidents!

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We do rub each other the wrong way.

by X-MarCap In reply to Apply it to me, Now. ;-)


You may have some very valid things to say. That being said, some of us may look at the same information you do and come to a vastly different conclusion. In my understanding, my opinion is correct. Since some of us have different experiences, we reach different ends.

I think yours are wrong. You seem to merely despise me. We're even. I would rather have a faithful enemy than a disloyal friend. Your feral dislike of Bush is rather silly. Your hatred of his foreign policy is irrelevant, and actually funny.

If you stop chucking verbal grenades at me, I'll stop pulling the pins and throwing them back. And vice versa. You have gotten me angry enough to cause me to use inappropriate verbiage.

At times you seem to have it together, and then you go way the heck the wrong way, IMHO. Your biggest grief seems to be with what you call ignorant fundamentalist Christians. They should be the easiest to reach, if you will make the effort, they tend to be willing to think the best about people...

You, on the other hand, will only shun them when they disagree with you...

I can understand it. Cain Killed Able. The ones you should be closest to, are really the ones who can irritate you the most... They are the only ones who can rile you. Ones who you don't care about, you toss off a snide remark and forget.

I have found that if I ignore you until I can get my sense of humor back, rather than burn you at the stake, verbally, I don't feel the need for character assasination. Just enjoy the fact that you have provided me a few hearty laughs at your mental gymnastics.

Although, at times Max and I have disagreements, most often I agree with him, but we remain civil. Although I most often disagree with Deepsand, we are civil. You seem to bring out the incivility within me.

You call me a liar, and then try other character assasinations. For that I had to start laughing at you. Rather than respond in the past, I have merely laughed at your ignorance.

From emails, Sandy's statements and location, and other things I have traced down more or less who Sandy is.

Sandy and I often strongly disagree, but we don't attack each other in the personal manner that you have gone after me. Sometimes, I think you are just too self-centered to believe other people can disagree with you.

At times, lately, I have found myself agreeing with you... That surprised me. I did the Goofus MacDuff test. Had I analysed all the data and come out 180 degrees wrong? Fortunately not, my sense of humor is back, My vacation helped.

Take it easy, Julian, and remember to take it all with a grain of salt. You won't get out of life alive, so don't take it so seriously.

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by jardinier In reply to We do rub each other the ...

I stopped taking YOU seriously long ago.

But here, you use a friendly, light-hearted post by myself, as an excuse to launch a great rant, criticising everything about me that comes to your mind at this time.

But then, you are an American right-wing Christian, so you are merely playing out your role as might be expected.

For the most part I don't bother reading your posts any more because, like I said, I no longer take you seriously.

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Peachcobbler "Absolutely Delicious"

by peachcobbler In reply to He's just trying out his ...

How many Men do You know Named Peachcobbler, now that is A particularly egregious example of semantic elitism. Not one word in my article was political theory, but you're right to say that it consisted of and/or relating to the study of meaning and changes of meaning by the Bush administration not for the betterment of the American people!

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Gender Bias

by BFilmFan In reply to Peachcobbler "Absolutely ...

Your statement questioning the number of men being known as Peachcobbler is a clear case of gender bias.

A shoe designer from the state of Georgia might well be known as a "Peach Cobbler," regardless of their gender.

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"What we've got here is

by jdclyde In reply to Gender Bias

failure to communicate".

Comes from someone with an attitude talking TO people instead of WITH people.

That same attitude is what will keep this lover of words instead of ideas, from having a meaningful discussion with anyone.

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Absolutely Hilarious!

by peachcobbler In reply to Gender Bias

You are "Absolutely Hilarious"! I really needed that, Thanks!

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by neilb@uk In reply to Peachcobbler "Absolutely ...

semantic elitism.

I take your point that it was an example of me being a bit dumb in not actually taking any note of your username but I can live with my shame. I just saw the word "egregious" and thought "a bit pompous" and proceeded from there.

If you are attempting to communicate a serious point then forcing half (I'm being generous, here) to reach for the dictionary in your opening sentence is not going to work out very well.

I post here a lot. Should I lapse into euphuism? Sometimes I do. Should I refer to Maxwells eleutheromania? I could expiscate other semantemes, but I won't.


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Monitor wipes, please!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Hardly
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I enjoyed researching my post

by neilb@uk In reply to :D Monitor wipes, please ...

did you look any of them up? I lucked in on "eleutheromania", which means "a strong desire for freedom" and I reckon it just fits our Max down to his liberal-trampling boots.

I'd post the link to the site where I found the words but I've decided to keep it secret as semantic snobbery and the relevance of homonymy, synonymy, antonymy, polysemy, paronyms, hypernymy, hyponymy, meronymy, metonymy, holonymy, exocentrics, and endocentrics is right up my street!

NITS rules! And don't you forget it!

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