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American People wake up!

By peachcobbler ·
American People wake up! How can anyone still back this obviously delusional man who?s parading around as the ?President Of The United States? His very first mistake was to withdraw troops from Afghanistan before Usama Bin Laden was captured or killed, in order to invade Iraq. What American believes that Saddam Hussein presented more of a threat to America than does Usama Bin Laden? Saddam Hussein has been in the same place as The United States left him from the last declared war on Iraq. I still haven?t been able to find not one Iraqi name on the list of Terrorist that attacked us on 9/11, has anyone else found one?

There couldn?t have been a worse action by anyone else that could equate the actions of GWB manufacturing evidence to persuade this government and the American people to back him on the war with Iraq. He has shown no remorse about doing that, nor has he apologized to the other people who, for instance, Secretary Of State, Colin Powell for sending him to the UN with manufactured evidence to prove his point on WMD! America isn?t going to blame GWB for those actions the blame will go down in History as egregious actions on behalf of Secretary Of State, Colin Powell, a man who truly has served his country well, far better and longer than GWB.

History has proven that GWB has been and most likely will always be an egregious person without remorse of anything that he does. He allows other people to take blame for things that is rightfully his blame. He has never finished anything that he has started without intervention from higher ups to save his but. That was proven when he was enlisted in the National Guards. Now that he is suppose to be the Higher up, he has no one to blame but himself, therefore now he passes it bilaterally in order to save face. What President would make a statement or excuse by stating that Illegal Immigrants take jobs that Americans won?t take.

The truth of the matter is Americans can?t have the jobs that Illegal Immigrants take because if the people who employ illegal immigrants hired Americans for those jobs they would still be breaking the law, only much worse. They would be paying Americans less than minimum wages, which is illegal in America. They would also have to provide sanitary working conditions for American workers who would be able to file complaints about the illegal conditions and treatments by these employers! That is why this government wants things to remain the same. How many if any, illegal have filed complaints about the deplorable working conditions and housing they must live and work in?

Everyday I'm growing more and more disappointed with the American people. America has been a nation of people who have been able to see through Bull Fertilizer regardless of who the applicator is. Then why hasn't America said enough to this Bush administration as to their spreading of "Bull Fertilizer"? This is the most egregious Administration ever to be in office, and I can't understand why the American people are being so tolerant of this egregious behavior.

It has gone far beyond party affiliations; this has started to make Bush's own party sick. Bush is not Presidential material; he doesn't possess the qualities a leader of such an amazing country should have. Most of the world hates America because of this Administration, who has managed to undo most if not all of the good deeds that America has been able to accomplish in the last 12 years. I'm not going to mention the most egregious things that he has done, just the most recent.

Domestic spying has its place in a society where there is threat of annihilation of that society by outside forces. But first lets clean up the inside forces that are against us, before we go and spy on the very people who he believes elected him! Why hasn't anyone raised the question about the spies who have been caught spying in the higher ranks of our Government including his office? We've heard about them being caught but why haven't we heard about what has been done about it and to these traitors who were caught red handed? Some of who have been in very close proximity to George W. Bush in the White House!

What about the Vice President and his involvement in scandals that hasn't been addressed that sheds bad light on our Country and the administration in place now. GWB and all his cronies need to be held accountable for the egregious things they have done and are still doing. How can anyone expect other citizens to abide by the law when the heads of this country doesn't? Some Presidents have been brought up on Impeachment charges for far lesser offensives than what is at hand today, and I haven't heard one suggestion about Impeachment of this President! I respect the office of the President, not the man that is office now. I wouldn?t trust this man if his tongue was a notary stamp! Everyone, regardless of who they are, should be remorseful for the wrongs that they do. That includes, American Presidents!

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They sure are obscure

by jardinier In reply to I enjoyed researching my ...

Some of them are not in my large Collins Dictionary -- a dictionary I chose very carefully after comparing definitions of certain key words in various dictionaries. :_|

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Thanks Neil, you used a couple of words I had no knowledge of...

by X-MarCap In reply to I enjoyed researching my ...

Now I gotta dig it out...

Webster on line is no good, I have to go to the Randomhouse unabridged dictionary, and it's at home...

Dang, what is holonymy, or paronyms?

I'll be in suspense all day long...


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Have these two for free

by neilb@uk In reply to I enjoyed researching my ...

Holonymy defines the relationship between a term denoting the whole and a term denoting a part of, or a member of, the whole such as "hand" is a holonym of finger, thumb, palm, etc

Paronyms are one of my favourites. They are almost homonyms but not quite and very prone to mixups. They are usually words that look and mean "nearly" the same - continuous and contiguous.


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by X-MarCap In reply to I enjoyed researching my ...

Very sincerely. That kind of stuff drive me nuts.

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I was just thinking that too

by Oz_Media In reply to He's just trying out his ...

It is such an old post, nothing new, except egregious repeated over and over again.

Reading the post was interesting, while he had some outline of validity, it was presented poorly. One would say it was quite bad to the point of becoming offensive to some, or in a nutshell it was quite egregious.

And no, I amo not in favour of Bush you ALL know that. But it's the half wits that make the opposition seem to unbelievable, almost to the point of being as unelievable as the current US adminiatration itself.

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"Not" a New Member!

by peachcobbler In reply to Expected to see this by a ...

Obviously, you are living in the "Land Of Confusion" because nothing you have said makes any sense. The spies I referred to in my article are Americans and they did indeed infiltrate our government; existing right in our own White House, working within GWB? s administration.

Where have you been for the last three or so years, in a coma? As for Afghanistan, correct me if I'm wrong but I do believe that Mr. Bush took a flight on a bomber Jet and landed on a fighter ship to announce a premature victory to the soldiers aboard it, shortly after the war in Afghanistan started. You don?t remember that?

Exactly what is it in my post that you consider to be a lie, seem as though someone need to do a little research before you go on a ranting rage of none comprehension of the article you read. Not one egregious point was made in that article. Now who's throwing the tantrum it seems.

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"NOT" a good reader?

by jdclyde In reply to "Not" a New Member!

My title showed surprise that you WEREN'T a new member, rather than state that you ARE a new member.

My point, which again, you would have had to do that "reading" thing, stated that only a complete moron would expect the government to give details about spying to the press. Kind of interferes with spy/counterspy if your stupid enough to anounce it to the world.

As of the ---hm--- got pulled away and derailed my train of thought! At least the page doesn't time out! Now, where was I?

Ah yes, I did notice you provided nothing to support any of your points. Why is that?

Also, when you are unable to present an idea objectively and without emotion, it takes a lot of credibility away from your post. is a corrupt organization, with a corrupt agenda. Seems like your in lock-step with them?

Will you next tell me that the United Nations is doing a good job of anything, anywhere in the world?

Last note, you seem to really like that word.

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"EGREGIOUS"outrageously bad .

by peachcobbler In reply to "NOT" a good reader?

"My point, which again, you would have had to do that "reading" thing, stated that only a complete moron would expect the government to give details about spying to the press. Kind of interferes with spy/counterspy if your stupid enough to anounce it to the world".

You still don't get it do you. The spies are American and they were spying on America and selling information to foreign countries for profit. My statement that there has been no word on their trials and convictions, meaning that they were caught by the U.S. Government and arrested for their deeds of treason against the United States of America. These men were employed by the Federal Government and caught stealing information from us and selling it to other Governments!

All of my points that I made are things that has been in the media for the past four or five years. Nothing that I stated except for the domestic spying is new information to any one else except you it seems.

"Last note, you seem to really like that word".

I do, its quite appropriate for many instances and situations.

ADJECTIVE: Egregious;
Conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible. (i.e. "an egregious lie")

I find words infatuating,fascinating, a breath of fresh air!

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I understand the word.

by JamesRL In reply to "EGREGIOUS"outrageously b ...

The word was most often used in terms of a gentleman's personal honour - if one was egrigiously insulted, it would be cause for a duel. But duelling went out quite some time ago.

What is most appropriate is that you use words that help clarify your meaning.

Words alone do not an argument make. You must combine words with logic and rhetoric and sense to form an argument.


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Egregious is Multifaceted in meanings!

by peachcobbler In reply to I understand the word.

Egregious is Multifaceted in it's meanings! You stated that the word was most often used, the word didn't go any where and is still used by many but not by most. Many people prefer to use the word Reprehensible, flagrant, gross, glaring etc. The word is still around and I like the sound of it. I also use other variations of the word when I so choose to do so.

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