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An example of a Q&A gone wrong

By Oz_Media ·
Here's just one example of a Tech Q&a question gone wrong.

Someone is advertising a website that offers FREE MUSIC downloads, it also provides links to Kazaa and a few others.

While THIS person says they are FREE MUSIC downloads, they are actually ILLEGAL music downloads in many countries. The poster has the nerve to offer 1 (ONE) point for what I am not sure. I have reported it to TR for them to take whatever action they choose, as it could result in a liability suit on TR.

none of the artists listed are ons I work with so personally I do't care, but I DO know who manages two of the bands listed and they would not be too pleased to see this guys website.

Why bring this up here?

This is the exact type of issue that a FLAG would be great for. Flaggig this as inapporiate would enable TR to remove it and avoid any repercussions. PLUS, this guy is going to get 1000 points if someone replies (er, which i did DOH!) I hope i get my ONE point, I could really use it

ths is just one xample of where a user could bring a post to Tr's attention and help keep this site operating properly, today is also a great day to get an idea of just HOW MANY PEOPLE think that the Discussion forum isa mroe appropriate place to ask questions than Tech Q&A,

-Help Running Proftpd on FreeBSD 4.9

-3G/GPRS Wireless Card

-Access to MySQL Migration

-Popups from **** on TR

-Half installed SP2


-VPN changes one client won't accept

-Outlook 2003

and th list goes on.

either people are REALY stupid (okay, but not EVERYONE) or they just don't have clear navigation here.

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by house In reply to Now that is really good i ...

Don't delete my snap inquiry. It's not spam.


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Submitted for your hysterical enjoyment

by BFilmFan In reply to An example of a Q&A gone ...
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What is really funny...

by house In reply to Submitted for your hyster ...

Is the amount of tech-support inquiries that I see in the Q&A relating to basic Microsoft networking skills.

"I am a network administrator. I need to know how to administer a network. I have a router, a couple of switches and hubs, a few servers, and a few hundred clients... please advise. Oh yeah, and we are using 2k3 servers with an old NT4 book for reference."

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by Oz_Media In reply to What is really funny...

How do help customer, I mean how do keep job, sorry....ahem....How do conncent to internet when not working?

Or the classic, I need to answer a question to pass my, I mean I have two servers at two locations how many NIC cards do I need to connect the VPN and an outbound internet connection?

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I wonder why you got a Not Rated?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Submitted for your hyster ...

I'm still laughing over that one you really do have far too much time on your hands don't you?

Col ]:)

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by BFilmFan In reply to I wonder why you got a No ...

What can I say, I am old, arthritic and don't like throwing medications in my system that haven't had adequate field trials, so I get on TR and post away!

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by Oz_Media In reply to Submitted for your hyster ...

That bad karma is coming back at you already!



(all in fun of course, I really couldn't give a toss)

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by BFilmFan In reply to HAH! TOUCHE!!

I am sorry about that Oz. I will ge that corrected.

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Don't bother

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dang

It's good to see OZ being picked on for no other reason that who he is.


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