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An example of a Q&A gone wrong

By Oz_Media ·
Here's just one example of a Tech Q&a question gone wrong.

Someone is advertising a website that offers FREE MUSIC downloads, it also provides links to Kazaa and a few others.

While THIS person says they are FREE MUSIC downloads, they are actually ILLEGAL music downloads in many countries. The poster has the nerve to offer 1 (ONE) point for what I am not sure. I have reported it to TR for them to take whatever action they choose, as it could result in a liability suit on TR.

none of the artists listed are ons I work with so personally I do't care, but I DO know who manages two of the bands listed and they would not be too pleased to see this guys website.

Why bring this up here?

This is the exact type of issue that a FLAG would be great for. Flaggig this as inapporiate would enable TR to remove it and avoid any repercussions. PLUS, this guy is going to get 1000 points if someone replies (er, which i did DOH!) I hope i get my ONE point, I could really use it

ths is just one xample of where a user could bring a post to Tr's attention and help keep this site operating properly, today is also a great day to get an idea of just HOW MANY PEOPLE think that the Discussion forum isa mroe appropriate place to ask questions than Tech Q&A,

-Help Running Proftpd on FreeBSD 4.9

-3G/GPRS Wireless Card

-Access to MySQL Migration

-Popups from **** on TR

-Half installed SP2


-VPN changes one client won't accept

-Outlook 2003

and th list goes on.

either people are REALY stupid (okay, but not EVERYONE) or they just don't have clear navigation here.

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OT: initials

by apotheon In reply to Max I was only joking whe ...

When you say "T Q & A" like that, I always think "T & A".

just thought I'd mention . . .

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So do I

by Oz_Media In reply to OT: initials

That's why I like T Q&A so much!

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bumper sticker

by apotheon In reply to So do I

"Powered By T Q & A"

I'd use that. I'd also enjoy the quizzical looks as people tried to figure out what Q stood for, thinking they already knew what T & A stood for.

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by the way . . .

by apotheon In reply to An example of a Q&A gone ...

I, for one, seem to be incapable of posting a question to Tech Q&A, because I don't have any TechPoints. If I had a tech question to ask, I wouldn't be able to post it anywhere but in the discussion areas. In fact, I have NEVER had any TechPoints.

I'm sure it's not just stupidity that prompts people to post their questions outside of the Tech Q&A area.

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You should have gotten 500...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to by the way . . .

...just for joining. If that didn't happen, we need to get that little bug fixed right away. In the mean time, if it wouldn't offend you ethical sensibilities, I can post a gimme question worth 1000 points or so, let you answer it, and send you on your way.

Let me know if you want the gift before I can get the signup grant issue worked out.


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Here's 1000 points up for grabs

by house In reply to You should have gotten 50 ...

Actually, if he knows a few links regarding graphics engines, video drivers, and direct x, I have a question titled "Video rendering resource sites" in the programming game developpers here though?!?!

I had been planning on leaving a few links of my own, when I had time to do a bit of searching anyways.

Even if the answer is remotely related, I will give out the points....even if it is just "asdf"...somebody please talk to me.


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Dude your just golden

by Oz_Media In reply to Here's 1000 points up for ...

What can I say? Just giving away points as if they have no meaning.....actually, hang-on a minute. THEY DON'T HAVE ANY MEANING!!

Wanna have some fun? I'll peer mail you if that's okay.

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Actually - a selfish motive

by house In reply to Dude your just golden

It is actually a selfish motive. I only posted one other question, and closed it due to inactivity. I left a couple of rejection notices - only to leave a comment - and then realized how it affects others.

I need the ability to clear my tarnished record - plus, I don't need 1000 points on top of the other 1000 points for closing. Know what I mean? Nobody has left a single comment on my question and all I want are a couple of resource sites regarding Graphics Engines and dxdiag tweaks.



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by apotheon In reply to You should have gotten 50 ...

While I appreciate the offer, I think I'd rather not. Heh. If it's just redressing an issue of me not having points I should have had by default, I don't see an ethical issue with it, but I'd rather avoid even the possibility of the appearance of impropriety. One never knows when one's integrity might be called into question, and I wouldn't want to be easily pointed at as getting unfair considerations.

Besides, if this happened to me, it must certainly have happened to others as well. If they have to live with it until a proper fix is provided, I guess I can too. Heh.

Again, thanks for the offer. I'll go with "no thanks" for now, if you don't mind, though.

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This guy almost got the idea of Q&A

by house In reply to An example of a Q&A gone ...

Another example of Q&A gone wrong. At least this guy left feedback each time and posted his final solution.

I feel bad for 'rewrite' though. Why did he even bother wasting his time?


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