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An office problem and an IE 6.0 problem

By Rosstamon ·
I have MS Office 2003, my O/S is XP Pro. It (office) has been working as would be expected for the last 2 years. Recently, when I use any Office program I can't seem to drill down through folders to find a file that I want to open. Instead, the Office software will lock up.

Example using Word to open a document I previously created. I open Word, I go "File" "Open" and there is a window that shows I am in My Documents with all of the folders I have created and the ones that come with windows. If I try to open any of these folders I get the perpetual hour glass and never get past that level. At this point, I have to open the task manager in order to interrupt the process. It inevitably always says "Not Responding". And I have to use task manager to interrupt it and close it.

However, if I find the file through windows explorer or by going to the my documents shortcut on my desktop, and find the file that way not using Office software, I find that I can double click on the file and it will open in the right software with no problems.

Any ideas on what may be causing this?

Also, I have IE 6.0.2900.2180 with SP2.
I use to have no problem with this. Now, if I type a URL into the address bar my ?Windows? flag (upper right corner) will start waving but my system will never go to the address I typed in. I tried with popular addresses and with not well known addresses. I get the same result both times. However, my home page and any address in my favorites works with no problems. Example - let?s use If I type that URL into the address bar on IE explorer I get nothing. Just the indication via the waving Windows flag in the upper right corner that something is happening, but nothing ever does. But if I type it into Google and then choose the selection that Google comes up with, no problem, I go right to that page. I don?t know what caused this.

Any ideas on this one?

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by Rosstamon In reply to

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Fixed the problem with the advice of the DMambo. But this is something that could also help so I appreciate the advice.

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by DMambo In reply to An office problem and an ...

Here's some info on a conflict between Windows Update and HP scanning software (if you have an HP scanner :) )

I had a user complain that beginning Friday, she has been unable to browse her folders or mapped drives from any Office app. Assuming that it had to be the result of a Windows update, I tracked it down to a known issue with the update listed above.

here's a link to a KB article:**8165

Please note that in my case, it was a result of a conflict with HP scanning software. The recommended registry edit didn't fix the issue, but I renamed the HP Share2Web file mentioned, and that took care of the problem.

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by Rosstamon In reply to

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Thank you. This is the advice that fixed my problem. I have a HP officejet all in one scanner printer copier fax. This was the most help. I appreciate it.

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by pweegar In reply to An office problem and an ...

What kind of maint. has been performed on this pc? Have you run CHKDSK c: /f from the command prompt lately (and then rebooted)? Have you defragged the hd lately? Also do as adviced already. Check for spyware and viruses.

I've seen fragmentation do some pretty weird things to a pc, regardless of which version of Windows you are using.

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by Rosstamon In reply to An office problem and an ...

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