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And I thought we Aussies were getting shafted, spare a though for the poms

By mjwx ·
Petrol prices in Perth are around AU$1.30 a litre, which is about US$4.00 a gallon but in London they are US$6.30 a gallon.

The British were only beaten by HK and Norway (probably a few others who weren?t mentioned).

A right royal shafting. In AU our govt taxes petrol a bit and it sticks around $1.30 a litre, even during the Iraq invasion it only peaked at $1.50 a litre (up from just over $1 at the time).

Guess I just wanted to do a bit of complaining (I'm part English you see).

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That's OK it wasn't that heavey, and only meant

by Deadly Ernest In reply to OK, I missed the sarcasm

half sarcasticly. Ancetrally my father's family comes form the Isle of Anglesy (I do hope I spelt that right) and there are many Ownes in the later tree - we could be related, extremely distantly though. At least several thousand miles, lol.

Re the Stolen Generation hype, yes hype. They don't tell you that the very same Child Welfare authorities took more non-Aboriginal people into care than they did Aboriginal, and thats as a percentage of population. Nor do they tell you that the majority of such children would have never reached adulthood if not taken into care. So far every case, where it was fully examined, showed that the child taken into care was in very real danger of serious harm or death.

I know several people whe are listed as being part of the Stolen Generation, and their statement on the issue is "Thank God we were."

The most intersting thing about the Stolen Generation issue is that the whole thing has basically died out since the federal government made it quite clear that they would NOT provide anyone with any extra money or assistance as a pay off for being 'stolen'. Makes you wonder don't it.

Another point is that the premis of the Stolen Generation was to eliminate the Aboriginal culture. If that was the case why is it they they only took a small percentage of the children, not the majority or all of them? The SG proponents can't answer that one.

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If we can not fling stones at each other...

by onbliss In reply to Murders and random killin ...

..., as we all live in glass houses. Then, where is the fun :-)

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Hey! You talking to me?

by neilb@uk In reply to If we can not fling stone ...
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Nope, I was not talking...

by onbliss In reply to Hey! You talking to me?

...I was just flinging a stone at your house :-)

added: at your house

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paintballs would be more fun....

by bart001fr In reply to If we can not fling stone ...

and artistic to boot.

Get some washable paint and wash it off if you don't like the results and start over. After all, if you took the time to build a glass house, you do not want any extra windows made with rocks, nor do you want to walk barefoot on broken glass.

Invite friends and allies and have at it. It makes such pretty colours.

Of course there's the good old food fight. Rotten tomatoes and properly aged eggs, the rottener, the better. And let's not forget cabbages....

And after all the excess energy is expended, let's celebrate by opening a can of our favorite suds and have a good laugh at all the fun we had.

Life's too short to stay angry!


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by Tig2 In reply to And I thought we Aussies ...

I thought WE had it bad! What an eye-opener!

Makes me glad I drive a small car with great gas mileage. My commute is around 60 miles a day. That commute is a factor now when I negotiate a contract- the amount of time I have to spend on a client site often determines my level of flexibility in my rate.

Can't even imagine driving in England- $6.30 a gallon??? OUCH!!!

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And we still have plenty of SUVs

by neilb@uk In reply to OUCH!!!

I suspect that there are things that we get more cheaply but I'm damned if I can think of anything!

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Cheaper French wine and cheeses is what you

by Deadly Ernest In reply to And we still have plenty ...

got, and those trips to sunny Spain and the med are a lot cheaper for you than us. Mind you our beaches are better, anyway. We also get cheaper trips to Fiji and New Zealand.

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Then why

by neilb@uk In reply to Cheaper French wine and c ...

am I holidaying in the US this year? as it happens, I'm not going anywhere near a beach but if I was then the one we went to a few years ago is the best I've seen.

Admittedly there were a few people but it was 100yds from our front door.

We only get cheaper French wine and cheese if we go over there to buy it. I prefer Spain or Portugal anyway, like good Rioja wine and Port and prefer English cheeses to all of them.

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Good question, why - are you a masochist or

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Then why

is it something else. OK, just joking again. I just wish I could afford to go to the USA for a month or three, to see the Grand Canyon, the Rockies, Yellowstone, Niagra Falls, Zion National Park, an a few other places.

Not sure I'd go to Florida though, if it's not in the news because of a hurricane its because of a tornado - and they call THAT the sunshine state. I know why so many people send the oldies to retirement villas there - they'll get the insurance quicker. joke, ok joke again.

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