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And I thought we Aussies were getting shafted, spare a though for the poms

By mjwx ·
Petrol prices in Perth are around AU$1.30 a litre, which is about US$4.00 a gallon but in London they are US$6.30 a gallon.

The British were only beaten by HK and Norway (probably a few others who weren?t mentioned).

A right royal shafting. In AU our govt taxes petrol a bit and it sticks around $1.30 a litre, even during the Iraq invasion it only peaked at $1.50 a litre (up from just over $1 at the time).

Guess I just wanted to do a bit of complaining (I'm part English you see).

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ha ha ha!

by neilb@uk In reply to Good question, why - are ...

We are going to: Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and lots and lots of others.

Be jealous... ]:}

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Not jealous, just iritated - just you wait until I find my spell book

by Deadly Ernest In reply to ha ha ha!

then it the green warts spell for you, or maybe the constant flatulence spell. That will take the wind out of your sails, and put it somewhere else for sure.

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I go through six gallons a day to get to work

by jdclyde In reply to And I thought we Aussies ...

If I go to my office, which is the closest location, it is about six gallons for the round trip.

If I have to go to the furthest location, it is about 15 gallons for the round trip.

Isn't life grand? ;\

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Thats insane

by JamesRL In reply to I go through six gallons ...

At that rate couldn't you get a small beater and save some gas money? Motorcycle?

Do you get mileage when you go to the far location?

I go through about 14 gallons a week, driving my minivan about 250 miles - not stellar, but with the cost of insurance in the big city, its hard to justify a second car. I pay about $150 a month in insurance, and even if I bought an old heap and put the minimum insurance on it, it would still cost more than I would save. But if I lived in a rural area where insurance was much cheaper....


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About 30 mpg highway

by jdclyde In reply to Thats insane

Sometime a little more, sometimes a little less, depending oh what I set the cruise control at which is based on how much time I have to get where I am going.

Thank goodness when I go anywhere but the main office I get mileage re-embrusement through work.

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If I drove

by neilb@uk In reply to I go through six gallons ...

It would only be a 25 mile round trip so I'd use a gallon. It would take around 1h30 each way, congestion charge would be ?8 and parking would be around ?20 as our office has two spaces for 600 people.

That's around $60 per day. I use the train!

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our office is not in the big city

by jdclyde In reply to If I drove

matter of fact, it is a town, not a city, and barely a dot on the map! No problem with parking.

Would love to take a train, but there isn't one.

We ALMOST bought out a competitor in my home town! DRAT! I could have moved my office there and rode my bike to work. GRRRRRR. Drat the luck. They were worried about the monopoly laws here, and ended up not ALLOWED to buy it. Damm government interferance in my life! X-(

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Canada's right there in the mix

by bart001fr In reply to And I thought we Aussies ...

Try 1.14 a litre, multiply by 1.14 litres to the quart, times four to get the imperial gallon. Multiply by the current exchange rate for your particular neck of the woods and you see what we pay here.

I think we can all agree: We all pay too much!


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AU$1.25 a litre

by mjwx In reply to Canada's right there in t ...

which is what you get on a good day in Perth. CA$1 = AU$0.9

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