annoying auto dial-up connection request

By namitzu ·
i do use dial-up from my home for my laptop.
and wireless at my workplace.

it is fine when i m connected to internet.

But when i m not connected then it frequently ask to connect through dial-up connection pop-up.
It's happening eventhough i m not trying to browse any pages... i think some application trying get the updates so these connection request are popping up.

Any Solution to stop these connection request????

I m running XP 5.1 (SP2)
browsers Mozilla and IE

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couple things

by seanferd In reply to annoying auto dial-up co ...

Check your dial-up connection settings, and make sure they are as they are supposed to be.

Check internet properties > connections. Put a mark next to 'never dial a connection', click OK. When you want to connect, just use your ISP connection shortcut.

If there is still dial-up connection requests, or the settings change, it is probably a malicious dialer program.

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You know, I'm thinking that this might be related...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to couple things

to the other posts by this member regarding pen drive and slow XP boot speed. If an infection is still present, it wouldn't be surprising for it to try to dialup a lot.

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ys you guys seems right about that

by namitzu In reply to You know, I'm thinking th ...

my previous post have been solved ...
thanks for that
...but still i think there are few footprint remaining

now what are these malicious dialer program.
do a system need them .... if not how to catch and throw them away.

Please Guide me.

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Malicious is the key word here.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to ys you guys seems right a ...

There are a number of tools around for managing system security - which includes infectious agents of all kinds, including dialers. Googling malicious dialer will yield all sorts of information. Malicious dialer is malicious code that independently dials out of an infected machine to accomplish whatever its evil deed may be. Until you get rid of it, you should disable the connection whenever you are not at the machine, or turn the PC off so that it cannot dial out behind your back.

Your antivirus should (if it is a good one) have some serious configuration options that include tools for helping to guard against dialers. Avast!, Panda (not free), Norton all have an 'anti-dialer' option.

Given the plethora of infectious uglies out there, it is a good idea to set your antivirus to do 'real-time scanning' - meaning that it is always on and running in the background. Spybot and AdAware can also be set for real-time scanning. All your 'anti-uglies' software should be updated on a weekly basis, and it's a good idea to perform manual scans weekly.

It is also a very good idea to install a firewall that alerts you to questionable activity. Windows firewall does not - at least for XP it does not. ZoneAlarm and Komodo (sp?) are both freebies that will keep you informed.

Once you have completely updated your various 'anti-ugly' programs, turn off System Restore (as a number of things are capable of hiding in the restore files), boot into Safe Mode and scan in Safe Mode. You will get more realistic scan results in Safe Mode.

Pay a visit to and Both sites are chock full of good information regarding keeping your system secure.

If we have been helpful, it would be nice if you were to revisit the helpful posts and mark them as such. I know seanferd offered up a few things I didn't know and/or forgot!

Good luck with your 'problem child'!

edit to add: I think you can disable the connection via Control Panel\Network Connections or Control Panel\Telephone and Modem Options. Right click on the connection and choose 'Disable'. I do not know whether or not a malicious dialer program can dial out anyway.

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Thanks for the reply

by namitzu In reply to Malicious is the key word ...

its little long enough to read ...

but anyway .. it just work for me ..

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Sorry about the length...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Thanks for the reply

but you did say "Guide me."!

It's a huge subject, ever-changing and horribly fascinating.

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Is this option works with Mozilla too????

by namitzu In reply to couple things

i have dont 'never dial a connection' for IE ..
but i could not find such on Mozilla

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Doesn't matter for Mozilla

by seanferd In reply to Is this option works with ...

The IE thing is for the Windows OS, not the browser in particular. It is because IE is part of Windows, not just an internet browser.

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by namitzu In reply to Doesn't matter for Mozill ...

Thanks ... Solved

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Good! Now, you need to consider Boxfiddler's advice

by seanferd In reply to Coooool

about scanning for malicious software.

Hope these problems clear up for you!

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