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I'm posting publicly because when I try to send mail, I get Error 400, proxy did not return any data.

Look at these series of questions:**94**92**89**86

All posted by user Kazooka, all answered by user radarEberhardt, all for 9999 points. Kazooka has posted a total of 7 (so far) 9999 point questions.

I seriously question whether someone who has earned NO techpoints answering questions has 70,000 to give.

Further, look at this profile:

This radarEberhardt apparently never participated before today.

Please join me in urging TR to take quick action!

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Looks to me like you've fond who ethan frome and DON'T EVEN KNOW IT YET?????

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Problem/puzzle of process control...

by Gunnar Klevedal In reply to ANOTHER HACKER HITS TECH ...

Maybe a system is what it appears to be, and nothing more. Maybe if you consider the output in combination / as an answer to all possible combinations of input. This will give you a description / specification for the system.
The system will react as it reacts, and you don't have to worry about the inner details.
But some time some one gives an input you never thought of, and you might have to change your view of the system.

Tribute goes to John Socha, MS-DOS hero

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