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By kb8yvg ·
My subscription on Norton is about to run out. Thinking of changing to AVG. Would this be a good move or not. Have a couple weeks to play with and just can't make up my mind. Had thoughts of Kaspersky too but have read a few negatives about that one. What do I do!!!!!

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Same with Avast

by Slayer_ In reply to mcafee

and look at how many people at TR will recommend it.

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by teh_tr_monk In reply to Same with Avast

I?m waiting for someone to post something about how their Mac is impervious to viruses.

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Old version

by Kingbackwards In reply to Wow NOD32

They did the study with Version 2 of the product.

Its currently on Version 4. (Which you can upgrade to for free, if you own the product)

So did they not use the latest version of the other products? Seems like it may be a bit flawed.

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The site doesn't seem entirely trust worthy

by Slayer_ In reply to Old version

There seem to be a number of important ommisions.

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better site

by teh_tr_monk In reply to The site doesn't seem ent ...

Ars Technica recommends

Much more detailed and current.
Check out the main test comparatives.

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That looks closer to my experiences

by Slayer_ In reply to better site

With Scanners like Kaspersky on top, but Avira having the best huristics.

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I notice an omision on the site...

by Slayer_ In reply to av rankings

It doesn't mention how these binaries were scanned.

Where they simply raw virus files that they scanned manually, or did they actually infect the machines and let the auto protect recover, or did they infect and do a system scan to recover? This is important to know.

Example, old Norton did a horriable job with scanning files, it had a 99% miss rate, but on active scan, it was awesome. I had a 6 year old Norton with 6 year out of date definitions completely rape a fully updated paid for version of AVG when it came to active scanning.

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I've been using Vipre

by Kenone In reply to I notice an omision on th ...

Some trouble with false positives but it keeps the crap off of my PCs. Symantec products did not.

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Thanks for that.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to av rankings

I may need to do some rethinking...

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why, what are you using?

by Slayer_ In reply to Thanks for that.

why, what are you using?

nvm, you said Avast.

Yeah, maybe you should change scanners :).

The only scanners I know of that leave garbage behind when they are uninstalled is AVG and Symantic. For all others I believe they uninstall cleanly. So feel free to try other scanners.

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