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Any "old" Arcade Gamers... I need help ;p

By mrafrohead ·
Hey, I have a stupid question and I know this really isn't the place for it, but I have hopes that some of the "geeks" here (like me) will have the answer that I am looking for.

Back in the mid 80's. There was this arcade game that I used to play.

I thought that the game was called:


Here's the thing though, I'm not positive of that anymore as I can't seem to find ANYTHING on it when I google it.

What I am hoping is that someone will know the name of the game that I am talking about and lemme know.

This is what the game was like.

It was a shooter game from a space craft that was in the first thirds of the screen. It was a silver craft that shot out lasers. On the first third of the screen it looked like you were on some kind of land like maybe a moon. I can't remember if the color of the land was grey or brown, but it was one or the other.

Then the other two thirds of the screen is where the aliens would come into the picture (the other two thirds were space) and they would fly down at you, and you had to kill them like any other game.

But before the "mother ship" would come out towards the end of a level, there was a star or moon that would glow brighter than the rest of them, and if you shot at that it was like some kind of cheat before the mother ship showed it's face.

That's about all I can remember, and I need to find this game so I can get it and show my kids what "real" video games were like.

Newho - if anyone can help I would appreciate it.

If this helps also, anyone that may have been in Osterholz, Germany during the 80's right before the wall came down, there was a YMC that had it behind the military commissary next to the new McDonald's at the time...

I know this is a shot in the dark, but with as small as the world really is, I'm hoping to be surprised again...


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by sales In reply to Any "old" Arcade Gamers.. ...

I think you are talking about '99 The Last War

It was 1985 that it came out.

You can see it here

I have not seen it ported for play on a PC though. If I find it I will post it

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by sales In reply to 99

Here is a site you can download it from, no guarantees.

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by mrafrohead In reply to 99

Holy argh,

damn, I'm SO excieted!!!!!!

That's it!@!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!

When I calm down I'll finish this.

To everyone that posted to help, thanks fo ryour efforts. I recommend everyone try this one.


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Found it here...

by mrafrohead In reply to 99

Thank you again! I'll post back in a half an hour. Gotta reminisce.

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by Oz_Media In reply to 99

MAME, you just get the original ROMS, no rebuilds for emulators needed.

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Takes a little work...

by mrafrohead In reply to 99

Okay, in order to make 99 the last war work, you actually have to have son of phoenix, and then you have to add the files of 99 into it...

Also, I couldnt' get it to work on Mame 86?, but it did work on 64...

SOOOoooo... Basically, if you would be interested in just a working zip, lemme know and I'll just send it to you, as it's a little faster than finding it all from different sites and then putting it together.

It also shows that there are three different versions of it.

Son of Phoenix (original)
99 The Last War (hack) - why it was in the arcades I don't know...
99 The Last War (alternate)

Personally, I think it would be nice if they would make one of those little controllers with the games built into it, as the copyright is expired for these... ;p


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A good emulator

by Oz_Media In reply to Takes a little work...

I find this one works great and can fix dead ROMs SOMETIMES.

RomCenter on downloads page, much easier management that most.

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by mrafrohead In reply to A good emulator

Will try, thanks :)

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A MAME discussion!

by Oz_Media In reply to Any "old" Arcade Gamers.. ...

well I have made thre console, two standup and one cocktail. What a flashback!

The last upright I built has two 4-way joysticks and 2 8-way joysticks, I find the 8's are too much when playing Donkey Kong and PacMan because you miss th eladders ad turns with an 8-way. I also aded a trackball for playing Peter Jacobsen Golf when frinds are over.

A neat tip for fellwo MAMERS, when building th ekeyboard drawer on the cabinet, build it BELOW the coing clot area, you can then slip a small bar fridge in where the coin-op would normally be.

Have 4 GIGs of ROMS on DVD if anyone is missing any, such as Mario Bros.(original with the ice levels and sand levels and stuff) long before Mario Brothers was a Ninbimbo game.

ROMNATION, that mrafrohead posted, is another good site with no BS like others do, they still don't have the original Mario Bros. though! I had it sent from Euro by a friend over there.

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I'll take you up on the offer...

by mrafrohead In reply to A MAME discussion!

How should I contact ya?

Actually, if you want to, shoot me a note @ mrafrohead <at> yahoo <dot> com.

We can figure it out from there... ;p


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