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Anyone else make the mistake of buying an Xbox360?

By jdclyde ·
I just got done dropping my MONTH OLD 360 off at the UPS drop off store to send back to MicroSoft. As soon as I walked in with the white shipping box MS sends you to return the defective product, the guy behind the counter said "oh, another xbox".

It all started with the RROD "Red Ring of Death"

The store I purchased it from, GameStop, politely informed me that this $450 system I had purchased from them 3 weeks early was NOT something they stood behind. (Never would have got it through them if I had known they didn't stand behind purchases)

My only recourse, call MS. The lady that was clearly not in the US walked through it all with me, and it became evident my only option was to have them send a pre-paid box for me to return the defective product to them for repair. Five days later, I got my box.

They had also told me SPECIFICALLY not to write XBOX on the outside of the box. Hmmm, think they were getting stolen during shipping? Naaaaaa. Turns out after talking to Mr. UPS, EVERYONE knows what that box is already because there is such a flood of them.

I have been told I will get my system back in 2 to 3 weeks. Wonder if they do anything to try to make up for the considerable lost "goodwill"?

Wish I would have gotten the SPS3. I had given my boys the choice and they wanted the 360. I should have known better.

Has anyone else gone through this?

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Not Personally JD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Anyone else make the mist ...

Mainly because I was about to buy a 360 when I was told that 1 in 3 don't work new out of the Box.

Seems that M$ not only sells second rate Software full of bugs but also Hardware as well. One day when the 360 is no longer UG I'll pull one apart to see what's inside the thing in the way of Circuitry. They have to have something really Cheap & Nasty in there and I'm interested to see the Poor Design.


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I would give it another 2-3 years before

by The Scummy One In reply to Not Personally JD

they will be less than $50 on ebay.
Just from my personal observations, they aint worth sh!t in the first place.

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I warned ya'll

by The Scummy One In reply to Anyone else make the mist ...

I got one for Christmas last year. Although the problems I have had are different. My little bro got 1 and has had to send it in 3x for repairs.
But, dont expect it in 2-3 weeks. The last 2x my bro sent his in it took 6+ weeks before being returned.
The problem with mine is in the middle of playing (at random) it will freeze, or stop and tell me that the disk inserted is an XBOX 360 game and to insert the proper disk into the drive.
WTF, the friggin 360 tells me the disk is a 360 game, but it decides it is not a 360 anymore so it cannot continue with it???

Nah, this POS is never being returned to MS to make more money. I already dealt with their support on this issue for more than a week and a half. MS can kiss my A$$ if they think I will send this POS to them and pay them for it. When it dies, I got a nice hammer waiting for it.

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I waited patiently

by jdclyde In reply to I warned ya'll

figuring by NOW they would have a decent working system instead of the crap that it turns out they are pushing out the door.

I am so pissed about the whole thing.

Sounds like they need to revamp the things and put a big fan in the side of it to keep the little piggie from burning up. Most of what I have read said the failures are triggered by heat. Sure, using the wrong sodder and sh1t parts doesn't help PREVENT heat problems.....

I also read that MS is trying to say if you buy one of the aftermarket coolers, they suck off so much juice that THEY will kill the system. Need a cooler that has it's own power source. Sounds like a job for Morty! Time for him to make another hacking/tweeking blog, this time, "saving your xbox".

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by The Scummy One In reply to I waited patiently

before I even plugged it in, I got a 3 fan set with its own power supply.
I also plugged the POS into a UPS. Maybe that is the reason that I havent had the red ring prob.. However, the freezing up is too annoying to bother with often, and telling me to put in a 360 disk is more than annoying. So the POS just sits there most of the time.
I think after the first few months that I have had it, I probably only have about 20 hours (or less) on it. It gets an average play time of 3-4 hours every other month.

Personally, I am now avoiding everything made by MS. Wont go near Halo, or MS mice/keyboards, or anything else that has their stamp on it.

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With twin teen boys

by jdclyde In reply to yup

On a weekend with a friend or two sleeping over, that thing can be one more hours in the day than it is off.

Especially because we like to play the FPS games, so you have to take turns. After a few hours it is someone elses turn.

A lot of time, but then again, it is better than watching TV, which I almost never do.

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"this POS"...

by Timbo Zimbabwe In reply to I warned ya'll

... is how I referred to my PlayStation, or NoPlayStation. Nothing but probs with it, sent it back, told them to keep the damn thing.

My 360 has purred like a kitten from day 1. No problems, but I did take heed at the potential for overheating and set it up accordingly. Keep the PS3... I'll take my 360.

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PS3 is built better and has a fail rate of less than 5%

by phimuskapsi In reply to "this POS"...

Whereas the 360 has a reported failure rate of 30-35% which is just unacceptable.

However, I have a 360 and I had to send mine back as well. It wasn't because of overheating the drive no longer opened, I take care of it too. Just one day it wouldn't load games anymore.

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they are back to two weeks

by Oz_Media In reply to I warned ya'll

And there are many ways to solve the problem at home too, as I noted in my post to JD above.

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Below, actually

by jdclyde In reply to they are back to two week ...

And your solution, while the better fix, would void the warranty.

Definitely something to look at when the warranty runs out, though.

Would you believe I was told by MS that a fan unit would not be necessary to prevent another burnup? Of course you do.... ;\

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