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Anyone part of the home distributed computing project?

By DanLM ·
What I mean is projects like Seti, Einstein, and others. Actually, I think my real question is. Is there any Tech Republic team with regard to the current projects they have going now.

I've been part of the Seti project now for several years, and have just started doing the Einstein one also. There are enough projects going now to interest almost everyone here I think. Ie: Astronomy/Physics/Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics and strategy games, Biology and Medicine.

With my new dual processor that I just bought and the fact that I made my old 1.4 AMD a FreeBSD box, I will soon be running projects on both of these machines. With tight scientific budgets, I just feel it's a chance to help out. Besides, my machines run 24/7 anyway. Might as well do something positive with them that might make a difference.

So, is there a Tech Republic Team here? lol
If your interested but have never looked into it, Boinc is the application you need to participate in these projects and can be downloaded from There you will also find a list of all of the projects that you can join. I must warn you though, when I compiled Boinc on my FreeBSD machine. Sucker took longer to compile then when I changed my kernal. Blew my bloody mind.

Oh well, just curious and looking to join an existing team.


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Ahah, I see

by Kiltie In reply to What I ended up doing was

Thanks for the info Dan, seems I was part right, maybe I let my frustration slip through a bit there, hope I made my point (just wish those bozos at Berkley could read it - but hey, I guess they don't read emails either ;-))

As I am going down the Linux route now, I think I'll hold off on this BOINC thingy until I get a Linux system I feel comfortable with, as it is the distros keep coming so thick and fast with "improvements" I haven't settled on any particular one yet, but Puppy and Knoppix lead the field so far.

On the other hand, I just had a second thought, maybe I could use BOINC on the spare Windows systems, as I have to keep the odd machine with 98SE, 2K and XP, just so I can provide support for others.

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lol Kiltie, I'm reaching my frustration stage with this Unix Boinc

by DanLM In reply to Ahah, I see

I'm getting computer errors(real descriptive hu) on that machine when I check my statistics on Seti. And I really haven't seen any good post's with possible solutions yet in my searches. I don't know if I have a hardware issue(video card), or if I built the app_conf.xml file wrong. Who knows, I guess it's time for me to join the seti bulletin boards.

I wish to **** I could find a damn log so I could see if anything is in them to direct me. Who knows.

Chuckle, I'm still crunching on my Windows Machine though. I was just just hoping to run this on two machines. Haven't given up though. Getting close, but not there yet.


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BOINC does not require broadband

by frankiesmum In reply to on SETI....

Started on a WIN98 machine with SETI about 5 years ago, migrated to a WINXP machine 2005 adding Einstein, Protein Predictor and Climate Prediction all on dial up - set up your BOINC preferences for dialup, see the forums for help.
Got broadband in December 2006.
Have been running Climate Prediction on it's own for about 6 months (recommended because the file sets take several thousand hours to crunch) and I wanted to get at least one file set completed as I had some teething troubles with the first few file sets.
Now need to update the BOINC client and that is not recommended while you're in the middle of a file set so roll on May when the second file set is due to complete.

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For a more hands on distributed project, try Stardust

by frankiesmum In reply to BOINC does not require br ...

A Berkeley project where you can donate use of your eyes by scanning slides measured in microns via a Virtual Microscope.


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I think you started something...

by dawgit In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

I sure didn't know anyone here was interested in these projects. It's nice to hear that there are some techi-type people here at the TR. (oh, I'm gona get nuked on that one) maybe the TR can set up comunnity computing, and clustering as a catagory in the discussions list. How aboutit TR? -d

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I thought, with the science articles they do

by DanLM In reply to I think you started somet ...

Like, name the next space ship. The changing of the definition of planets. And a few other featured articles I've seen here that there would be some interest in the area of home distributed computing.

I mean, bunch of geeks with some kick a$$ machines could crank out some serious calculations if we teamed up.

And truthfully, I could join the FreeBSD team or something like that. But, I'd rather it be a team where I talk to the members who have common interests as mine. Lol, even if I don't always agree with their politics.


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arg--university network restrictions

by crabbyabby86 In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

i started contributing to the seti project before i came to university, since i leave my pc on at all hours anyway, and then when i got here i discovered they don't allow it over the school network.

super lame.

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I'm surprised to be truthful, in that universities started this

by DanLM In reply to arg--university network r ...

I doubt that there is THAT much traffic of reporting and getting work that it should be a bandwidth issue. Considering how many people download music(me, who me. naaa, never). The only thing I can think of is security issue's, but even that I don't understand. It's not like its p2p or anything.
Has anyone questioned them on their reasons??? Security, bandwidth, ???


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Slippery slope

by stress junkie In reply to I'm surprised to be truth ...

I guessing that the people who made this policy did so in order to avoid having to make decisions about what specifically would run and what would not be allowed to run. It's just easier to make a broad policy. I can't blame them. For one thing you never really REALLY know what these projects are doing. You may think that you are processing raw data for SETI or for research into how proteins fold but in fact you could be donating your computer to processing verbal telephone conversations for the NSA. You just don't really know. So the university avoids these kinds of issues, and issues about whose program runs and whose program doesn't run by creating a simple broad policy.

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chuckle, even if you and I dont agree on NSA

by DanLM In reply to Slippery slope

When it comes to a University, which has people from all walks of life and politics. That may be the best way to deal with it when their is uncertainty. Or at least when they have uncertainty.

But I would really be shocked if the NSA was willing to send out work unit's on phone conversations.

Now, maybe the Department of Defense with some type of attack scenario with all the variables. Or, a new type of virus. Yea, that I could see.

My bloody UNIX box still isn't crunching numbers. I really need to spend a day tracking this down. I may have a hardware conflict. Love my UNIX box, but this is becoming a serious pain in my a$$. Other then locking down my log ins to use public/private keys. I haven't put in all my defense mechanisms yet to stop the bloody brute force attacks I get on a regular basis. I knew I was going to have issues, just didn't think they would be this long running.

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