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Anyone part of the home distributed computing project?

By DanLM ·
What I mean is projects like Seti, Einstein, and others. Actually, I think my real question is. Is there any Tech Republic team with regard to the current projects they have going now.

I've been part of the Seti project now for several years, and have just started doing the Einstein one also. There are enough projects going now to interest almost everyone here I think. Ie: Astronomy/Physics/Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics and strategy games, Biology and Medicine.

With my new dual processor that I just bought and the fact that I made my old 1.4 AMD a FreeBSD box, I will soon be running projects on both of these machines. With tight scientific budgets, I just feel it's a chance to help out. Besides, my machines run 24/7 anyway. Might as well do something positive with them that might make a difference.

So, is there a Tech Republic Team here? lol
If your interested but have never looked into it, Boinc is the application you need to participate in these projects and can be downloaded from There you will also find a list of all of the projects that you can join. I must warn you though, when I compiled Boinc on my FreeBSD machine. Sucker took longer to compile then when I changed my kernal. Blew my bloody mind.

Oh well, just curious and looking to join an existing team.


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Funny that...

by dawgit In reply to chuckle, even if you and ...

in a way they (DOD) kind of started it. (with the first DARPA-Net) The DOE is in there though, if wana play with Nukes. :0

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What Uni was that?

by dawgit In reply to arg--university network r ...

or, can you say? That's not the attitude here. I think that they're looking for users, and uses to put the sys to work. (one can't justify the cost of baby-super computer if there's no use or users) -Not that there's a shortage of projects, but most don't run 24/7. (the students have to party too!, this is Germany.)

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icky rant

by crabbyabby86 In reply to What Uni was that?

I really shouldn't say anything bad about the university that pays me to study, since I wouldn't be in school if I didn't have a scholarship, and I'm going to rant anyway. As far as which one it is... let's just say the University of San Diego was rather upset that we swiped out from under them.

It's really the "Information Technology Services" office that hasn't impressed me at all, starting from day one--when I discovered their many network lock-downs and Symantec AntiVirus requirements. They seem to be rather particular about keeping their distance from the computer science department, which doesn't help their case at all. They are basically the masters of our Internet access and nothing else. The helpdesk hardly helps at all (in fact, I have talked to many people who claim the helpdesk HURT things even more), and even though they are in charge of the TechFellows program (a work/scholarship thing where students who are mildly tech-savvy help out professors in a variety of departments), they usually delegate students to helping computer-illiterate teachers build web pages.

And the system for university web pages is pretty disgusting. WebCM. Make me barf. It's like the web-based ******* love child of FrontPage and NVU. Difficult to navigate, limited functionality. It's static, it's stifling, I just don't use it. (It also doesn't allow for editing meta tags, and they *wonder* why the site's search function doesn't seem to work.)

I've offered to build a web-based data management app for a student organization I'm in, but I'm developing it off-site on my personal web space because ITS has a big problem with letting anyone work with server side scripting. The faculty advisor for this organization sent them an email last week with all the lovely acronyms I need (though I tried to be clear that all I really need is PHP and a MySQL database--and the rest, stuff like PEAR's DB_DataObject are simply frills that would make life easier), but we have yet to hear a response. I am most interested in finding out whether they are really here to serve us or restrict us. This request for my organization is going to be a deal-breaker.

OH. And no helpdesk on weekends. They close at 5pm Friday and don't open again until 8am Monday. That's a rant in itself.

Ugh. If the helpdesk was competent I'd have no complaints and only the highest praise for my school, and I'm happy to boast that. It just makes life difficult when computer support is the main area lacking.

On the other hand, the computer science department is fabulous. I wouldn't trade my experience in it for anything. I've already (I just started my sophomore year) had more opportunity to get involved than I suspect I would have ever had if I followed through with Yale. I'm an officer of our ACM chapter and I work both on the bioinformatics team and as a tutor for introductory Java. We take care of our own servers and workstations. We produce spectacular software engineers, so I already have quite a number professional contacts. At the age of 19 I feel like I've already made it, and all I have to do is enjoy whatever else comes to me.

I'd still like to help out SETI, but to be perfectly honest I hadn't even thought about the project for months before I spotted this discussion. I hate to paint a bad picture of technology at my campus--ITS may be pretty worthless, but my department is spectacular. I kind of hate to leave out that distinction.

Wow. So I totally needed to get all that off my chest. Thanks guys.

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No chit, It looks like I got the sob to work

by DanLM In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

It was a config file error like I was thinking. I was cutting and pasting from postings I had found, and I had an incorrect value with regard to the seti program itself that crunches the numbers. If its what I think it is, it was pointing at an application that didn't even exist.

Ya know, I wonder if I can find a complete document for setting this up on Unix and how to build the config files. It would be really nice for one place to look.

Damn, I'm happy now. Chuckle, now lets see if I screwed everything up by putting in the pfctl firewall. Shouldn't, Im allowing access for the port required.


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by stress junkie In reply to Kool, and here's some lin ...

This pointer to BAM! is how I created my BOINC project account. It made that part of the process very easy since it seems to be some kind of mega account spanning all projects known to Berkley University, or something.

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boinc/project accounts

by DanLM In reply to And ...

I'm pretty sure, that once you register with boinc or another project. That account can be used for any other project. So, you can attach new project's as you like with out adding a new account.

Also, if you go to your account info and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. You will find both an account number which is used in the url's, and also a cross-project number.

As a side note here, if you are a user of FireFox, there is a add in to show your stats at the bottom of the browser. It appears on your status area at the right. I have that running on my home machine. If I double click that, then it will open to a really nice status window. Also, that information that I just gave about account/cross project number would be used in the setup of this add on. You would have to check each project account page(I know, I said you dont need to set up new accounts and you don't). But, there will be a different account number that is specific to the project at the bottom.


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Try the WCG's FightAids@Home

by Kym Yeoward In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

You may like to check FightAids@Home and the Human Proteome Folding Project at

Have been running the WCG's Rosetta software at home almost daily for 18 months, with no problems.

So - take the plunge, the water's great !

Yogi - aka Outback Mick
Alice Springs NT Australia

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Same Here

by acracker In reply to Try the WCG's FightAids@H ...

Yeah I've been running the World Community Grid Agent on my computer and others for about 20 months now. It's a great program and it makes me proud to be a part such a beneficial distributed computing network. I've also convinced some of my friends to join and they like it too. Check it out at

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See now, if all us geeks banded together

by DanLM In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

We could kick some serious butt with this home distributed computing. And I can't think of a better group of people to do it, basically we would be setting examples for the less informed. And would be able to help them.

Come on TR, this is your chance to do a community serve here.

chuckle, sounded good eh.

I think I'm going to post a blog entry to everything I did to get seti up and running so that someone else doesn't have to fight this battle. FreeBSD only has two ports, Einstein and seti. And I would like to load Einstein next. Once I get both projects running, Ill do a full install guide from ports. And try to do a full explanation of that bloody app_info.xml file.


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