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Anyone part of the home distributed computing project?

By DanLM ·
What I mean is projects like Seti, Einstein, and others. Actually, I think my real question is. Is there any Tech Republic team with regard to the current projects they have going now.

I've been part of the Seti project now for several years, and have just started doing the Einstein one also. There are enough projects going now to interest almost everyone here I think. Ie: Astronomy/Physics/Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics and strategy games, Biology and Medicine.

With my new dual processor that I just bought and the fact that I made my old 1.4 AMD a FreeBSD box, I will soon be running projects on both of these machines. With tight scientific budgets, I just feel it's a chance to help out. Besides, my machines run 24/7 anyway. Might as well do something positive with them that might make a difference.

So, is there a Tech Republic Team here? lol
If your interested but have never looked into it, Boinc is the application you need to participate in these projects and can be downloaded from There you will also find a list of all of the projects that you can join. I must warn you though, when I compiled Boinc on my FreeBSD machine. Sucker took longer to compile then when I changed my kernal. Blew my bloody mind.

Oh well, just curious and looking to join an existing team.


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Great Dan!!!

by Kiltie In reply to See now, if all us geeks ...

Be nice to learn from someone who has already done it, not that it'll be copying as such, I'll still have to 'port it to other distros and their quirks, but the pointers will be useful.

Agree, sure will be great if TR formed a group to co-operate on this sort of distributed project. Back in the old days, I used to check the stats on how much CPU time the big boys were putting in, some had massive systems, for example, using multiple Sun Microsystems workstation's spare capacity to do some really mean number crunching, I mean YEARS worth of CPU time in a few weeks elapsed time, instead of my paltry 100s of hours in a few months.

Are you offering to co-ordinate?
Count me in, I'll dedicate half my home network of around 8 PCs to full time analysis. The others can do some part time stuff, such as the Seti screensaver, but I have to keep some machines for other things ;-)

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Tell 'em

by dawgit In reply to Great Dan!!!

I tried, ( ) in Site Sugestion section here on TR (on Tue., I think). Nobody from TR has seen it yet. ( I think they're busy now with site up-grades ) Strange that it's not aleady here since the "gridrepublic" was started at CNET. -d

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a pre-Thank-You for that.

by dawgit In reply to See now, if all us geeks ...

Now that would be really nice of you. I jsut don't have the time right now, or I'd offer help. I could join you in doing some TR docs. later, when I catch up with myself on some ongiong projects. (that's if, of course you'd need or want it) -d

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lol, ill add it to my list

by DanLM In reply to a pre-Thank-You for that.

Actually, the reason I wouldn't mind doing it is because I just set up this UNIX box. I have basically documented everything I have done. Install paths, config file options, the whole shebang. Unlike windows, I reformat and reload my UNIX box very rarely. So I just don't remember how I went about things a lot of times. And the boinc stuff, I was going to do it anyway for me. I'll just do it in a much cleaner fashion for everyone else.

And for those people that think I can't type, spell, or phrase worth twit(they are right). I'll have my girlfriend who is a teacher proof read it for me before I finaly post it. lol


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Sounds good to me

by dawgit In reply to lol, ill add it to my lis ...

I'd do the same with the pruf reader, except than it would come out in German. -d

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I had the same dilema about 4 yrs. ago, Dan.

by suddenimpact In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

Dan, I have a question for you to ask yourself and only you will be able to make the decision. The question is the same question I asked myself about 4 yrs. ago. The question I asked myself was "How can I benefit mankind in the best way"? In other words, which project would be of the most benefit and would give me the most satisfaction that I did something for mankind before my death. I came up with 2 projects from They are the cancer project and the rosetta project (DNA breakdown). So I have 3 PCs working on both.

Good luck with your decision.


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to be truthful Deinnis

by DanLM In reply to I had the same dilema abo ...

I started doing these projects because of a fascination that I have always had with outer space. I never really was a trekkie other then I thought that some of the crew looked great in short skirts. But I still browse the NASA web site on a regular basis, including some of the children sites that have spawned off it. Mainly Hubble. Where some people have pictures of their children or other things as their desk top wallpappers. Mine have always been pictures of the stars.

I have always thought that anything so wide and beautiful as our universe could not contain just one form of intelligent life. When I look to the stars, its like looking at my imagination and thoughts. It's never ending, and there is always something new to find, to learn, and to explore.

So my participation in these projects has nothing to do with how I can best benefit mankind. It has more to do with how can I take this fascination of and explore it further.

How can I best benefit mankind? I don't know. I always felt that was best answered in the following way. By being honest, respect others, doing the best I can do at everything I attempt, listening even when I don't agree, not criticising just for the sake of criticising, being able to recognize when I am wrong and admitting it. If I can accomplish a small number of what I have listed, then I think I am benefiting man kind. Because those are qualities that are no longer in large abundance which help to make this little planet we call home a better place to live.

God, what a line of chit. I just rolled up my pants. Honest to god. Oh yea, did I mention that being able to laugh at oneself is a wonderful thing. There is nothing wrong with it in my mind, nothing at all.


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by kimberlytay In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

Hi, I'm part of WCG's FightAIDS@Home project. I'm just a university student, currently doing a research on Grid Technology, and my lecturer recommended me to try out one of the Grid projects in order to have a "feel" of it. Well, I can say that I'm glad to be part of it (FightAIDS project) in terms of "donating" my pc resources to the scientists out there :)

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Check the consumer issues too

by Kym Yeoward In reply to FightAIDS@Home

G'day Kimberley.

Good to see you've joined the WCG - I joined it after seeing a story on the BBC's website early last year.

Some thought on grid technology - well it's not just the technology & marketing - on the user side, there are also legal issues in consumer protection and privacy. E.g. will running the processor at 100% damage my PC, what access does the WCG software have to other areas of my data, how well am I protected from phishing attacks & trojans/ zombie software, will the software & its' results be used solely for public benefit, are there any consumer representaives on the WCG board, what consumer protection jurisdiction & legislation does the WCG fall under - et al.

See the WCG forums - esp the New Users forum - for my previous concerns.

I use the WCG software daily & it runs well - & it's good to see that world leaders IBM & Scripps have board representation too - but I'd also like to some of the worls'd major PC user groups (e.g. Boston, London & Melbourne) contributing too.

Also, perhaps a university consumer law centre in the US / UK / Canada /Aust might like to look at developing legal studies research in this emerging area.

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by hdride In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

I had been doing this for several years (the SETI@home thingy) and now through this article I have started again. A small contribution but what the heck if it's on it might as well be doing something, right?

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