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Anyone part of the home distributed computing project?

By DanLM ·
What I mean is projects like Seti, Einstein, and others. Actually, I think my real question is. Is there any Tech Republic team with regard to the current projects they have going now.

I've been part of the Seti project now for several years, and have just started doing the Einstein one also. There are enough projects going now to interest almost everyone here I think. Ie: Astronomy/Physics/Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics and strategy games, Biology and Medicine.

With my new dual processor that I just bought and the fact that I made my old 1.4 AMD a FreeBSD box, I will soon be running projects on both of these machines. With tight scientific budgets, I just feel it's a chance to help out. Besides, my machines run 24/7 anyway. Might as well do something positive with them that might make a difference.

So, is there a Tech Republic Team here? lol
If your interested but have never looked into it, Boinc is the application you need to participate in these projects and can be downloaded from There you will also find a list of all of the projects that you can join. I must warn you though, when I compiled Boinc on my FreeBSD machine. Sucker took longer to compile then when I changed my kernal. Blew my bloody mind.

Oh well, just curious and looking to join an existing team.


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Cancer Research

by maseaver In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

After my best friend of over 25 years was diagnosed (and has since passed away) with Pancreatic cancer, I started using the Cancer Research screen saver. They are also involved in the Human Proteome Folding Project. The back-end is powered by the United Devices Grid MP platform. I've turned on several of my friends to this as well. It's the least I could do...

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Using World Community Grid to fight cancer

by john.wiley In reply to Cancer Research

We are on the World Community Grid to participate - - Leapfrog Services team.

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Since the beginning

by JeffDeWitt In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

I've been involved in SETI@home since the beginning, it's a great project and the grandfather of distributed computing.

I really liked the old SETI screensaver better than the BONIC one, the old one looked like something you would see on a screen on the TNG Enterprise, the BONIC version looks like a cartoon.

Jeff DeWitt

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Just Wondering

by aaronjg77 In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

Anybody read "The State of Fear"?

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I'm not familiar with all the programs listed here

by DanLM In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

But, I think it's great that they are there.

Think about how many home computers their really are, and all that computing power basically going to waist. Specially when people go to bed, and leave the computer on anyway.

So, if you have a favor it program your a part of. Please post a link, I tend on building a blog on this I think. And I don't want to leave any program out. I think I'll structure it like this: Introduction to home distributed computing, and how it can help. List off the many different programs that there are that people can get involved in, broken down by applications. Ie, boinc, wgp???? List off programs underneath each, and what they are trying to accomplish with the computing. And then maybe do a second blog on what I know about the install part with regard to boinc and seti/Einstein. Both windows and FreeBSD. Also, maybe list off some of the browser add ins that people can use also.

Doubt if anyone will read the blog, but I will be using it for a link in some other forums that I'm a part of.


Chuckle, I think I will change my signature for here.

Geeks unite, join a home distributed project and help to change the world.


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Community TSC

by ssmaguire In reply to I'm not familiar with all ...

It's a Distributed application searching for childhood disease cures, I'm on dslreports team for it.

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used to but stopped

by j.e.taylor In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

Used to do boinc, with a couple of projects, but the rosetta stone project used to take control over the others. very rude. So I stopped it all. Screw 'em . If they can't find the money to buy their own CPU cycles, then that's telling you they are a useless waste of time.

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take control?

by Kiltie In reply to used to but stopped

how come, in what way?

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Folding for Stanford is good also

by FF_Matt In reply to Anyone part of the home d ...

I've been running folding@home for a while, check that one out also. I like Stanford better than Berkeley.

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