Anyone seen this, applications on my PC will not open

By MtnRunner ·
I can see the network, but Outlook, IExplorer, AutoCAD and some others will not open, Is it any .exe file that doesn't open? What do I do?

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well I agree

by CG IT In reply to No need seanferd TR Q&A ...

I'm not about to spend my time on a bunch of end user help desk or consumer questions about their computers.

The end users and consumers simply are looking for some way around security the computer department put in place or looking for free help to fix something they messed up. Then there are those who post that are making up questions either for a laugh or joke.

All a waste of time.

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Whether laugh or joke

by santeewelding In reply to No need seanferd TR Q&A ...

Require intimation beyond your pay grade, CG IT. I think instead you profess to operate like another -- with reliance on, and generalization to, personal and inept supposition.

Meantime, we barbarians at the gate challenge your existence. Where are you going to hide? And, how?

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by MtnRunner In reply to Hold on there.

screen gems and seanferd, the initial response came across as flippant and smartass, it unnecessarily included conditions that didn't apply, if those conditions had applied, I would have included it; its just a simple XP Pro station on a windows server 2003 domain, lets all agree, I'm the one that came across as the jerk :-) thanks to the main guy that suggested malwarebytes

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let us know if malwarebytes fixes your .exe problem

by Screen Gems In reply to sorry

because if it does, then you ought to have some malware running like security tools, which won't let you do much or get to the internet.

but again if your on a domain, applications can and are assigned to individual users. While you might see an icon on the desktop or it's in the start menu, doesn't mean you are assgined the application or can use it.

Do this all the time where I work. Engineering might need AutoCad and it's assigned to specific users. When someone from sales or marketing signs on to a computer in engineering, they can't launch the program. That's how it is supposed to work.

When we get calls from someone is sales asking how come they can't use autocad, we know they've logged in on someone else's computer with their profile. When that happens we just limit their account to their specific workstations. Then they call up and complain about that.

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You just saw something there that I did not.

by seanferd In reply to sorry

So, I don't know what you interpreted as flippant, but I see it happen in fora all the time.

Thing is, we don't know what you know, or whether you have limited the description to only the salient points, or if you simply didn't know what might be a factor. You will also tend to see different types of suggestions from folks based on experience: standalone systems, single-user, multi-user, corporate network, etc. So, a lot of things may not apply to your situation. We just don't know without a full environment description, just as we don't know your comfort/expertise level with the Windows OS.

Anyhow, I hope we can find a solution for you in this thread.

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It's a tool

by Kenone In reply to elaborate please

Download here;
Update it
Run it
Report back - if it won't run, Then it gets complicated

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by seanferd In reply to It's a tool

You can try this, to see if it will allow programs to execute.
Try the EXE File Association Fix.

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Thanks, I'll try it also

by MtnRunner In reply to Additionally

the previous comment by screen gems was blanked out by a moderator, I'm guessing, I read it while it was still available and he/she disparaged TR and your's truly in a most mean-spirited way, at the same time I was making a post that I was the one that had maybe come across as a jerk

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why not just use the find target for the shortcut

by Screen Gems In reply to Additionally

it's a windows feature that will scan the computer for the appropriate .exe file that the shortcut lost

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Yes - if the path has been broken

by seanferd In reply to why not just use the find ...

that would be a good solution.

The EXE association fix is for the generic EXE extension association (filetype association, which does sometimes become corrupted, frequently by malware) i.e., the file is self-executable.

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