Anyone seen this, applications on my PC will not open

By MtnRunner ·
I can see the network, but Outlook, IExplorer, AutoCAD and some others will not open, Is it any .exe file that doesn't open? What do I do?

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i think I'm going to have an anxiety attack

by MtnRunner In reply to elaborate please

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More details please?

by inet32 In reply to Anyone seen this, applica ...

You might get better help if you offered more details.

In what ways have you tried to "open" them - double-click? Right-click+Open? "Run" (from the start menu?).

Did you look in the Event Log?

An easy test would be to try writing a simple program, say, in C#, and do a Process.Start and wrap in a Try/Catch to see if it throws a useful exception.

"Is it any .exe file that doesn't open?"

I don't understand this question. _IS_ it any .exe?? YOU tell US - how many .exe's have you tried - are the ones you listed the only ones?

What permissions do you have set in the folders you're running it from? If you take some stand-alone .exe (or write your own little "hello world" app) and move it to a folder where you are sure you have Execute permissions what happens?

I agree that the "MalwareBytes" answer wasn't particularly helpful, illuminating, nor did the poster explain what made him think you might have a malware problem, but then again you didn't exactly provide much detail either. Since you're an IT manager I assume you've tried lots of experiments and tests already but you didn't say what.

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