Apple Ipod and Windows Vista

By rickhal ·
I have an issue I have been trying to resolve without any luck. I have a 80gig Ipod I am trying to get to connect to Windows Vista Ultimate. I have finally been able to get Vista to recognize that the device is an Ipod (by powering down and unplugging the main power source overnight). Although Vista now "sees" that the device being plugged in is an Ipod, it cannot find a driver for the Ipod. I have tried just about everything: searched Windows\Inf (where Windows update is supposed to put the driver, but apparantely didn't) Winodws\system32, the Itunes directory, the Ipod is nowhere to be found. Apple of course is not at all helpful and does not even acknowledge that this problem exists. Forums have been somewhat helpful, but no resolution as of yet. My last resort is to try and use an old Ipod setup disk and see if the is an old driver that might work with Vista. Anyone else out there in TechRepublic land have a solution for this one? The Ipod is a USB device and should be able to be seen readily by Vista. I have also tried uninstalling the USB hubs, but as soon as you start doing this in Vista, it starts re-installing before you can even hit the "scan for hardware changes" button. Exasperating and frustrating.

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Currently I have the newest version of I Tunes downloading

by OH Smeg In reply to Apple Ipod and Windows Vi ...

It's 7.3.1 so it may be worth while downloading it removing the older version and installing the new version after a reboot.


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It is not an Apple issue....its a Vista issue

by rickhal In reply to Currently I have the newe ...

I too have downloaded all the latest and greatest Itunes versions. All with no joy in resolving this issue. The issue is a Windows Vista issue. And maybe my mobo as well. Actually, it turns out I am going to wipe the HDD of this machine and install a retail version of Vista Ultimate. Before doing that, I am going to update the BIOS of the Asus mobo to the latest version. We'll see if that fixes it.

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This problem is now resolved!

by kevin In reply to It is not an Apple issue. ...

Hey guys,
I just fixed this driver problem with Window Vista and iPod, it's not Window Vista nor iTune problem, if you have a driver problem with iPod, then probably you have a driver conflict issue and this can be easily re-install your iPod driver again be removing the previous iPod driver and probably you need to remove the registry key from iTune too. Hope this help some people out there who has this same problem.

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Care to elaborate?

by msh441 In reply to This problem is now resol ...

I would be very interested in what drivers were deleted/restored and what specific registry keys were removed.

Please help. I'm having a heck of a time, as descibed here:

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The issue is resolved : by Apple/MS updates

by rickhal In reply to This problem is now resol ...

Ummm, sorry but there are no Ipod "drivers". An Ipod is a USB mass storage device to Vista. My Vista Ultimate original install simply did not "see" it as such. First fix: I updated my Asus Mobo's BIOS. Second, and most important two updates. One from MS and one from Apple. The one from MS made it so the system could "see" the Ipod as an Ipod. The subsequent Apple Itunes update made it more stable and I have not had any problems with my Ipod and Vista for some time. This issue is resolved for me now. For those still having issues, make sure your mobo's bios is up to date. Get all the latest Vista updates as well as Itunes updates.

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