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Appreciation of peers

By Oz_Media ·
In recent discussions, a lot of people have stood up to be counted and offered support for my post while slandering another peer who was objective.

As much as I appreciate people going to bat for me or supporting my ideas, I never expect such resopnses and would feel terrible if someone lost thier TR privaleges for stepping over the line.

Please don't jeopardize your good name at TR to support me, I can always find a new sandbox if I go over the line but would not be able to accept someone else losing out on the TR forums and support due to some idiot takig pot shots at me.

If you agree with me that's great, if you supoprt my arguments, thank you, but please don't cross the line on my behalf.

Thanks all,

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What a relief!

by maxwell edison In reply to dude

For a minute there, I thought Oz was going to share with us what he liked to do with his feet!

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by Oz_Media In reply to dude

Stull laughing out loud Max, I had to actually stop and think whatthe **** you meant (defensive radar engage!). Without viewing the titles I was looking through my post, quites confused.
VERY witty squire!

Talk about brain dead, I can't believe I didn't catch it right away, yet again, I'm not really used to humor between us so I look straight for the pot shot (I'll get better, I promise).

Reminds me of a guy who worked for me in the early 90's, when faced with a problem, the heavy brow was shown.

I asked him jokingly one day if he was slow. He replied "what do you mean?"

I said , "you know, a little slow to the draw, not quite up to speed, a little backward, not the sharpest tool in the shed?"

He looked at me with the heavy brow for a minute then his eyes lit up and the lighbulb went on, "OH SLOW! I get I'm not slow."


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by FluxIt In reply to Appreciation of peers

What ever happened to the days of hippy love and wearing flowers in your hair? IT guys used to have the Jesus look with long hair and beard at one time. The played a guitar and sang about the new economic order!

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Aids, Drug addiction and Turf Wars

by Oz_Media In reply to WOW!

As much as I'd love the ideal planet too, unfortunately those days didn't stick.

What was originally a good idea (except the lazy bastards wouldn't work for a living) turned into AIDS (Hippie love), Drug Addiction (Hippie love)and Turf Wars (economic order).

Guitars are stil played, 140 decibels, songs are still sung, or lip synch'd.

It's the same place only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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You'll love this ...

by jardinier In reply to WOW!

During the hippie era, I was living in Kings Cross, Sydney, through which all truth-seekers passed, and hippies were everywhere, practising their free love, smoking pot and grooving on Bob Dylan.

I grew long hair, and a red beard, and I swear I looked just like the classic image of Jesus. When I was busted for vagrancy (being out of work but not on the dole) the nice, sarcastic policeman actually called me Jesus.

As virtually every person played the guitar, my mother bought me my first guitar, which gradually led to my composing spiritual songs (as mentioned in an earlier discussion).

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by GuruOfDos In reply to WOW!

Some of us still do!

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Hi there GOD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Actually!

I haven't seen you around here much lately but I suspose that the little one is keeping you away right?

Incidently how is she going and more impartantly how and you and Mrs GOD going?

In relation to you're post I think most of us still do after all if we didn't TR wouldn't be here would it?



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Not me

by Oz_Media In reply to Hi there GOD

I am a short haired well dressed and professional IT guy. I listen to the news, not music, I think "Sex is boring ugly hippie ****, boring, boring, boring" (Johnny Rotten circa '69.).

On weekends Santa and the Easter Bunny come over for non achoholic cocktails and Yahtzee.

It would be funny/cool to see a picture page or even a private picture forum we could offer links to. I know the peer listing does that but that's not really the same.

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Well OZ I do not get to be inb front of a camera all that often

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not me

As when someone tries to take a picture of me the camera breaks always.

But I can use the same camera to take photos it must be my "Magnetic Personality" that causes digital cameras not to work when pointed at me.

Now I've just seen that very nice person posting directly to me so I suspose I'd better go see what he/she wants. I wonder what I've done to upset him/her after all it is "Bash OZ week this week isn't it?"


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Magnetic personality

by Oz_Media In reply to Well OZ I do not get to b ...

Yes you are a very sociable type aren't you.

I think I just like the fact that you make as many typos as I do, well that and the fact that you guys brew a FAIRLY decent beer there. :-)

I actually have a photo of your fingertip that is quite revealing, do you always go gloveless?

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