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Appreciation of peers

By Oz_Media ·
In recent discussions, a lot of people have stood up to be counted and offered support for my post while slandering another peer who was objective.

As much as I appreciate people going to bat for me or supporting my ideas, I never expect such resopnses and would feel terrible if someone lost thier TR privaleges for stepping over the line.

Please don't jeopardize your good name at TR to support me, I can always find a new sandbox if I go over the line but would not be able to accept someone else losing out on the TR forums and support due to some idiot takig pot shots at me.

If you agree with me that's great, if you supoprt my arguments, thank you, but please don't cross the line on my behalf.

Thanks all,

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I only wear gloves when riding the Ducati

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Magnetic personality

And even now because of the heat I've stoped wearing them as well because even a short trip of 1 K gets them soaking wet and almost impossible to put back on.

Add to that that you have to put on a wet crash helmet and well I'm just not interested if I was to travel any further I would wear gloves but for those short trips I just can not be bothered.

By the way who sent you the photo?

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by Passwordchanged In reply to Appreciation of peers

yo i looked at that question - and if i could help answer it, i would. But you miss thepoint - that person (if it is a REAL post) probably genuinely hopes to get some help from this forum. My point was and STILL IS that people like you and Oz should let 'em be. You are not the friggin GODS of the discussions and tech qa center, and you don't have to post answers to enjoy reading the thredas and learning from them. But when you and O-Z flame on people for no apparent reason, you make this forum un-enjoyable. I flame on O-Z because he is a real prick and deserves some of his own medicine - tho i have to admit he has chilled out some lately. you on the other hand maybe ought to go back to a wired mouse. wireless you're out of control

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What I think, for what it's worth (probably nothing)

by maxwell edison In reply to Colin

You said that Oz is a real %$@!&. Well, I suppose I've thought the same thing, but I've also decided that he is one because he wants to be one. I've also decided that he enjoys the role, as he likes the light shining brightly on himself. (Not psychoanalyzing, just sharing my "opinion".) There are a number of people who regularly "flame" and "name-call", and incite others into the same behavior. Both you and Oz are in that category, Oz is probably the leader of the flame pack, and if the folks at TR ever decided to enforce their "rules", both of your accounts would be the target of a laser guided cyber bomb.

That's just my opinion, mind you, which probably isn't worth a tinker's damn. (By the way, what's a "tinker"?)

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I've ALWAYS wanted to be asked that!!

by Oz_Media In reply to What I think, for what it ...

A Tinkers Dam, this is REALLY cool as I spent a bunch of time rsearching OLD sayings one year.

A tinker was a tinman. He would, for example, solder the handles onto the old tin cups at wartime.

Solder in that day was mainly silver and VERY expensive to waste during recession. He would use an angled board under his work to catch the dripping solder and it would run down the board into a little puddle of tin/silver.

TO keep the puddle from becoming a flat pool, he would pile up a little dam of sand so that the drippings would pool into a blob by the end of the day so he could resuse it.

Now SILVER was worth money, but this little puddle of tin/silver (tinkers dam) was prectically worthless in trade as it was mixed with dirt and was not pure, but worth saving for reuse if you were a tinker.

When something is worthless, we say it isn't worth a tinker's dam.

I don't have a link to my resources as I said it was a while ago and I don't even think it was the net I was searching, probably old books at the library. But nobody really gives a tinker's dam anyway.

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by TheChas In reply to What I think, for what it ...

A tinker is a metal-smith.

The term tinker comes from the gentle 'tink' sound produced when his small hammer delicately formed the metal into shape.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Tinker

Ahhh, that's it. I knew it was someone who formed and soldered tin but your metal-smith sounds a little more acceptable than tin-man.

I just couldn't get my tongue around the word when needed, pretty sad for a third year machinist! (Got bored of my dad before I got journeyman status).

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If you care to actually have a look see

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Colin

You will see that I have offered a possible answer and not as you claimed "Flamed" him but at the same time I have also pointed out that while I am willing to offer him any help that he may require I am in a completely different time zone to him and there will be a time delay that may not be the case if he was to post his question in the Q & A section.

At least I appear to know a little more about IT than you do and I am willing to offer assistance.

Now what is you're excuse?

And don't come up with M$ is the only OS worth looking at because this just is incorrect and only a fool would believe this or a person who works for M$.

Unix and its deritivies have been around for a long time before Microsucks was ever thought about but if you like I can point you to M$ only questions!


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Hyde Park

by Oz_Media In reply to Colin

Need-a-raise: Now I've read your thought AND thought about your points only to find that there is no point.

No you have accused ME of flaming those who post Questions in the Discusion forum. I will accept that, if you can show me where. You can't because Ialways help people or at least point them POLITELY to where they can get help.

Now you have a point in saying that we don't HAVE to address the questions in the Q&A forum, you are correct, we don't. Unfortunately,I like to help people and therefore feel compelled to at least steer people in the right direction before adding that they would receive more responses from the Q&A forum.

ALSO, my post was that the number of Questions in the Discussion forum has removed all need of the Tech Q&A section, it is not adhered to so why have it at all? Some people (even newbies) will figure out that questions are for Q&A, why should they register and try to help others while accumulating points to help themselves in the future, if others wont play by the rules.

Its not fair on those that play by the rules, it's not fair on those who want to help but need a break.

Have you ever been at a bus stop where everyone is lined up waiting, and then some knob walks up to the bus stop pole to read the schedule, the bus pulls up and he gets on first? It's ****, it's unthoughtful and it pisses people off, if WE play by the rules, sorry but you'll have to as well.

NOW, sorting through Discussions and only reading NON questions is fine. When there are TEN new discussions and not a single one is actually a discussion topic, is that also fair? NO.

As for Colin, he contibutes SO much in the Q&A forum, he deserves a break from questions when in the discussion group. He has done NO wrong here, he contributes a thousand fold more than yourself and is always sincere and helpful to all.

Recently I had a confusig hardware issue that I was at my wits end with, I chose to email two peers that I kNOW contribute exceptionally to the hardware problems here. Both came back with the most helpful responses and Colin pegged it late one night and ofered me his thoughts, which turned out to be the problem.
I bow to these men for thier helpful behavior, I knew this was where to get help and these were the people who offer it.

Colin, as many of the group here are, is 100% justified in complaint about the site layout, changes he would recommend etc. Earn your stripes before you hand out the orders my friend.
One day your opinion may count too.

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Missed the whole Hyde Park reference

by Oz_Media In reply to Hyde Park

Well the last message didn't fit the title as I strayed from my intent somewhat, as usual.
In short, there is a local park in London HYDE PARK, where anyone with a big mouth and something to say can stand on his soapbox and do so with hundreds if not thousands of people to listen.

You don't need any qualifications, you are not told you are unpatriotic for speaking out against the government, you can just spew about anything you please and people will listen. You may get into a debate with other soapboxers but that's because it is an open and very puvlic forum. (I guess you would consider it free speech), you don't need a point, you don't need a reason, just stand up and start yapping.

Perhaps you need to travel a little and get this out of your system. At least someone would listen and your point MAY get heard.

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Hey Oz - a question

by maxwell edison In reply to Hyde Park

You said, that you don't "flame" those who post Questions in the Discusion forum. You went on and said that you always "help" people or "at least point them POLITELY to where they can get help."

You said those things, right? I didn't take them out of context, did I?

Okay, so far we are in agreement.

If I can show you where you flamed someone who asked a simple question, not in the discussion forum, but in the Q&A forum, if I can show that you flamed this person in the most mean-spirited way, what will you agree to do in return?

(Be careful how you answer, because I can indeed prove it.)

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