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By Oz_Media ·
In recent discussions, a lot of people have stood up to be counted and offered support for my post while slandering another peer who was objective.

As much as I appreciate people going to bat for me or supporting my ideas, I never expect such resopnses and would feel terrible if someone lost thier TR privaleges for stepping over the line.

Please don't jeopardize your good name at TR to support me, I can always find a new sandbox if I go over the line but would not be able to accept someone else losing out on the TR forums and support due to some idiot takig pot shots at me.

If you agree with me that's great, if you supoprt my arguments, thank you, but please don't cross the line on my behalf.

Thanks all,

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Oh I'm sure I lost it too.

by Oz_Media In reply to Hey Oz - a question

I make a concious attempt to help people in the Q&A forum. Recently had a bit of fristration with a guy in Q&A but others have agreed with my response when I questioned it.

By all means, have a go, I nkow you like to spend time wading through the heaps of crap here in order to prove others wrong, but the point is. I DO help more people here than I hurt. I offer sincere responses when not poked, I go out of my way to research topics that somepople are simply too lazy to lok up themselves. I post links to help people, I return to see if they have further questions and have received MANY personal thank you's in my email from these people.

Needs-a-raise and A-drunk-at-the-wheel haave contributed nothing, nil. Big vacancy sign. Yet they feel justified in speaking out on how the support is handled? Like I say, Hyde Park, or get off the soapbox and practice what you preach.

For the most patr, you are eloquent and well spoken, you also say that you lose it sometimes, which we all do. Does this then mean you are NOT helpful or that MOST of your answers are flaming someone? No.

But I would be interested in which post your are referring to, somehow I suspect it is regarding a TV out issue, but may be wrong.

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OK since you seem limited to M$ here is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Colin

A some what harder one that will test you a bit.

You will find it at

Again please remember to remove any spaces that may get inserted on the upload.

It is a Win 98 SE question and if you are unable to answer it instead of trying to deride me you might ask for some more detail as it will be required and shock horror you could even offer for that person who needs a answer to comunicate directly with you so that you can help him out as you seem so interested in helping people who can not place thier questions in the correct area. I just get peeved when I take the time to ask for more info so that I can help them and never hear from them again so I guess that they are not at all really interested in any answers.

However if you are unwilling to offer direct contact with you're self you should point this person to the Q & A site for the help that he/she needs.


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By the way it is now

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OK since you seem limited ...

5.10 AM on the 22-1-04 and I'm calling it quits so instead of giving that poor person who asked the question a hard time about me going to attack him. Do the right thing and either offer what help you can, ask for what things you think you need or point him to the Q & A section so he at the very least will get a responce from someone who is willing to help him. As I have to work for the food that I eat and the fuel that goes into the car that I drive and all the rest I will not be able to get back for at least 20 hours and that is just too long to leave someone waiting if they are geninue.


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