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Are Techies living on mars?

I am new to TechRepublic and from what I have experienced already has lead me to this question.

Are Techies living on mars?

I think that this site is a valuable tool infact its got all the ingrediants required to help those improve and perform well.
The problem being is when I ask a start a discussion it always seems to be replyed with negative or techical answer?

take for instance starting a discussion on a given topic and you ask "what do you think"?
the next answer you get is completely a techicle one, then its usualy followed up by the I know more than you syndrome or you better go away and study it?

HELLO I said what do you think!!

You will find many answers are quite insulting or demeening to other members not in a direct context but in a sly and unthoughtful manor. I think disrespecting another persons view this way only serves to prove the kind of charector and unworthy individual that they are.

I can get by quite comfortably on my PC and I have a pretty good range of skills to do so but I'm not fantasticaly gifted but i cope.

My skills lie in sales, productivity and general buisness and I know how to send an email lol. so why when i start a discussion does this techie mentality suddenly kick in from other users. I want to contemplate the issue and thrash it out? I want to hear your view? I want to look at the issue as whole not direct down the path of Thunderbird has a spam filter!

The aim of this site is two fold to discuss and to help and wherever posible influence good thinking to improve our buisness sense and quality of life. thats the impression I got from the e-mail before I signed up.

another more common dialgue I have picked up from the forum is when a person responds to a discussion with a techical answer and the slight of hand round about way of saying you dont know what your talking about usualy means they don't know iether!
so why go there in the first place?

Theres always going to be the egotistic knowit all who thinks they know it all but really all they have is the world in wich they live, devoid of real human contact and discussion and in a sense thats not to be mocked! thats sad!

we used to accept that the "geek" as he is known has his own little corner and its his world. Not any more! this is plainly evident in the work place where now if you are not in the team you are not in the job!

I whole heartedly agree with this, it helps breakdown barriers and seperates devides that once where common place in the Office or factory. Its not about looking good as an individual anymore its about team work and how productive as a team you can be. sharing your knowledge is everything now and this way of thinking is already prooving succesful in many area's. If your good at your job as well as a valuable team member you will be noticed its that simple!

Theres many people that are turning more to sights like TechRepublik for guidance and advice and you will find that there not all computer geeks and games fanatics. In fact you will be suprised at how many important people of industry come to these places to get the low down and to gauge the trends to see how they can develop there buisness.

So before you decide that sombody is not worth your time just take a second to think about this: you just told the CEO of a major world company a techinical answer to a discussion he wasnt looking for. Ummm do you think what I am thinking?

theres more to life than the bits of a computer and how fast the network is, theres communication and life skills that some realy need to learn.

theres no place for this kind of mentailty anymore, no ones realy intersted! what there is though is a firm beleive that you can help others shine and even if its for the good of your fellow workers then so be it. thats the kind of person i like to work with and chat with.

I expect this to stir up some feeling but hey where only human eh.

Now the big question is: What Do You Think?

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If you ask people...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Are Techies living on mar ...

what they think, and they then tell you what they think, why are you bothered by what they think?

'What do you think' is a huge question, even when 'about this or that' is used to qualify the question. You should be expecting a huge variety of answers to that question, including the smart-alecky variety, the hey go find out for yourself variety, the so technical you have to read it 5 times with a dictionary at hand variety, et al... Because this is what people think.

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What i think is you just prooved my point

Did you actualy grab the gist of what i was saying?

Its important because other people visiting this forum maybe looking for idea's and improvments and its important that we share that knowledge thats the point.

it also points to the fact that some seem to limit themselves why?

you didnt even answer the question deeply and contemplate about it, you returned my question with a question?

What i think is written in the blog you just read!

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You missed mine entirely. <nt>

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to What i think is you just ...
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your right about different aspects but only when they relate to the question?

Theres a difference between saying how do i send an email too what do i think of email.

thats part of my point.

but do you see how we can also pick up they way we phrase or input our questions.

you asked my why this was so important and if you had read was i was saying then you wouldnt have asked.

You could of told me wether you think i'm write or rong or is there a way to see things differently. give me a reason to review the way i think. For all i know i maybe rong but i,m always open to changing and improving.

I do think what your saying is right but to a limit and thats just my oppinion mind.

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I did not ask you why...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to missed

you thought it was so important. I asked you why you are bothered by people telling you what they think in response to you asking what they think.

In response to your asking 'What do you think?', I told you what I think. You don't like it, that's your problem. If you don't want to know what people think, if you don't like what people think, then don't ask them what they think.

Who am I to determine whether or not you are right or wrong? I have enough trouble keeping up with my own rightness or wrongness.

Furthermore, there are 2 buttons - 'Start a Discussion' and 'Ask a Question'. Discussions are virtually always quite loose, veer all over the place, get silly, etc... Questions stay much truer to topic.

This is just how people are.

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I would give up now Boxy

by The Scummy One In reply to I did not ask you why...

this person seems to not comprehend anything beyond what s/he/it is looking for in an answer or comment. Trying to converse is of no real point.

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Yes, dear...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I would give up now Boxy

one does have to try, however. That would have been the last, anyway.

As it looks as though this may become a playground, I might be back later.

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box re question

box if I was to answer your question to the question I had already asked you thats defeating the issue. You asked why its so important? I thought I made that clear in the subject so therfore hy would I take a step back?

Do you see what I,m saying. Im not saying your a bad person or I think your comments are not right or rong but I'm saying look at the point I'm making.

thats like asking me to drive backward down a oneway street when realy i want to go forward, wouldnt i then be saying the same thing again?

Honestly I hold no malice towards you and I think that its down to communication on forums and alike. You can't see a persons expressions, or there body language when they try to get a point over and reading through here I think thats where I'm going rong too.

So I'v learned somthing to and I believe that Im rong in the way I percieve a sentence or how its intended but that isnt just me others do it to and its understandable.

I'm not scared to admit when I'm rong and I'm not scared to put my view over iether i'm very outspoken and yes I'm not scared to pull any punches, I just see things the way they are and I never dress it up to how anyone likes it.

Your comments have made me learn somthing especially in regards to some needing a dictionary, you see your input was valuable! but the original question I wont go back and answer the same thing twice.

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"I thought I made that clear in the subject..."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to box re question

Apparently not, or boxy wouldn't have to ask again.

The first rule of successful communication is that the sender of the message bears the responsibility of ensuring this content is clear to his audience; ask any communications professional. Just because you think your message is clear doesn't mean it is. If your audience asks questions, the correct response is to expand on your thoughts or rephrase them. The incorrect response is to keep referring the audience to your original unclear message.

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palmetto: I thought I made that clear in the subject

yes but i realy don't see any way and structure that it can be missread? If i start a disccussion on a subject like "what do you think of the weather" with no other text then thats vague and not putting your view accross.
But thats not how it is from start to finnish it shows my view on the subject! I even had some friends of wich one is a school teacher look at it and she said the structure and contect is fine and the general message gets out quite clear the only problem is the sentences could be better and spelling is a bit naff lol. so thats me told off!

but there again where not nitpicking about spelling!

so if you think there is issue's on this blog that you feel could be different let me know its always worth a second look from another point of view.

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