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Are the people being raped by the Oil Companies?

By DanLM ·
I have read several different views on this, everything from yes. They are rapping the people to they are only making a 10 percent return on their investments. To, it doesn't matter if it's only 10 percent because that is too much when considering that Oil is a requirement to live.
My feelings are that the Oil companies are making a huge profit, but the citizens are just as much at fault for the following reasons:
1). Conservation - You kidding me? I read a post where a lady said they bought their SUV in 2003 when the price of gas was cheap. Well, excuse me. But, I gave up my SUV in 2000 when I thought the price of gas was outrageous.
2). Exploration and Refineries - Yea well, that's another one. Nobody wants new refineries, there is more oil out there. But no place to refine it. Can't run on raw oil. Nobody wants more exploration, yea well. That's another one. Where do people think it comes from??? Or, is it that mind set of any place but where I live?
3). I have actually seen people complain when wind farms are suggested in the area's where they live. Ruins the view? The Kennedy's to be exact. Again, the mind set of not where I life. If they have issue with bloody windmills, what are they going to say when someone wants to open a processing plant for alternate fuels in the general vicinity of where they live.

Ok, yes Oil companies are making too much of a profit. But, the citizens have themselves to blame also.

And, with regard to states that refuse to have new plants, refineries, or exploration performed in their area. Don't complain when you have gas shortages and blackouts, its your own fault.


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average...sparkling...of course...I'm a lazy American!

by jck In reply to Mr Mover

A few points after reading your link. Many of the average European cities rand just a head of our worst on the list, so how is that so sparkling of a standing?

Er...the majority of people in any country don't live in "average" cities in modern, industrialized nations. It wasn't a survey of "average cities".

Of course, I suppose they should go to Brignorth in England and Thurles in Ireland and Ardmore in Oklahoma and Alliance in Nebraska to get quality of living statistics? That would not be reflective of the quality of living for the majority of people in the world and would not give you a representative sample across the board.

I can show you toothless, dirt poor people in old mining towns in West Virginia who are happy as squirrels in a nut pile. But, that doesn't mean they have good quality of life...or dark existences.

Sure, you can point out places like Belgrade and Sarajevo where internal coups and rebellions have torn the country apart for years.

The majority of Europe does have it better dealing with quality of life, and places in the former eastern Europe (as well as cities in Asia) are improving their quality of life indexes faster than most USA cities.

Also, they were rating citings where they do business, not countries. We have some real bad cities and some real great cities.

Again, they were citing cities around the world because that is a) where people were expatriated for employment and they can draw information on local living conditions, and b) quality of living in big cities is indicative of the indicators for the majority of people in a country.

And, I never said there weren't great cities in the United States. However, you did cast "much of europe" as dark...when in actuality much of europe has a better standard of living...economically and socially...than we do.

In addition, this is how it was compiled according to Mercer:

The analysis is part of an annual World-wide Quality of Living Survey, covering more than 350 cities, to help governments and multinational companies place employees on international assignments. Each city is based on an evaluation of 39 criteria, including political, social, economic and environmental factors, personal safety and health, education, transport, and other public services. Cities are ranked against New York as the base city, which has an index score of 100.

So, it wasn't just about doing was quality of living where people were sent to work and live...not just where they went to have meetings and golf and cut business deals.

Our employement rate is still much better than the average in many of these countries.

True...however, you won't see a waitress in a pub in Dublin being paid $2.25 an hour either. Minimum wage there is for everyone. You can make decent starting earning wage in most countries in Europe...even waiting tables or serving beer or mopping the floor of a hostel. Can you say that here? Can you say...equal justice under law?

Sure, you can find shining examples overseas, I can find them here, all over the place. Is not an indicator of the country or the people.

Yes...I found 17 shining examples from Europe (you remember...that place where much of it is dark?) that were better than any United States city according to 39 social indicators in the survey. Hence if "much of europe" is "dark", what does that make much of the USA? Pitch black?

Satisfaction in living? America will always score lowly because there are so many lazy worthless people that expect other people to pay their way.

So, now America is scoring lowly because there are "so many lazy worthless people" here. Couldn't be because of crime, cost of housing compared to pay, sub-par average base pay for manual labor, lifestyle, etc., compared to the other civilsed, industrial nations...could it?

BTW, you should ask some of the people from Britain sometime on here about how many people are on the social dole there. I hear there are some remote cities and towns mainly comprised of ex-convicts they ship out to live in the countrysides. Of course that doesn't make somewhere dark either though, in my opinion. The former Yugoslavia 20 years ago...that was dark. proud of being American, but don't let overzealous patriotism cloud your judgement of the other places in the world. Saying "much of europe" is "dark" seems like a skewed observation.

Trust me, I have been to and stayed in cities like:

-New York
-St. Louis
-Kansas City
-Oklahoma City
-San Francisco

in addition to dozens of other cities of varying sizes...and yes...I travelled a lot as a kid...I travelled with my dad on breaks from school through my college years all over the country when he worked for the places from a week to 4 months. Plus, I worked for over a year travelling the country.

I was amazed at many things in my travels overseas...and, I was amazed with more than just the beer...I assure you.

Every large city (200,000+) I have ever been to in the United States has had homeless sleeping on the sidewalks and/or beggars coming up...I saw not one in Dublin...or Cork...or Newcastle...or Birmingham walking the streets at all hours of the night. And, I was not just in the trendy areas. I actually walked some pretty seedy areas of West Brom and Edinburgh and Cork and Dublin at night.

Fact is, I saw one homeless girl in Edinburgh...and I bought her some breakfast on my way out of the store... because I actually feel sorry for someone who is down.

Try going to Kansas City, Missouri (approximately the same size). I saw more homeless and street beggars there when I was there about 20 years ago (and we were in the final booming stage of "Reaganomics" years then) than I saw in all of Ireland and the UK in two trips combined.

I do have to say one thing for one big city in the USA: Seattle. That was a nice city...cost of living is outrageous there, but that is a big city I could live in here in the United States. Can't say the same for many others.

BTW...are you going to say Baghdad can't be the worst place in the world for quality of living too cause the non-lazy Americans are there working??

Just realise..."much of europe" does have a better standard of living than we do. Multiple surveys have shown that. Mainly, that is due now to the European Union stabilizing the economy, and trained and educated people from countries like Lithuania can go to a country like Ireland or France who has industry and earn their way up rather than sit in their country and rot. As well, those countries are opening their doors to draw new industry to those countries to bring them out of their past...which admittedly...was dark.

Plus, labor law in a lot of countries is more pro-labor. They get more paid leave, aren't expected personal life for work, etc. People get to live there...and I mean live...not live when they have time after work. go have that that still seem really uptight

I have to go move more stuff and work revamping some of those Crystal reports. I would have got this done by 8am, but I've been moving desks and computers.


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England a dark and pleasant land

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to You missed another group ...

We like it that way mate, for all our faults, we are much more likley to f'ck people over for a principle than a buck.

Yours truly
a socialist windmill

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by jdclyde In reply to England a dark and pleasa ...

everyone knows that England is just another state belonging to the US, so not really a part of Europe!

So because of this, it doesn't count in the equation!

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Hardly surprising you don't think of us as european

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to But

we don't either.

I always enjoy being part of an annoying minority and do think of myself as a european.

It really irritatess the french, europhiles and separatists, setting a free market capitalist's teeth on edge is simply a bonus.

I'd like a windmill in my backyard, but I can't get planning permission, the neighbour's objected.

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mind if I ask something, Tony?

by jck In reply to Hardly surprising you don ...


I always see (on TV) and hear (from friends in the UK) about that...neighbours having to approve significant plans that modify your home.

If you lived in the far away would your neighbour have to live for the government not to require you to get approval from your neighbours and still get planning approved? Is it line of sight? If they can see it and don't like it, are you shot down?

Always wondered to what extent that standard exists there.

Wish they would do that here...15 story beachfront condos wouldn't exist then. Would maintain the ability to see the sky in 360 degrees.

Oh well...capitalism at its finest.

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Never lived in the country

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to mind if I ask something, ...

In residential areas, basically if it's more than thirteen feet high you need planning permission for a new structure. They amended the law not so long back to stop people putting up leylandi hedges (well green walls actually with those damn things).
New structure is important, for instance I'm getting a garage and planning permission was already granted for the previous one. Even if you get it, your neighbours can still complain, so you have to be careful if the local authority agree it's an eyesore, danger etc, you get to pay to get rid of it.
There are other rules, such as listed buildings culturally significant sites etc.
Course if you've money, you can trample over most objections.
Eyesore is obviously a subjective thing, you only have to look at the conents of the Tate Gallery to see that.

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Your avitar has moved Tony

by jdclyde In reply to Hardly surprising you don ...

Guess that is the price for being a free thinker, huh?

We're Sorry...
The page you are looking for has changed or is no longer available.

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I know what happened...

by jck In reply to Your avitar has moved Ton ...

those communist pinkos in Congress did it to try and make more jobs for those lazy Americans!!

gotta love it :) Have that drink yet? I need one...2 roof leaks in our new office...lovely **** to deal with...get to clean 2 offices back out that we just set up in the past week.

I don't think this applies to my job category...I'm calling the U.S. Department of Labor...

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and proving Bush right once again

by jdclyde In reply to I know what happened...

Yet one more job that Americans don't want to do..... :0

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by jck In reply to I know what happened...

Would that be...*all* Americans?

I worked cleaning horse stalls and hauling hay and convenience stores and fast food places before. I'm American. I?

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