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Are we rid of them

By santeewelding ·
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Those eyries of late? Or, are they tolerated and welcomed back for hit count?

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Hang in there!

by AnsuGisalas In reply to For me

Limbo is a tough place to be. Keep your mind about you.
Pour that liquid - a flux is not a limbo.

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I see

by NexS In reply to Ansu

Just sayin'.

You say "I know, I put it there."

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I have seen many flame wars start like this.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Are we rid of them

Just relax santee, there will be no outcome from this as much as you like it to.
As for you AnsuGisalas, what are you preaching about? Or are you just trying to rattle the history books to find what is left in them.
AnsuGisalas, do you really teach or just ****/chew peoples/pupils heads off?

Either that or i am in a rattling party rattling for the **** of things and missed the intro.

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Yes you missed the intro, and no, it's not for the **** of it.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I have seen many flame wa ...

Santee didn't start it.

Max here called troll on Santee. Comparing him to the anomal twins.

I'm just trying to point out the pointlessness of that, and encourage a more constructive approach to getting the TR he wants, i.e. by providing it.
Rather than poach at what others bring to the place.
We need to be more inclusive, not less so. We need to make more content, not less.

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And you missed the years of context

by JamesRL In reply to Yes you missed the intro, ...

This antagonism started long ago. In my mind it no longer matters who said what and when, because it didn't start with a thread in the recent past, it started a long time ago and has just had some pauses, no ending.

You have no reason to listen to what I'm trying to tell you, I've chosen not to get in the middle, and I think thats the right course of action. I have flagged a few posts from both when they have gone over the line into vulgarity.

Ask yourself, are you helping the situation by confronting Max, or are you just prolonging it? If you had said nothing, would we still be talking about it? Did your post help either of them calm down?

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I didn't, really...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to And you missed the years ...

I've seen it going on, and I've commented on it before, too.
What I have seen, though, is Santee being, well, Santee. And Max being unwilling to accept that.
What I see Max doing, is pick out who he thinks is worthy of being here, and it's not a long list.
I don't think that's any way to be, and I don't mind saying so.

And this is not a flame war. I am not out to destroy my "opposition".
I've said my piece, and don't expect to be taken so seriously that I'll get a response. I never seem to.

Except in the historical issues, and I do appreciate that.

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santee being santee

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I didn't, really...

is often santee being intentionally irritating. He feeds trolls, facilitating their return. He won't give a straight answer, which is especially annoying in the Q&A forum where people are looking for help, not a vocabulary assignment.

However, his behavior does not excuse anyone's unwillingness to ignore him (or anyone else on the Internet) when he is being so.

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Now that

by AnsuGisalas In reply to santee being santee
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Maybe it would be better for TR if Santee would take a different tack

by AV . In reply to santee being santee

Who wants to talk to someone thats intentionally irritating and feeds trolls. There has to be more than that, at least for me. When Max was here, there were interesting conversations, not gripe sessions. Gripe sessions are all we have nowadays.


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Palmetto, apparently

by santeewelding In reply to Maybe it would be better ...

Keeps a whiteboard on which he notes, in present tense, no less, his observations about me -- particularly with regard to intent. You, AV, apparently walk by and take note. You repeat it here. You speak to my intent, like others who shamelessly publish impossible knowledge. At least, impossible for me to know about others, let alone publish.

That is my gripe: easy trade in the impossible. Don't be surprised -- in print -- when I draw and fire, also in print.

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