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Are you ready to die?

By jardinier ·
No, this is not an off-topic discussion, but a figment of your imagination as are, in my opinion, convictions on the afterlife which are based on religious beliefs. It is a subject which I have wanted to open to a diverse audience for some time.

Summarising briefly:

I am not sure what Judaism teaches, but I do not know of any reference to an afterlife in the Old Testament.

If you are a committed Christian, you may look forward to spending all eternity with your Saviour, Jesus Christ. I have in fact encountered many Christians who, while in no hurry to die, because they believe they are ?saved,? actually look forward to death for this reason. If you fail to pass the test however, you will spend eternity in torment in hellfire.

From my very superficial understanding of Islam, I think the belief may be similar to the Christian belief.

If you are a Hindu, Buddhist, Theosophist or New Ager, you will expect to be reincarnated in a body and circumstances determined by positive or negative karma produced in this life. I am actually amazed to learn that many of the Buddhists and Hindus whom I know are quite convinced that they may be reborn as an animal if their karma so dictates.

An agnostic would not, I guess, have the slightest interest in what, if anything will occur after physical death.

An atheist would no doubt assert that upon corporeal death, there is total annihilation of individual consciousness.

As for myself, I maintain an open mind. As I have never met anyone who has returned from the dead, this possibility remains purely hypothetical. As for reincarnation, I have no recollection of past lives, so that this theory also comes from third parties. I understand that past lives may be recalled under hypnosis or Scientology auditing. But can the subject know that these recollections are genuine?

While I am not in any hurry to find out for myself, the prospect of death does not hold any fear for me. A Professor Emeritus of Biology, who was also a Christian, once made the statement: ?Life after birth is more important than life after death.?

This, I consider, is a very sensible attitude because, whatever you believe about a possible afterlife, the only way to prepare for it is to do the best of which you are capable in this life.

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Could Also be

by TheChas In reply to Proof of a soul?

While I am a Christian and believe that there is an immortal soul, I question the theory of mass for the soul.

A more "scientifically" plausible cause of the lose of 21 grams of mass when a body dies would be that the muscles no longer hold a quantity of pressurized air in the lungs.


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Or yet again ...

by jardinier In reply to Could Also be

When the physical body dies, the departure of energy causes the body to be less affected by gravity.

Or yet again: Philosophic Idealism. This postulates that the soul or spirit has no mass and occupies no space, but can nonetheless influence the mind (or brain).

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Mass for the soul is only for Roman Catholics

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Could Also be

The rest of us plain Christians do not hold a Mass nowdays.

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Not be disgusting but...

by TomSal In reply to Proof of a soul?

I heard this bit about the body weighing slightly less right after someone dies. I'm a curious sort and I like being my normal self (I've always been that way) I asked my sister's friend's husband - who is a University Science Professor.

First one should note he doesn't believe in religion at all, he's a complete agnostic.

He says that it is true that the body weighs less after death. However the real reason isn't due to a soul leaving the body, but the expulsion of gas from the body. After the human body dies gases are released, also liquids evaporate. 21 grams is not much weigh, and could easily be explained by passing the gas and evaporation.

Me. I believe. I'm a Christian, I believe in a soul, heaven, etc.

BUT I'm open-minded and find science fascinating...

just food for thought.

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just postng to hold the discussion

by Oz_Media In reply to Are you ready to die?

I don't have time to respond right now but just want to mark the discussion for later response.

seeing as My Discussions doesn't work and subscribing doesn't work, it's easiest to just post and then search for your discussions.

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by dwdino In reply to Are you ready to die?
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Any time

by Oz_Media In reply to Are you ready to die?

Well, as expected I'm sure, I haev a rather odd and mixed bunch of feeling as to what happens after 'all this'.

Having been in a couple of near death incidents I wil just reiterate breifly.

While driving to a campsire with a friend in '87 we drove off the edge of the mountain road (just like the movies) in the Bronco. We free-fell for 125 feet before hitting nose on, flipping twice, spinning sideways and flipping backwards onto the roof, after a VERY slow rock, we were on all four wheels again. The Canadian army guys were practicing maneuvers in the same area and saw us drive off the edge, they rapelled down the cliff and we were both OK. My friend had a briken wrist and the arny boys took him to the local hospital, I just shrugged it off and hiked the 4KM's back to the campsite (where other friends were waiting for us). The wierd part was seeing the truck from the outside as if in a movie while well wer falling. I could picture it just exploding on impact, like a movie but it didn't.

Here's the kicker, I had a 10 gallon can of gas between my knees and a spare battery was loose in the back. WEhen we hit nose on, the battery flew forward with such force it broke the door pillar right behind my head, if I wasn't thrust forward by the impact, I would have been killed by the battery.

In '88 I was driving a BRAND new demo car back to the dealer to sign the paperwork, I was broadsided by an 18-wheeler who's driver had been drinking and fell asleep at the wheel before driving through a red light and hitting me on the drivers door. The left side of the car was gone completely, they removed me from the passneger seat, while wearing the drivers side seatbelt still. At first they figuerd the driver was dead and buried in the wreckage but I came to long enough to explain I WAS in the drivers seat.

Luckily enough, I had the dealers plates on so it was an easy replacement without my involvement with the insurance agency. 8-Days later, I returned to work a few facial stiches and a neckbrace on but still alive. I went and picked up my replacement car, brand spanking new and drove to North Vancouver with a friend to see one of the Bill and Ted movies. After the movie, apparently, I drove him home and was on my way home myself, when I blacked out (said to be brought on by the first accident causing a severe concussion)and ran through a red light. I was hit broadside again by a firetruck.

This left me in a coma for a LONG time,my family wasn't sure if I'd ever come out of it and I was 100% 'out for a walk in the park'.

When I came around several months later I noticed that the trees outside my window seemed to be shining, almost superimposed, which can be attributed to my brain receiving the light and vision once again from my wide open eyes.
Things did seem very different though and I felt very different. I no longer wanted to rule the world, I no longer wanted to be the corporate junkie i had become and felt EXTREMELY peaceful.

Now granted at that point, I thought my brother was santa, my friend had died when I drove off a bridge and many other things I must have conjured up while having my extended naptime.

I never left my body, i never saw a tunnel or met my relatives (not that I remember anyway)but I had an unbelievable awareness of the world and nature around me. I could not believe how fresh and colorful it all seemed and how peaceful I felt.

I had grown up as a high strung overactive person who was a serious mover and shaker, money was my ONLY focus and success was right in front of my eyes. I wanted NONE of it anymore. I found myself during this time I think, perhaps saw many things I couldn't conciously remember and had a bit of an awareness lesson.

After several years of rehab, learning to walk and write again etc. I still had no interest in the big business role anymore that I once sought with a vengeance. I wanted freedom and life instead.

Some funny parts I have forgotten to mention:
My car was hit by a firetruck full of trained paramedics, across the street from Richmond General Hospital (they literally wheeled me across the intersection to energency), yet ICBC (our provincial insurance agent) had a psychiatrist examine me and see if I was trying to commit suicide. I laughed becaus my life was so successful I had NO reason to end it, also, why would I drive infront of paramedics outside a hospital if I wanted to die? To this he raised his brow and said, what WOULD you do then? Ca you believe guys like this get paid from MY insurance dollars?

Not only that, but the firetruck had pushed me over the opposite sidewalk and into a parking lot, my brother's law firm's parking lot, the irony!

So although I don't believe in 'A' god, or even the afterlife (no tunnel, no relatives), I do believe in making the most out of every waking minute of my life. It is a proven fact that my inner energy will not leave Earth when I die, it is scientifically impossible to destroy energy.

My energy MAY become the life force of another being, whether human or animal or even a tree or plant, perhaps I will be heat for someone cold but my energy will always remain on Earth. The shell that I dragged around for the last 35 years may either be planted or smoked, I don't care, my body isn't my life force. When my body failed, my life force or energy still existed, this is exactly why we have experiences while unconcious, our electrical energy remains.

Anyhow, soory for being so long winded, I apologize to anyone who made it this far as there isn't a punchline, it's just over now.


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Yes Its True

by aquaris In reply to Any time

yes these Near Death experiences do change One prespective On the whole concept of Life and Death...

and sometimes .....RADICALLY....

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