Arg... im stuck... Linux issue... SOLVED

By ---TK--- ·
I have been working on this for a couple days now (side project), and Im stuck. So here is the situation:

On my Ubuntu box 9.04, I have installed SSH service, ClamAV, Squid, apache, and Webmin.

Everything is working fine, I can SSH (using Putty) then point FireFox to use the puddy connection and tunnel through to my proxy and surf the net. I can ping all the boxes on my internal network (in the terminal) I can access my router login and login (w/ FireFox), access any webpage on the net I want.. ect ect...

Here is the problem, I can not access the webmin through the tunnel... for those that don't know what webmin is, it is a web based program that will allow you to manage your server, servies, users/groups, config DNS, DHCP, clusters, install programs... just about anything you can think of in a web based GUI... I have gone through all the Squids config's, webmin config's, ssh configs... everything I can think of...

If I am on a PC in my network I can access it with https:\\hostname:10000 or https:\\IP_Address:10000, in firefox and IE. I can also log into the linux box GUI and access it locally... arg, I'm stuck and needing some fresh ideas.

note: I could port forward on my router, Yes that would be easer... But I dont want to do that. I prefer tunneling...

**It was an ACL rule with-in squid.conf

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lol, no problem

by ---TK--- In reply to WOW, thank you....

I always give just about anyone a thumb, just because they took the time to assist. Plus I don't know how many times I have seen the tech's on here answer the question correctly, and not get a thumb...

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