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Arrogant lil workers

By tangle_ellfly38 ·
Sorry to rant but I cannot stand these little arrogant "know it all" jerks anymore.I'm talking about the ones who took some html classes in high freakin' school and can log on and play World of Warcraft.It seems this somehow qualifies them as pc experts.They want to sit back and give the users little smug looks and smart remarks because they can use a right click menu and can spell Linux! It's good and bad how easy it is to learn a little Windows and then get a job imaging computers and doing a little help desk for close to minimum wage. Is pc operations/help desk the next McDonalds for teens?? Is it just me or are they becomming more and more common?? (Apologies to the younger crowd who really do know what they are doing and don't have an "I'm an IT god and you are a mere foolish mortal" complex!)

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Ahh Yessss! .....

by JCitizen In reply to Quickest way to shutdown ...

I used similar tactics for kids who try to sell me Apples or Linux boxes; they JUST DON"T work in the production technology field.

At least for anything I've done - and I have tried. Virtualization just slows everything down.

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Why not Linux?

by jmgarvin In reply to Ahh Yessss! .....
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lol ...

by troy In reply to Why not Linux?

Our data center on the university reflects
reality. We have McSoft, RHEL, OSX and *nix

Don't let the McSoft `boys` fool you. Their
crapware causes the most pain in production

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Apple and Linux Not Production Ready????

by jtnieves In reply to Ahh Yessss! .....

I'm sorry, JCitizen.. when I read your post I had to do a double-take. You need to explain yourself because you made a blanket statement about two OSes that are in use by thousands of IT operations the world over. What would be your alternative -- some flavor of Unix? I could see that. But if it's Windows, I'd say you need to get out of your cubicle more often because the stale office air is not helping you think straight.

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what does production mean

by sjchurchman In reply to Apple and Linux Not Produ ...

PLC's or programmable logic controllers are used in factories, industrial, and production enviroments. They control large machines that require enourmous power.

Depending upon who manufactures the PLC's and their age will decide if a particular operating system has the necessary software to control them.

JCitizen perhaps should have explained things clearer.

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Actually he means..........

by n2vdy In reply to Apple and Linux Not Produ ...

He means in a production environment on a factory floor where you have to connect a PC to a machine to find out what the heck is wrong. Usually this happens in the middle of the day and you need to get the line back up ASAP. If the major PLC manufacturers like Allen-Bradley, Omron, and AutomationDirect would make Linux versions of their software then it would be a different story.

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Really it is confusing

by MaeseRalf In reply to Apple and Linux Not Produ ...

Hi, What JC wants to mean is Production Environment. This is for factories or workshops where automated production machines are used.
But the term Production Ready is also understood as ready to deliver to the market arena. This last is not the intention of him.

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Are you current?

by hlhowell In reply to Ahh Yessss! .....

Microsoft just executed an agreement with Novell. Check it out on Groklaw. Also I have been around a bit, and I personally work on about 9 operating systems for production environments. None of them is Microsoft. I do use Microsoft, but just for email and web browsing because it is a filthy environment for scientific calculation or development that requires 3 to 6 times the development effort. Just my opinion and experience, you understand. How many OS's have you used?

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My apologies to jmgarvin, jtnieves, steve, and hihowell....

by JCitizen In reply to Are you current?

I made a flippant reply to Mantitobamike because I new he would understand. I didn't think anyone else would be interested in the conversation. (sorry) n2vdy has also hit the nail on the head. Novell and the various Unix flavors to not make drivers or operating systems compatible to the majority of automated factory systems manufacturer's use for production.

Consequently PC's (Windows), supply most of the logic and/or monitoring systems and software for these applications. Not that something else wouldn't be better, but it would take a quantum shift to get going. My brother has been working diligently to expound the virtues of using Apple technology to supply both the chipsets and software for such applications but most companies, that go this route, default to virtualization as an easy way out in these instances; which until very recently was too slow. Cincinnati Milacron has had some success with this but troubleshooting can be a nightmare if you've never cut your teeth on it before. He will also be watching the Novell efforts very closely, believe me.

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I agree 50/50

by MaeseRalf In reply to Ahh Yessss! .....

It is sure that Macs will not work for engineering jobs; they are media production oriented. But you have many releases of Linux, some of them Real Time SOs. Even there is a National Instruments version in Flash mamory. The DSP field uses it.

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