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Arrogant lil workers

By tangle_ellfly38 ·
Sorry to rant but I cannot stand these little arrogant "know it all" jerks anymore.I'm talking about the ones who took some html classes in high freakin' school and can log on and play World of Warcraft.It seems this somehow qualifies them as pc experts.They want to sit back and give the users little smug looks and smart remarks because they can use a right click menu and can spell Linux! It's good and bad how easy it is to learn a little Windows and then get a job imaging computers and doing a little help desk for close to minimum wage. Is pc operations/help desk the next McDonalds for teens?? Is it just me or are they becomming more and more common?? (Apologies to the younger crowd who really do know what they are doing and don't have an "I'm an IT god and you are a mere foolish mortal" complex!)

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by JCitizen In reply to I agree 50/50

That is interesting! In my 30 years in the field I have never run in to that. Just goes to show you can never have enough experience when it comes to computer driven industry!

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Flash mamory?

by Media-Ted In reply to I agree 50/50

Couldn't resist the pun, are these the new Dolly Parton Bio-Chip set?

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Yes, in Solid State Disks!

by MaeseRalf In reply to I agree 50/50

It is the newest product from them. It only has a few months. But it is built-in for the controller cards from the company. And they have no such deffenses as DP! Other way, you can download from a Mem-stick, with the drivers for the device you are building.

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More on PLC

by MaeseRalf In reply to I agree 50/50

HI! About Macs, I've to clarify I mean Media Contents Production (movies, graphics, animation...)
But about PLCs, do you know the European market? Siemens, Festo, Kl?ckner-M?eller, Philips, T?lemech?nique... They are going to Linux.
And if you consider the modern means, in micro-controllers (as ST-77 or Microchip's PICs) Linux is going the preferred environment for production and dessign tools.

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The problem with generalizations

by JamesRL In reply to I agree 50/50

It is far from certain that Macs will not work for engineering jobs.

I have seen with my own eyes a Mac controlling the fuel rods at a nuclear reactor. (Guess which one and I will buy you dinner).

I also am aware that Macs used to be heavily used at Boeing and other engineering companies, and that National Instruments used to make a data capture card for the Mac along with a tool kit.

In the late 80s, I saw many examples of Macs outpacing PCs in some CAD areas.

I'm not up to speed with the latest developments, but surely you can use the facility of a Mac to run unix apps to run production control equipment.


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To James

by MaeseRalf In reply to I agree 50/50

Sorry, but I can't post following your path.
You are right, specially for Macs at the old 80-90. I have a MiniMac working all the day as my intranet server, and it goes perfect. In the first times (along the 70s) it was the Apple I and II the king in the tech domain. I can remember a 3D input device to capture spatial bodies, as a periferal for the Apple II, and it was so near to now, as in the 83. (If you want, I can recall the article for you). To go beyond Apple's power, you had to go to a HP Fourier or the PDP-11, or greater.
Then they got the "Lisa" (poor girl!), I don't know why it was not sucessful on the bussines. And the great MacHintosh SI. Along the eighties, Mac was built around the Motorola 68030, so it was the only personal computer capable of driveing a VMX bus center, and the first multi-thread/multi-task personal computer. I know very well NI, and they have been with the Mac from the first time, many time before they produce the LabView for the PC.
Today it is not so great for this, and I'm not so sure with the new Intel stations, to confide them an engineering environment. But they were so good on CAD and image manipulation, that the Media industry went quickly to use them in content creation and press edition. Do you remember how much time it took to get the QuarkXpress professional publishing on PC? So, the money rules, and Apple turns their efforts to that field, neglecting the engineering domain. OS X is a great OS, but it is so over loaded with funny graphic interface, that results a real nightmare for Real Time operations.
But you are also right with generalization. I remember the old motto: "Every absolute statement, even this one, is false!" It comes from Bertrand Russell.
In my post, I was only trying to be polite and diplomatic.

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Or give them enough information to show bad credit...

by Media-Ted In reply to Quickest way to shutdown ...

I think if I was accosted by one of those digi-narcs armed with toys and not brains, I'd be more apt to call the law on him, but in the past when I have fallen victim to pushy all-sales-no-understanding script-clones (including insurance and used-car types), I just show such wild-eyed enthusiasm and try to get them to tell me of all the extras I can get, and have them start the paperwork. I don't want to spend much time ON the paperwork, just enough for them to have something they must turn in or explain why the number sequence is out of order - - - if they're really obnoxious, I may change my mind and put the add-ons in - one at a time, or delete it in favor of something else.

Once the "transaction" is rolling and this guy's drooling, I begin with the "I'm so glad this is on time payments, cuz this latest divorce has really screwed up my credit and I'd love to get it re-established with this purchase ..." and give lurid details of the several kids I have from previous relationships, and the hassles of the mean courts and judges who have no sense of humor, ad nauseum, ... until he finds a reason to head to the office for some questions, ...

... and continue down the mall.

If he hasn't learned by then, my business, being done, leaves me more time to keep occupied until he realizes how many potential contacts he has missed by talking to me.

This ain't hard, because I have people already referring me to others in Circuit City and Best Buy, and I'm there on legitimate business.

What can I say? I'm good!

For training, see "What About Bob?" with Bill Murray.

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Do salespeople attack non-customers?

by JimTheEngineer In reply to The Salespeople are anoth ...

You were walking to the bank - and a salesperson tried to sell you a computer? I've never run into that here (Minneapolis, MN USA) - is that common in Australia? Did he follow you into the bank and try to get your identity information, too?

Trivia - we started it! Minneapolis area had the first enclosed mall - Southdale, 1956 - and now has the Mall of America (or what we call the "Megamall").

All in fun... )

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Jim the bank in question is in a shopping centre

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Do salespeople attack non ...

Or a Mall as I believe the Americans call them there. The Dell crown had piratically closed off all passage past their stand in the middle of and though fare and where attempting to stop as many people as possible and sell them something.

This particular kid thought that he knew it all so he just had to teach me the error of my ways and sell me a $1,200.00 AU Dell NB. It's not even heavy enough to use as a Boat Anchor.

Or strong enough to bash someone to death with. Actually I should have tried that with the Demo one to see if it could pass my Stress Testing!.

The little Sod caught me twice once going to the bank and then on the way back to the car. Instead of looking for a potential sale he just had to instruct me on how good these things are. Then the next day when I was doing some work I got hit by him again. God I hate that place.


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And you have switched banks, or complained strongly

by Media-Ted In reply to Jim the bank in question ...

n'est ?e pas?

Would it do any good there to post an ad in Classifieds in the local paper asking for people who do not appreciate being accosted to reply to a PO Box you set up?

That usually scares 7734 out of folks here.

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