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Arrogant lil workers

By tangle_ellfly38 ·
Sorry to rant but I cannot stand these little arrogant "know it all" jerks anymore.I'm talking about the ones who took some html classes in high freakin' school and can log on and play World of Warcraft.It seems this somehow qualifies them as pc experts.They want to sit back and give the users little smug looks and smart remarks because they can use a right click menu and can spell Linux! It's good and bad how easy it is to learn a little Windows and then get a job imaging computers and doing a little help desk for close to minimum wage. Is pc operations/help desk the next McDonalds for teens?? Is it just me or are they becomming more and more common?? (Apologies to the younger crowd who really do know what they are doing and don't have an "I'm an IT god and you are a mere foolish mortal" complex!)

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Sorry, but don't understand

by MaeseRalf In reply to And you have switched ban ...

What do you mean? Asking for people to do what?

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Here it may occur!

by MaeseRalf In reply to Do salespeople attack non ...

I don't know the exact issue, but believe me. In my country there is a banking effort to get new accounts, that even they send me complete catalogs selling computers, entertainment tickes, coffe pots..., in the resumes of the month. Some bank offices has the stuff in the windows, in such way the people at the street will see them. I can believe this guy.

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I sympathize, but

by toms45 In reply to The Salespeople are anoth ...

here's a little old American way of getting rid of obnoxious sales weenies. Get up kind of close to him, look him in the eye, growl and scowl at him - "Get outta my face, Dipwad!". But, if he's bigger than you, just keep walking...LOL

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Tellers of everything, sellers of nothing

by MaeseRalf In reply to The Salespeople are anoth ...

Funny version of the old history!
Sure many of us have some in the way. They never will understand they are loosing customers so.
Now I teach sales techniques. I always say: never brag against the thing the client bought! And never say the competitors are worse than me!
Some salesman had told me that electronic equipment did not work for more than 5 years. He was trying to sell me a turntable with built-in preamplifier. I have a DC-coupled class AB split amplifier with FET input transistors, and 60W per channel power deck. But he said a modern class M is more reliable and with better sound quality. Modern is better, you know, even when comparing a truck from the 70s with a cycle of today. It never minds for them the class of the product.

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Wow! I haven't heard or read of FET's in decades!

by Media-Ted In reply to Tellers of everything, se ...

Field Effect Transistors were a "new" term used in the late '60's and early '70's, but then they were a bit hissy and I avoided them. I suppose they are still used, but I haven't seen anything about them in sales ads or owners' manuals.


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They are in the border even today

by MaeseRalf In reply to Wow! I haven't heard or r ...

Your answer is right, but the fact you don't hear about them may be you are not in the electronics business. Even there are new vacuum tubes. The most modern dessign I have seen (the last year) is an amplifier compossed of four coupled FETs for input, and two DC biased Penthodes. They say it delivers a total RMS power of 15w, with the old sharp and hot sound of vaccum. Check in ELEKTOR magazine.
In the industry of home electronics, they are using class B tiny amplifiers for Audio sets, built around FET-IC devices. For power sound, (in fact less than 50w) they use PWM to drive the speakers from the digital signal, this is class M. But in the entertainment industry (more than 100W RMS) you will find FET and Tubes still now.

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Over the FETs

by MaeseRalf In reply to Wow! I haven't heard or r ...

Another thing I have to say. Nowadays they are almost the only sort of transistors used. The VLHSI devices that are now in the market are CMOS-FET. They are cheap, reliable, low compsumption, easy to make and scale, high current, high bandwidth, and for audio applications the real competitors with vacuum tubes. Only the work worse than these, in the low frecuency range. For the High-Mid, they are better.
Today, bipolar transistors are used mainly in the low signal range, or as drivers for hybrid dessigns. Even you have a Hex-FET replacement for the veteran 2N3055/3155.
There also are an almost modern device with four regions, the IGBT (a kind of thyristor), that is used for audio amplifying too.

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Wow! I'd forgotten about bipolar transistors ...

by Media-Ted In reply to Over the FETs

probably because they made such moody droids.

(Sorry, but my funny bone took over my arm and attacked the keyboard.)

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My aching brain

by X-MarCap In reply to Over the FETs

I remember making 4 bit adders with transistors.

I am really old...

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RE: The Salespeople are another bug bear of mine (Joke)

by TCBW In reply to The Salespeople are anoth ...

Your story reminded me of an old joke I was told that (unfortuantely) I believe states the painfull truth about the sales force in general within the industry.

What is the difference between a secondhand car salesman and an IT sales person?

The secondhand car salesman knows when he's lying!

(I know it is a generalisation but . . . .

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