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Arrogant lil workers

By tangle_ellfly38 ·
Sorry to rant but I cannot stand these little arrogant "know it all" jerks anymore.I'm talking about the ones who took some html classes in high freakin' school and can log on and play World of Warcraft.It seems this somehow qualifies them as pc experts.They want to sit back and give the users little smug looks and smart remarks because they can use a right click menu and can spell Linux! It's good and bad how easy it is to learn a little Windows and then get a job imaging computers and doing a little help desk for close to minimum wage. Is pc operations/help desk the next McDonalds for teens?? Is it just me or are they becomming more and more common?? (Apologies to the younger crowd who really do know what they are doing and don't have an "I'm an IT god and you are a mere foolish mortal" complex!)

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Sales sluts on the way to the bank?

by kd5mid In reply to The Salespeople are anoth ...

That is interesting that there are DELL sales people walking around banks and then for you to run into him again....That is amazing....That guy must really get around.

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No he was on a stand outside of the bank

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sales sluts on the way to ...

Between the bank and my car so when I was going to the bank to pay for something that I had bought for a customer on E-Bay I got hit by him initially. After extracting myself I went to the bank and when I was returning to my car I got hit again by the same person.

The next day I was doing some work at the same Mall in one of the shops and because then I'm considered as Staff I have to park in a certain area and the Dell stand was again between when I parked and where I needed to go.

Generally I can go months without going near this horrible place but on this occasion 2 visits in 2 days was pushing the limits more than a bit.


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F'in Salespeople

by drowningnotwaving In reply to The Salespeople are anoth ...

I've got an honours degree in Computing Science. When I did my industrial year (as part of the degree) I worked in the finance department of IBM installing PCs and teaching people how to use them. It was '84. The XT and the AT were just coming out.

People hated salesmen.

"They don't have to work too hard".
"They drive fast cars".
"They get expense budgets".
"They get to invite clients to golf, sporting events, heck even the ballet".
"They get paid too much in commission".
"They get overseas trips all expenses paid".
"They don't have to know anything at all 'cos the engineers are the ones that have to do the hard work".

Clearly they are just bludging bas-tards.

I haven't touched a computer in anger since I completed my degree. I had a letter offering me a job as a trainee sales person for IBM even before I went back to complete my final year in uni. Didn't even have to study hard that year - from memory, seven subjects, seven passes and an average of 52% grade.

And I found all of the above to be true.

And it's great. Pass me another Moet please. Did I say "please"? I meant "now".

So, spannerheads and wing-nuts, come on, do your worst...

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Just remember if you had of been at IBM earlier

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to F'in Salespeople

I would have been the one getting the sales and handing you the order to process for your commission.

Whenever a Sales Person got involved in a sale that one of my staff hadn't tied up completely we had a total mess to sort out and always without a doubt had the wrong hardware sold for the job at hand.

I didn't mind not getting the commissions but I did object to trying to fix messes that had been made by people who should have known better.


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Don't expect sympathy from me...

by JamesRL In reply to Just remember if you had ...

My team reviews contracts before they are sent to the client to approve, but often thats too late to make major changes.

Whats worse is when the client demands changes, the salesperson agrees and we don't receive the changed contract back to review.

My team spends a great amount of time sorting these things out.


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James that is why we made such great sales people

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Don't expect sympathy fro ...

We knew the customer and exactly what was needed and locked up the hardware to suit their needs & demands. But being a lowly Techs we where not considered as Sales People so we had to pass the sale on to one of the sales people that we had tamed. Which meant that they only did the paper work for the commission and none of the hard work.

Like who's ever heard of a Tech selling a complete new system to a client back in those days it just couldn't happen. But you always knew exactly where you stood with Big Blue even if someone else was getting the credit for your work it was at least getting done properly.

The big problems always came about because some sales person had visited a non client and sold them up to IBM from something else which didn't work as expected. Of course the sales people would look at what was currently in stock with what they considered as large numbers and cheap and sell that as apposed to what was really required. I personally think that it was because of these people that the saying No One ever got fired for buying IBM started.

Unfortunately my staff didn't get involved till after the fitters had installed the new hardware and then we had to attempt to make it work. I'm fairly sure you know the procedure once this situation has been reached. :^0


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Sales people and Army

by MaeseRalf In reply to Just remember if you had ...

I remember one guy from Canon. He sold 2000 CanonFax units to one branch of our army, assuring they could be wired to their radio communications system. By the season I was working at Lanier as responsible of the Fax techs group. One of our sales person came with me asking my help. We had two devices able to work with four-wire lines in idle mode (not power in the line). We fix some devices to work in fishing ships. Well, the Canon machine couldn't work that way, as it was only for normal lines, even with no external interface as RS-232. Our machines, all, had two ports, one DTE and one DCE to work with Crypto devices, or as stand alone scaner and printer. But the buyer and the seller didn't work in the unit with the techs. That was a deal from the Headquarter offices, with Canon. When I tried to get our device working, it was impossible to me get the information I needed, as it was confidential. Conclusion: 2000 normal fax machines in the store. The unit working by the traditional means, and we with the suitable device in our hands.

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by ljackson In reply to If we are going to rant.. ...
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Train the good ones Stay out of Computer stores

by <brian lenon> In reply to Amen

I have had the opportunity over the past two years to hire Student Interns form local Tech schools. Some have been programming students others have been Networking specialists. Over all I have to say it has been a positive experience. There seem top be only two kinds of students the ones who will be very soon on the sales floor at the local Best Buy extolling the virtues of how cool they are and how you don?t know Jack or the ones I have been fortunate enough to hire who have gone on to real computer/IT related jobs. I have to confess we don?t pay much to the interns but that is the way it is, we are a business and have to control costs. We do not hire them on as full time upon graduation they are encouraged to get a real job as we do not have enough extra work to fill a full time position and I want other students to have the chance to get some real world experience in the IT field.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Train the good ones Stay ...

I have a bear of a time finding interships for my students. I wish more businesses would offer a low paying (no paying) internship. Most of my students would hop on board in a second...

On the bright side, most of my students are pretty luck in that they are in the industry already.

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